owever, Ein’s [Geist Artillerie] shook Tersis off again and fired another shot at Eleanor.


If she wasn’t an ace, she wouldn’t have been able to react in time and she along with her striker would get evaporated by the beam.
Ein’s shot was as quick and accurate as it is powerful.

Still, Eleanor is still a former 4 Heavenly.
She kicked off the ground at the last second and managed to escape from the blast.
A humongous beam smashed into the iceberg, engulfing the surrounding area, and causing a catastrophic collapse.

“Her ally was that close and she still fired that thing at me!? What’s up with her!!”

Albeit indignant, Eleanor still looks around with some expectations.
At this moment, she would gladly take the outcome where her enemy got taken out by friendly fire here.

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However, it was not that easy.
Through the smoke, the [Geist Fechter] came rushing at her like a cannonball.
There are a number of bullet holes on the surface of its black&white armor but it doesn’t seem like the damage it took affected its movement at all.

“You’re as troublesome as a certain man I know [DESUNE]!”

From the side, the [Zarava] rushed in.
Zwei is focusing her attack on Eleanor and Nora wouldn’t just sit still and watch her friend get killed.
She understands full well that she and Tersis alone can not take down these two monsters by themselves.


Zwei received the kick from the [Zarava] with her guillotine blade.
The blade, which boasts a massive size that no ordinary striker can carry, did not even budge at all from the [Zarava]’s full-power kick.

Moreover, at the moment she blocked the attack, the auxiliary claws also started counterattacking.
The steel claws rigidly growl as they inch closer to the [Zarava].

“Muttering each and every move to yourself……are you some kind of CPU!?”

Nora catches the claws with her magnums’ bayonets.
The two iron claws and the bayonets clashed, sending sparks flying.

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[Zarava]’s feet dug into the iceberg.
Despite their fragile appearance, the auxiliary claws can even overpower the [Zarava] which had been thoroughly tuned to heighten its power output.

Not only that, the [Geist Fecher]’s main arms are free.
Jet flame spewed from its guillotine blade as it was gradually being pushed toward the [Zarava].

“Damn it!”

Nora pushed the claws back and took as much distance as she could.
At the same time, she also flicked a switch and fired the grenade launcher installed on the [Zarava]’s chest.
The short barrel immediately ejected a tactical grenade which directly hit the black&white monster.
A moment later, Eleanor also showers it with shells from her Gatling gun.

The grenade exploded and the [Geist Fechter] was wrapped in flame.
Meanwhile, the 40mm bullets from the Gatling gun kept raining on the [Geist Fechter].
Still, that did not stop it.
Its trinocular camera glinted a mysterious light amidst the explosion.

“Damn monster……!”

With a chill running down her spine, Nora growls at the monster in front of her.

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