Battle of Leboir [7]

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“Take this……!”

A Medium-sized missile was launched from the missile launcher the [Mistilteinn] took out from its hips.
The missile split into multiple micro missiles midair and shower down on the enemy troops.
Several [Giro] and [Jetta] tried to evade the missiles but they were hit by the bombardment.
Due to the small payload, the damage was not enough to take them down.
Still, Schleer successfully slowed their movement.


Discarding the empty missile launcher, Schleer takes up the heavy machine gun and begins mowing the enemy down.
The enemy strikers that were hit by the earlier missiles could not avoid the hail of bullets and their engines were shot through.


The heavy machine gun ran out of bullets, leaving one surviving [Jetta].
As it tries to counterattack using its blaster rifle, Kisei came in from the side and pierced its abdomen using the pile bunker.

“I, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say sorry! A thank you is enough!”

Yes! Thank you!”

After rephrasing her reply in a hurry, Schleer grits her teeth.
Still, she has no time to be depressed about it right now.
The enemy reinforcements are still pouring toward their location.
She already lost count of how many strikers she shot down already but she’s sure that the number is massive.

Mounting the now useless heavy machine gun on the waist hardpoint, Schleer operates the [Mistilteinn] to pull out a giant two-handed sword…….a Zweihander and get ready to continue the combat.

“Your Highness, if you already ran out of ammo then please retreat and resupply!”

Schleer can provide powerful support fire.
That’s why Saki urged her to withdraw and replenish her ammunition before returning to the front.
Fortunately, Kisei and Saki received some extra mags from other pilots so they can continue to fight for a while.


After hesitating for a moment, Schleer gave a positive reply while suppressing her desire to stay.
If she doesn’t withdraw to replenish her supply while she can, everyone will eventually be exhausted and there would be no one left to put up a fight.
After all, the enemy still showed no sign of stopping their waves of reinforcements.


However, the moment Schleer turned back, she stopped herself when she heard Kisei’s puzzled voice.

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“A strange presence is moving toward us.”


His words sound dubious at most but given Kisei’s ability which is even beyond bizarre, Schleer can’t just laugh it off.
Glancing at the display of her remaining ammunition, Schleer has one shot of her shoulder blaster cannon left.

“Is it someone strong?”

“No……I think it’s not like that.”

While cocking his head, Kisei fired the thruster and advanced.
Then, a lone [Giro] unsheathed its photon saber and rushed straight toward him.

“That’s the strange guy you were talking about? Challenging someone in a one-on-one old-fashioned duel, isn’t this a straightforward one.”

Saki groaned.
However, Kisei didn’t say anything.
He unsheathed his photon saber and received the attack.
The green and red particle swords grind against each other, sending sparks flying everywhere.

“Push me to somewhere isolated.
I want to talk.”

It was communication from the [Giro] in front of him.

“A secured line!?”

Kisei involuntarily looks at the trinocular camera of the [Giro] displaying on the main monitor.
Curiously, he couldn’t feel any killing intent or any harmful intention toward him at all.
This is the cause of the bizarreness.
After all, that’s all he could feel from the pilot despite the fact that they are on a heated battlefield.


After considering it a little, Kisei replies.
He stepped on the pedal and fire the thruster at maximum output.
Although the [Giro] appeared to push back with its thruster, there’s no way that the [Giro]’s pilot didn’t notice the difference between the specs of their strikers.
In other words, her resistance is just for show.

In the end, the two strikers entered an area surrounded by rocky hills.
Once they head into the gap between the huge rocks, they would be isolated just like how the other side requested.


Saying so, the [Giro]’s pilot opened her cockpit hatch.
Turning off the microphone, Kisei also follows suit.

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“Hi, it’s been a while.”

“I thought that your voice sounded familiar…….”

Leaving her cockpit and jumping inside the [Caliburn-Revive] was Valentina in a pilot suit.

In response, Kisei stands up and catches her slender frame which is still taller than himself.


Valentina then brings her arms around Kisei and hugs him.

