Mercenary’s Work

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“I received the confirmation.
It seems that you truly are Hokuto Kisei.”

After a knock, Schleer said that to him as she entered through the door.
It has been 30 minutes since Kisei was asked to wait in this air-conditioned reception room.

“Umm–I never thought that the famous Hokuto Kisei was actually a man.”

“For Terran(TLN: Earthling), having a male pilot is not that rare though.”

“I’m sorry.
You are the first Terran I’ve ever met……”

Schleer has a troubled smile as she gives him a small bow.

“We Vuldes never have men on the battlefield after all.”

As she said, Schleer was not someone from earth.
The Vuldes is the current dominant race of the intergalactic community in this era where Faster Than Light technology has become commonplace.
The population ratio of Vuld and Terran is 10,000 to 1.
This makes the Terrans a race that you rarely see in space

“Of course, I understand.
It’s okay, even if I’m a man, I can guarantee my work.”

Vuld is a race where females have superior physical strength.
Furthermore, the distinction in gender roles for the Vuld people is much stronger than the one that exists on earth.
Due to the racial trait where men are much unlikely to be born compared to women, it is common for Vuld men to stay home and look after the family.
The disparity in male and female birth rates for Vuld is so much that it would be rare for you to see a man walking down the street.

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“Y, yes.
Of course.”

Even with those words coming from her mouth, it is clear that she is still unconvinced.

“Well, let’s leave that aside.
Please tell me your current situation and what you’d like me to do.
I have read some materials before this meeting but I’d like to hear the information directly from you.”

“I understand.”

Schleer nodded and operated the terminal which was installed in the table.
A holographic projection of a star chart that belongs to the current star system is projected above the reception table.

“As you are aware, we, the Calencia Empire, are currently being invaded by a powerful empire called Nored and our current situation doesn’t look good.”

Most of the planets on the holographic map are marked red.
The red areas seem to indicate Nored’s area of influence.

“Their purpose for this invasion is our strategic resources and the territories that our people colonized.
Since all they want is our land………they have been performing Purge Bombardment on our colonized planets.”

Purge Bombardment is an act of indiscriminately bombing the planet’s surface from satellite orbit to wipe out the population.
In short, an act of genocide.

“So they go that far…….”

Colonial wars are not that uncommon but it is rare to see one that resorts to extreme means like this.
Thinking so, Kisei frowned at the situation.

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“Naturally, there is no room for surrender negotiation.
Our only hope to survive is to win this war.

Schleer looks at the star chart.
The difference between the fighting power of the two empires is just too much.
Calencia empire doesn’t stand that much chance of winning this war.

“That’s the reason we called for you, Hokuto Kisei—the [Wicked Star].”

“You have no hand left to play so you asked for my help?”

Kisei asked with a dry smile.

“This is not something that you should ask from an individual isn’t it.”

“Yes…..I understand that.
However, we have no other way.
Of course, we will do our best to support this endeavor as well.
Please take a look at this.”

Saying so, Schleer stood up and opened the window curtain.
Beyond the glass is an area that looks like an aircraft parking apron(Tarmac) you can find in an airport.

One of the most noticeable objects there is a huge humanoid machine.
Despite looking at it from afar, the pure white armor framed machine still seems to be quite large.
It is probably well over a dozen meters.
Hyper Light Speed Tactical Attackcraft, commonly known as Striker—–this is how wars are fought in this era.
A giant humanoid mobile weapon.

“This is the state-of-the-art prototype from Kawashima Ironwork, the Excalibur.”

“Ahh, the new model from Kawashima.
I’ve only heard rumors about this thing.”

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It’s a machine made by a Terran manufacturer, the same place of origin as Kisei.
Although Terrans have a huge disadvantage in population ratio, they make use of their technological know-how to sell various products to the Vuldes to earn foreign currency.
Weapons, including Strikers, are one of the technologies Earth exports, and the Earth-made war machines are widely available throughout the galaxy.

“That [Armament] has also arrived.
You can sortie right away.”

Schleer said that as she pointed at [Excalibur] with an expression saying [How’s that] but a big explosion accompanied by a roaring sound occurred at the tarmac at the very same moment.


A tremendous shockwave shatters the windowpane and blows Kisei along with the furniture in the room away.
Unable to bear the brunt of the shockwave, Kisei can only roll to the floor while screaming.


Just like Kisei, Schleer was also blown away but she immediately stood up and pressed the communication button on the terminal at her ear.

“An orbital bombing!? What, two battleships!? What about our monitoring network!!”

Schleer is screaming at the mic on her chest with a frustrated expression.
However, her anger subsided after she turned her eyes to Kisei who was right next to her.

“A, Are you okay!? Any injuries…..”

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She hurriedly tried to check Kisei’s body for injuries but her face turned red and she stopped her hand.
However, this is not the time to hesitate.
After a gulp, she tries putting her hand on Kisei’s chest again.

“A, Ahh, I’m okay.
That was terrible……”

Before she could touch him, Kisei regained his consciousness and got up, making a disappointing expression appear on Schleer’s face for a moment.
In order to hide that from Kisei, Schleer hurriedly shook her head sideways.

“Oh, as expected, the Vuld people are really stur–…….not that, you really are strong.
So, what happened?”

“It’s an enemy attack.
Anyway, let us evacuate to a safe area first.
Excuse me!”

Just like that, Schleer easily carries Kisei up.
It’s a princess carry.



She seems to be embarrassed but for some reason, her face seems to say [This is not that bad].
Then, with a bright red face, Schleer started running with ferocious momentum.

“We have a command center in the basement.
If it’s that place then they shouldn’t be able to reach us unless they use a bunker buster.
That’s where we are going.”

That being said, Kisei could do nothing but nod along repeatedly.

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