Battle of Leboir [6]

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“That’s the last one huh……”

While hiding behind the rocks, Kisei changed the magazine of his blaster rifle.
The box-shaped magazine containing compressed particles looks mostly like your traditional assault rifle used by the infantry and serves a similar purpose.

“My bad, do you have any extra magazine left? I’ve already used up all my spares.”

His question was directed at the nearby [Claymore].
Currently, their battle situation has improved but they are still locked in a stalemate.
With the success of Kisei and his group, the Calencian side has managed to rebuild the front line.
However, it still can’t be said that all is good.
After all, Kisei had been fighting while repeatedly crossing between the ally’s position and the enemy’s position without any chance to rest.

“Well, I don’t actually have any spare magazines but….…”

The [Claymore]’s pilot reluctantly replied.
The fighting in this area has been fierce so far.
No one here can afford to hand their magazines to others.

“Please take mine.
A single shot from you is much more meaningful than mine after all.”

Saying so, the pilot pushed her magazines onto the [Caliburn-Revive]’s magazine holder.

But wandering around on the battlefield with no bullet is suicide.
You should retreat and resupply for now.”

Kisei did not decline the magazines.
He understood that the pilot already thought it over and made up her resolve before she handed him her magazines.

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“Please, it would be better to give the enemy an extra target rather than reducing our number here.
If they can break through this place, our battle formation will be destroyed after all.”

Said the pilot as her [Claymore] pulled out a photon saber.

“Fortunately, the terrain here is quite complex.
Even with just a sword, I think I should be able to hold my own here.”

“You’ve got guts.
I will be counting on you.”

After tapping the [Claymore]’s shoulder, Kisei leaped the [Caliburn-Revive] up.
By firing the thruster as he leaps from slope to slope, he’s making his way forward to the enemy.

Naturally, the enemy strikers in the area opened fire at him but he casually avoided them all.


Suddenly, Kisei fired his blaster rifle to the empty space above him.
The green beam flew into the night sky and after a brief moment, it impacted something causing an explosion.
A few seconds later, several explosions occurred in the surrounding area.
It was an indirect fire from the enemy ship.

(TLN: Indirect fire is an action of firing projectiles at the enemy without relying on a direct line of sight, imagine mortar)

“Phew……that was scary.
Giving him those extra mags was the right move after all.”

The earlier pilot who stayed behind muttered to herself in the cockpit.
Her area escaped the enemy blind bombardment probably thanks to Kisei shooting down the shells that were likely to hit their area.

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“Wicked Star huh, when he’s on our side, he’s more like a Lucky Star though.”

Said the [Claymore] pilot as she smiled bitterly.

“There’s no end to them! More enemy reinforcements incoming!”

However, even Kisei can not let his guard down in this situation.
The enemy is coming at him from all directions.
He has been avoiding the things that he can avoid and deflecting those that he can’t while striking back at the enemy when opportunities arise.
From what he observed, it appears that the enemies are not that skilled and it’s easy to shoot them down.
So far, most were unable to react to Kisei’s no lock-on shooting and fall one after another.

“Push, Push, Push!”

“They will shoot at us from behind if we fall back! Keep pushing!”

However, no matter how many he shot down, the enemy still showed no sign of running out of troops.
More reinforcements would just come from the rear and replace the fallen units.
It’s a situation where both sides can not push any further.

“Kisei, do you think these guys are strange?”

Saki who landed near him said as she provided suppressive fire with her submachine gun.

“They are using [Giro].
Those things are already outdated.
I don’t think a rich country like Nored would put those things on the frontline.”

Just as Saki said, not only [Jetta], he can spot various unfamiliar striker models in the enemy force.
Their trinocular main camera is certainly the same but their plump frame is clearly making them more sluggish than the [Jettas].
These strikers are the outdated model, [Giro].

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They should have been removed from frontline missions and repurpose to perform miscellaneous tasks in the rear like operating mobile artillery or transporting supplies already.

“It must be the enemy’s strategy…..! They are hitting us with low-value units so that they can minimize their losses while wearing us out.”

“Wow, I’m honored, it seems that they evaluate me quite highly here, Hahaha!”

“Is this a time to be laughing!”

The [Giro] may be outdated but they are still well-equipped.
If they got careless, even a Zenith could be shot down.
The situation is not good for them.

“I mean……since they are concentrating their troops here, the enemy presence should be thinner in the other theaters.
Since I’m still technically doing my job, it’s all good!”

At the same time, Kisei shoots his blaster at the sky again.
Another explosion occurred followed by multiple large explosions in the surrounding areas.
Although they suffer no damage, the sound of pebbles hitting their armor at high speed is still unpleasant.

“Still, their support fires really are troublesome! Can’t we do something about this, Your Highness!”

“I’ve already requested support from our missile vessels.
They should arrive at the enemy ship soon.”

Hearing Schleer responding to Saki’s question, a frown appeared on Kisei’s face for a moment.
He put his foot on the pedal and thought for a moment while listening to his surroundings.
However, earlier than he could take any action, a pillar of fire rose in the distance.

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Kisei reflexively disabled his microphone and moaned painfully.
Beads of cold sweat appeared on his face and dripped down to his knees.
He clenches his teeth for a while before he finally starts breathing again.

“I couldn’t make it in time! Damn it!”

Noticing the change in the [Caliburn-Revive]’s movement, Schleer looks worriedly at it.

However, Saki didn’t notice that and cheered.

“Judging from the size of that explosion, they must have hit the ammunition depot of a cruiser huh! Good, it will be easier for us now!”

“………it doesn’t seem like there are more enemy ships nearby.
Our allies behind us should be safe for the time being.”

Kisei turned the mic back on and replied to Saki as normally as he could.

“……..that being said, we still have a long way to go.
Let’s take a breath while we can.”

Both for their physical and mental health.

Schleer grimly said while recalling what Kisei told her before they arrived at Leboir.
Kisei is the trump card of the Calencia empire.
They should avoid unnecessarily wearing him out as much as possible.

Thinking that this is going to be a harsh battle, a severe expression floated on Schleer’s face.

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