Battle of Leboir [3]

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A giant metallic crab-like machine is climbing up a steep snow-white slope.

Thanks to the stability provided by its 8 legs, the powerful thrust from 2 thermonuclear rocket engines, and the gravity manipulation using an anti-gravity lifter, the multi-legged tank is an excellent ground combat weapon.

“This is bad, this is bad, THIS IS SO SO BAD!”

“If you have time to make those noises then hurry up and fire back already!”

However, even with all of its excellent capabilities, it doesn’t mean that it is invincible when receiving attacks from all directions.

While avoiding the attacks from the surrounding Noredian Strikers, the two female tank crews’ faces turned blue.

“Shit! Hit damn it!”

The muzzle of the 15.5cm composite gun which serves as the main weapon of the multi-legged tank flashed.
It is currently set to fire blaster beams.

A thick beam flew toward an enemy [Jetta] but it was easily avoided.

“You suck! Can’t you aim any better, Maho!?”

“Even with the assist from FCS, do you think hitting something while traveling at 180km/hr is easy!?”

(TLN: FCS stand for Fire-Control System)

The swearing voices flew inside the tandem cockpit of the multi-legged tank.
Several beams from the enemy blaster rifles hit the side of the tank, leaving its armor charred.
The beams did not penetrate the tank’s armor but if they are shot again before they can discharge the previously absorbed energy, the regenerative armor will not protect them this time.
After all, with the capacitor already at full capacity, even this sturdy tank can not escape destruction.

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“Th, this is No.4! We are in a bad place right now, ma’am! Can we expect any reinforcement soon!?”

“Every area is in the same shoe! There’s no way that there would be any reinforcement right!”

They contacted their captain who is also maneuvering her own tank nearby.
However, the reply they received was merciless.
Moreover, with the communication network still online, the captain was forced to listen to the desperate report from all her subordinates.

“Anyway, our job is to delay the enemy’s advance as much as possible.
We need to buy more time.”

“That’s easier said than done!”

When they were in the middle of such a conversation, a large caliber HE round fired from the Noredian Mobile Artillery landed next to Tank No.4.
Although it managed to escape destruction, the tank was blown several dozens of meters into the air.


“Sheila-chan wake up! If we stop moving we are going to die!”

The gunner, Maho, hits the girl in the front seat to try to wake her up but her eyes are still dilated from the concussion.
Then a lock-on warning rang inside the cockpit.
Grasped by fear, Maho lost control of her bladder.

“N, No……I don’t want to die…….”

Seeing an enemy [Jetta] mercilessly firing its blaster cannon toward them, Maho tightly shut her eyes.

However, the crimson beam was offset by a green beam fired from somewhere above them.
Another shot was then fired in quick succession and it pierced through the [Jetta]’s blaster cannon.

“Wh, what!?”

Noticing the strange situation, Maho opened her eyes and looked up to the sky.
A pure white striker with a pair of blade antennae that are giving the impression of rabbit ears was flying above them while carrying a blaster rifle with one hand.

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Maho dumbfoundedly muttered the name of the strange striker sent over from the datalink.

“No one’s going to die, as long as I’m here!”

A male voice could be heard from the wireless communication.
Forgetting even to say thank you, Maho’s eyes widened in surprise.
After all, a man’s voice is something that is impossible to hear on a battlefield.

“Calencia’s Zenith!”

“When did it get here!?”

The Noredian is also confused by the sudden appearance of this intruder.
Some strikers reflexively fired their blaster rifles at him but every shot was deflected away by the photon saber.

“Time for payback!”

“Shit, All units break away!”

When Kisei floored the pedal, the [Caliburn-Revive] immediately accelerated.
The group of [Jettas] that was aiming their rifles at him in formation immediately scattered.
Even if it’s an unknown striker, all pilots understand without any need to be told that when a Zenith charge at you, you run.

“H, How……”

However, as they moved out of the way, the blaster beam that Kisei fired accurately find its way to one of the [Jettas]’ abdomen.
The [Jetta]’s abdomen was pierced and it rolled to the ground with black smoke rising from it.

“S, Suppressing fire! Don’t give it another chance to attack!”

Following their captain’s command, the Noredian strikers opened fire at the [Caliburn-Revive].

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“Alright, this is good!”

After glancing at the position of the Calencian tank corps, Kisei grinned.
Then, despite the storm of bullets, Kisei kicked off the slope and zigzagged his way toward the enemy while avoiding everything.


The sniper custom [Jetta] holds up its long barrel rifle and takes aim.
After a careful aim, it fired a high-energy beam toward Kisei.


The crimson beam accurately flies toward the [Caliburn-Revive].
However, the accurately aimed shot instead caused a disaster for them as the beam was deflected by the [Caliburn-Revive]’s photon saber and penetrated her captain’s striker on the abdomen.

“Is that even p-……..”

The sniper shouted in surprise but her striker soon followed the same fate as it was hit by a blaster beam Kisei fired in response.

“W, We are withdrawing! There’s no use going against a Zenith!”

“Don’t be stupid and get yourselves killed in a winning battle.
Hurry up!”

Sensing Kisei’s extraordinary skill, the Noredian pilots hurriedly withdrew.
Kisei did not give chase, instead, he went back to assist his allies.

“Are you injured? If your tank is disabled then come out, I will escort you back to a safe place.”

Kisei talks to the tank crews of the damaged multi-legged tank.

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“W, we are okay, sir!”

Maho replied in a high-pitch voice as she hit Sheila who was still unconscious in the driver seat to wake her up.

“By the way, may I ask for your name, age, and your preference!?”


“Why did you suddenly ask him that, you idiot!!”

The captain’s loud voice can be heard from the communication channel after Maho who perhaps due to her dazed state, suddenly asked such idiotically inappropriate questions.

“M, My apologies.
I will reprimand her later…….we can withdraw on our own here, please go on ahead.
Our allies are having a hard time everywhere after all.”

Well then, take care.”

Even Kisei understands that they are currently in a tight spot right now.
He nodded at the captain’s words and accelerated away.


“Shut up! Hurry up and get moving! He just saved your life, do you plan to waste it!”

Hearing that, Maho remembered the fear she felt earlier.

“U, Understood, ma’am.
Sheila-chan, let’s go!”

“Uuu, stupid Maho… don’t have to be so rough……”

The multi-legged tank stood up and started withdrawing by blowing its thrusters.

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