Old vs New 4 Heavenly 1

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Nora clicked her tongue when she saw the [Geist Fechter] rushing toward her.
The power behind its acceleration was tremendous.
It appears that Diaroze did not exaggerate when she said that its specs are even higher than that of an imperial family’s striker.
The fact that it might be faster than her [Zarava] also ticked her off.


[Geist Fechter]’s shoulder claws rapid fire low-power particle bullets at her and Nora counterattack with her blaster magnum while tight turning to avoid the barrage.

“Evade, Evade…….”

The voice that came through the connect comm channel was so emotionless as though it belonged to an AI.
It was creepy.
The pilot who named herself Zwei fired up the rocket engine attached to the tip of her gigantic sword and took complicated evasive maneuvers to avoid the shots from Nora’s magnums.
One can call the movement acrobatic but it is still so unsettling to look at.


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While she was thinking to herself, the [Geist Fechter] approached her in a blink of an eye.
The figure coming at her with a huge guillotine blade looks much closer to a monster rather than a striker.
Chill ran down Nora’s spine.


She kicked the slope and managed to get away from the ridiculously thick blade.
The jet flame emitted from the rocket engine on its edge slightly scorched the surface of the [Zarava].
It was what you call a close call.

However, she isn’t out of the woods yet.
Aside from its gigantic guillotine blade, the enemy is also equipped with 2 auxiliary claws.
But faster than the muzzles on their tips can flash, Nora thrust out the bayonet attached to her magnum.


The bayonet that was supposed to jam the muzzle of the rapid-fire blaster cannon was flicked away by three sharp claws.
They look more fragile than the main claws but they still have enough power to parry away [Zarava]’s full power blow.

“Move, Nora-chan!”

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Hearing Eleanor’s shout, Nora obeyed her instruction on a conditioned reflex.
She fired her thruster at full power and the [Geist Fechter] tried to give chase but Eleanor mercilessly shot her twin mega blaster rifle.

The twin beams hit the icy slope, causing dry ice to evaporate in an instant, creating a white smoke screen.
Amidst the smoke scream, three pink spots of light glistened, it was the [Geist Fechter].

“It got away!?”

Eleanor voiced her bitterness but she couldn’t afford to fire a follow-up shot.
A warning started to sound in the cockpit.
She immediately took an evasive maneuver and a moment later, an extra-thick beam passed right next to where she was.
The scattered particles from the shot even managed to make the magenta paint on her [Parfeel] bubble from the intense heat alone.

[[Critical condenser capacity.]]

The AI notified.
Although she did not suffer any fatal damage, the machine status displayed on her monitor is showing spots of yellow.
Just the graze did that to her armor so it would not be a stretch to think that even the extra-thick armor of her [Parfeel] would be charred with a direct hit.

“Tersis-sama! Please keep the gunner one in check!”

The [Geist Fechter] is already tough enough as their opponent so it would be too much for Nora and Eleanor to look out for a gunner with equivalent firepower to a battlecruiser’s turret.
Judging so, Eleanor shouted at Tersis.

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“I’m already doing it…….but, this is tough!”

Of course, Tersis wasn’t spacing out either.
She had left Zwei to Nora and Eleanor and had been facing the [Geist Artillerie] alone.
It should be easy enough for her to keep it in check at close range with it carrying such heavy equipment.
Or it was supposed to be.

This striker though, was unusual.
The heavy blaster cannon it’s carrying also has a large built-in thruster.
Ein is using that like a witch on a broom to keep a distance from Tersis while occasionally providing support to Zwei.


A huge particle cartridge was ejected and a new cartridge was automatically fed into the chamber by a revolver-shaped magazine.
Naturally, Tersis did not miss such an opportunity and rushed in to slash at it.
However, her strike was blocked by its metallic auxiliary claws.



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In addition, Tersis had to protect herself from the rapid-fire blaster cannon with her shield.
In the meantime, Ein pushed a button on her control stick.
Jet flame spits out from the tip of her heavy blaster cannon and its stupidly large muzzle is quickly pointing at the [Van Wolf].


Even with her shield which boasts the highest level of defense would have a tough time blocking a shot from such a thing.
Tersis panicked a little before blowing her thrusters to escape the path of the muzzle.
A moment after, a torrent of high-power particles was released from the muzzle.
The flash of light was so intense that it automatically activated the anti-glare function on the monitor and the [Van Wolf]’s vision went dark for a moment.

“This guy, she’s good…….!”

Tersis let out a joyful smile.
Despite the crisis she’s in, she’s actually happy about her situation.
Naturally, Nora and Eleanor do not share that enthusiasm.

“Quickly send us some reinforcement[DESU]! This is going terribly [DESU]!”

“Our hands are full on this side too! Do something about those two yourselves!”

Although she called for help, Diaroze’s reply was merciless.
Hearing that, Nora instinctively puffed up her cheeks wondering why she can’t just send Kisei over.

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