Battle of Leboir [2]

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“Who ordered them to shoot! Who!”

Queen Alisha was furious.
The essential part of their plan is to keep the enemy in the dark about their whereabouts as long as possible.

Since their force is much smaller than that of the Noredian army, the Calencian side deployed their forces densely together.
Now that the enemy has predicted their location, the Noredian fleets would descend right next to them.

“I already gave my order.
Why did they shoot!”

“Our soldiers bear a lot of grudge against the enemy general………against Diaroze.
They probably couldn’t let the chance go when she came out to the frontline unprotected.”

“Unprotected? That’s obviously a decoy! Do you think we have a weapon that can pierce through that battleship at this distance!?”

“…..No, ma’am.”

The staff haggardly replied.
Then, another staff member, who was beside Alisha, speaks to her with an impatient expression.

“Your Majesty, some of our units still haven’t finished deploying yet.
If we can not buy more time then they will not be able to fight!”

“I already know that!”

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The Based Squadrons and the Planetary Defense Force were transported here by the slow civilian transport ships.
Since they arrived late, it will take some time before they can get into battle formation.
If they are attacked when their preparation still isn’t ready, they will not be able to put up a proper fight.

“Tell the troops at the front to withdraw.
We can not afford our forces to get taken down one by one.
Have them man the defensive equipment at the bases and redraw the line of defense.
Tell the fleets to withdraw too.”

Alisha gave her order.
However, her subordinates in the field are in no condition to accurately obey her order.

“There’s too many! We can’t handle them all alone!”



With the darkness of space in the background, a large number of crimson strikers land on the chalky surface of Leboir Alpha.
The standard striker of Calencia, the [Claymore] could not put up a proper fight with the enemy raining blaster beams upon them.

“We need to disperse the enemy attack! I will lure them away, you use that chance to retreat!”

“That’s too much for you! With this much firepower, you won’t last even with a shield!”

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“If I’m scared of this much then what kind of woman would I be! I’m going!”

“Stop, you idiot!”

With 2 large shields in both hands, a [Claymore] fired its thruster and dashed forward.
In response, the enemy concentrates fire on the [Claymore].
The girl who tried to stop her comrade had to make a decision while gritting her teeth.
After all, she can not waste this chance that her friend created for them.

“Everyone, On me!”

Saying so she lightly fired the thruster and started retreating.
Since the gravity of Leboir Alpha is weak you will have to be careful on the thruster output if you don’t want to accidentally fly up to the air.
Following her, her ally strikers also fired their thrusters in the same way.

Almost at the same time, the shields of the [Claymore] that acted as a decoy for them completely melted away.
Then, after several blaster beams penetrate it, the [Claymore] exploded.

“I told you…….”

With the explosion in the back, the girl pilot muttered in tears.
However, she doesn’t have the luxury to be sad right now.
Fortunately, the surface of Leboir Alpha is filled with craters and rugged terrain.
If they can use them as cover, they should be able to put up a decent fight.

“For the time being, we need to reduce their number as much as possible…….”

She glanced at the map displayed on her monitor and gulped some saliva down.
She then stepped on the pedal and accelerated her striker.

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Naturally, the Noredian side spotted her and fired their blaster rifles and machine guns to prevent her from getting away.

She and her comrades managed to avoid the attack using the terrain as cover.
The Calencian pilots had already crammed the terrain information of this planet into their heads.
Although they did not have much time to prepare, the geographical advantage still lies with the Calencia side.

“Our preys are running away! Don’t let a single one of them escape!”

“Just shoot at their backs! It’s your chance to get some target practice!”

With the advantages on their side, the Noredian Pilots started their pursuit.
Even if they can not snipe them down from a distance, taking these Calencian strikers down from up close is also an option.
There were even some that sheathed their rifles and pulled out their swords.

“Alright, they followed us!”

However, it went according to the girl’s plan.
As she approached the open space, she immediately dashed to the side with her comrades in tow.

A moment later, the Noredian strikers arrived.
They all point their rifles at the [Claymores] to give them a finishing blow.


However, at the same time, another unit that was hiding in the nearby mountainous area released their optical camouflage.
6 [Gradius-kais] and 3 large mobile cannons each operated by a striker appeared from their hiding.

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They opened fire with the mobile cannon, sending a 20cm HE round right to the middle of a large group of the enemy [Jettas].
The HE round exploded before it made its impact and sent numerous self-forging fragments in all directions.
What came after was a huge explosion.

(TLN: Self Forging Fragments are armor-piercing shrapnels)

“We did it!”

When the smoke cleared, the only things left were the wreckage of the enemy strikers.
As she was briefed with their troop placements beforehand, the girl lured the enemy to the location where their mobile artillery unit was lying in wait.

With a small victory obtained, they all rejoiced.

However, immediately after, a fierce explosion incomparable to the previous one occurred at both theirs and the mobile artillery unit’s positions.
They did not even have time to scream as their entire unit was wiped out in an instant.

It was artillery fire from the enemy battleships which obtained their location from their frontline units.
Even with no clear line of sight, they can use the small gravitational pull of Leboir Alpha to perform long-range bombardment.
This shows that even the Noredian combat support is top-notch.

“Suppressing fire on point A304!”

“Establish a bridgehead and watch out for the surroundings!”

(TLN: A bridgehead is a strong vantage point seized in hostile territory.)

With not a shred of carelessness, the Noredian striker units that follow march on with their rifles in hands.
The battle has just begun.

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