Kisei bears a shocked expression at the sudden development.

“It’s lovely to see you again, My Love.”

“M, My Love!?”

As he peeled Valentina’s arms off of him, Kisei started to have cold sweat.
There’s no doubt that she is referring to him.
However, this is the first time a person ever called him that way.

I’m referring to the person who managed to captivate me.
In other words, you.”


After being suddenly hit with such a corny pick-up line, Kisei was sent into confusion.
To calm down, he took a lollipop out from his holster and put it in his mouth.

“I know it’s sudden, I can understand why you are confused.
Sorry about that………also, even your troubled face is still cute you know.”

Saying so, Valentina gently strokes Kisei’s cheek with her gloved hand.
Trying to ignore her advances as much as possible, Kisei focuses his mind on the taste of his lollipop.
He can’t allow himself to fall into her pace.

“……so, what kind of business do you have with me?”

The other side is a member of the enemy nation’s royal family who got into contact with him using a strange means.
There must be some kind of circumstances behind her action.

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We should get down to business.
But before that, destroy my [Giro] and return to the battle first.
The Noredian army would suspect it otherwise.”

“So you came here in secret……”

While wondering what she’s trying to do, Kisei did as told and used the pile bunker to pierce the [Giro].

“Kisei-san, what happened!? Are you okay!?”

Communication came in from Schleer.
Kisei was hesitating about how to answer her but Valentina simply turned on the mic and replied.

“Hello there, it’s been a while Princess Pimp.

“Wha!? That voice, that insolent tone! Don’t tell me…..the vixen from Nored!”

“Hahaha, she gave me quite a terrible nickname huh.”

“That’s kind of mutual though.”

Kisei reflexively retorted.

“Wait? Someone snuck into [Caliburn-Revive]!?”

Feeling something’s off, Saki hurriedly rushed over.

“It’s a stalker! A devious pervert stalker snuck into the [Caliburn-Revive]! Just how did you…..”

“Well, hold on a minute here.
I didn’t come here to fight.
I’ve something important to tell you so you don’t have to get so worked up.”

With that said, Valentina snugly moved behind Kisei and sat down on the seat.
She then taps her knees, signaling Kisei to sit down.

“Anyway, right now we should pretend that everything’s normal.
Neither the other Noredian soldiers nor commanders know that I’m here.
So just keep fighting.
I wouldn’t want anyone to find me here after all.”

Hearing that, Kisei reluctantly sat down on Valentina’s lap.
Because of the height difference, he would not be able to operate the striker otherwise.
That being said, he has to focus his mind to the utmost to ignore the existence of the big, soft object that is pressing against his back.

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“Excuse me.”


The lollipop was stolen from his mouth.
And just like that, with no hesitation, Valentina put it in her mouth.
Her face burst into a smile as she tasted the still wet lollipop.

“I think I will give you something nice as thanks for the lollipop.
How does a kiss that’s sweeter than any candy you ever tasted sound?”

Valentina faintly whispers into Kisei’s ear, her voice was not picked up by the mic.
Her warm breaths touch his ear, making Kisei quivered.

“I, I’ll pass.”

“What’s that!? Kisei-san! Are you okay!?”

Sensing something unpleasant going on, Schleer yelled into the mic.

“Worry not.
I’d never do anything that would hurt My Love.”

“M, My Love!?”

“Ugh, so cringy!”

Schleer and Saki simultaneously voiced their disgust.
However, Valentina’s expression remained unaffected.

“I’m not going to do anything uncouth.
As long as you people do as I say that is.
I only have one request.
I’d like you to properly listen to my warning.
That’s all.
Simple right?”

“…..tsk! If it’s something bad then I’m going to kill you.
Kisei-san, Lt.
Makishima, let’s hear her out for the time being.
Just hearing that is.”

In truth, Schleer can’t do anything as Kisei is being held as a hostage.
Right now, she has no choice but to obey Valentina’s instructions.


While sighing at the bizarre situation he found himself in, Kisei started up the [Caliburn-Revive] again.

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