Battle of Leboir [8]

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“Now, the first thing I am going to say is that I came here on my own.
My actions are completely arbitrary.”

Said Valentina after she confirmed that the [Caliburn-Revive] has rejoined the battle.
A tremendous amount of effort is required of Kisei in order to properly steer his striker while he’s sitting on this beauty’s lap but Valentina doesn’t seem to care about that.

“Neither my elder sister, the commander-in-chief of this invasion nor other imperial soldiers deployed in this area know that I am here.
The only ones who know are a selected few of my subordinates who report directly to me.”

“……..we don’t have any way to verify what you said though.”

Scheer bitterly replied.
However, Valentina simply narrowed her eyes as though such a reply was already anticipated.

“Then there is no problem.
I didn’t come here to betray my country or join you guys after all.
The reason I went out of my way to come here personally is to relay to you one necessary warning.”

“A warning? Do you want us to hurry up and surrender?”

“Kukuku, it seems that you are quite simple-minded huh.
I know that you people would not just accept defeat just because I tell you to.
Do you think that I am so moronic that I would expect you to obediently surrender if I ask?”

“I see.
So you came to pick a fight huh.
Fine then, let me respond in kind.”

“Pl, please cut that out, you two! Valentina-sama too, please lay off the taunting.
The talk wouldn’t progress otherwise.”

Schleer may appear calm but she is already quite irritated.
Kisei can’t afford to let them start exchanging insults now.
The fact that Valentina’s presence here is unknown to the Noredian soldiers appears to be true as the enemy strikers are still continuing to attack him as normal.
Right now, he is simply avoiding their attack and retaliate when he’s able to.

“Ahh, apologies, My Love.
Fufu, it is exactly as you said.
Let’s continue this in a lady-like manner shall we.”

Said Valentina with a lustrous smile.

“Also, you don’t need to address me with honorifics.
Our relationship is much more intimate than that don’t you think.”

“I don’t see how that’s the case though……”

As Kisei tiredly retorted, Saki interjected into the conversation.

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“W, Wait a minute! Did you say Valentina earlier? That person, isn’t she Nored’s…..”

“Your guess is correct, Samurai.”

While looking at Saki’s katana holding striker, Valentina answered with a snap of her fingers.

“Geh! How did you get in there!”

“She’s right! Did you let her in yourself? That’s just too dangerous!”

“I mean, I didn’t feel any harmful intention from her so……..”

If he felt that she intended to harm him, he would not open his hatch unprotected.
However, he couldn’t feel any such intention from Valentina through the [I-con] at all.

“Naturally! As expected of My Love.
My Love and I are truly connected, body and soul.”

“Please stop joking, Valentina-sama.”

“Oh, I’ve already told you that there’s no need for any honorifics right? This warrants a punishment.”


Suddenly having his ear nibbled on, Kisei yelped.
Naturally, the striker’s movement was also affected.

“Can you not do that during battle, it’s dangerous!!”

“It’s okay, I’m here with you after all.
If it gets dangerous then I can maneuver this striker for you.”

“Damn it! What’s that vixen doing to my man now!!”

“Your Highness! Even if you are frustrated, I think that calling him your man is still a no-go right!? Still, that woman is certainly infuriating though!!”

Schleer and Saki immediately got heated up.
However, despite their screams of protest, Valentina simply replies with a laugh.

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“Fufufu, Losers’ howlings are always pleasant to the ears.”

“Whatever, Just get down to the main topic already!”

Unable to bear the sexual harassment anymore, Kisei stopped being polite and urge Valentina to state her business.

“Right, there’s that.
Sorry, My Love.
I was having too much fun talking with you.”

“Ah, sure.

“Ahh, actually……a very dangerous woman has set her eyes on you.
That’s what I came here to tell you today.”


Kisei unpleasantly moaned.
It would be great if he’s spared from having to deal with anything more troublesome than this.

“That is certainly true! Even right now Kisei-san is being terrorized by a very dangerous beast after all!”

“No, no, I was not referring to myself.
She’s much more dangerous than me, that woman.”

“…….who is she?”

He doesn’t really want to know but since it will end up affecting him sooner or later, Kisei asked with a sigh.

“Diaroze Vista Argarine.
My elder sister and the next in line to the Nored throne——”


Hearing that unexpected name from Valentina, Kisei could only groan.

“Wa, wait a minute! Isn’t she the enemy supreme commander! Why is such a bigshot setting her eyes on him!?”

“It was a bad move to crash my [Ortho Kratzer] with a training unit.
That’s what caught her eyes.”

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“That’s 100% your fault isn’t it!!”

“I do think that I was also to blame too.”

Valentina replied to Saki’s retort with a straight face.

“My sister is a hardcore sadist.
She probably wants to make a strong man like you submit to her.”

“So it’s that type huh……this is the worst.”

On earth, Kisei’s situation would be like when a female knight starts to stand out after making a lot of achievements in an army full of men.
From the perspective of those vulgar perverts, a setting like this seems to be very exciting for them.

“Moreover, as you know, my sister is the type who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.
It’s not hard to imagine that she would try to get her hands on you using some underhanded means.”

“Ugh…..that person was the one who authorized the purge bombing after all.
Surely she would never approach Kisei-san straightforwardly.”

Hearing what Valentina said, Schleer, who managed to calm down a little, replied with a bitter voice.

She’s not someone that you can expect a spirit of chivalry from.
Moreover, to make things worse, she’s incredibly sharp.
She managed to overtake our elder sisters and get to be the person next in line to the throne after all.”

“…..yes, I’ve heard the story.
I heard that people are calling her the Undefeated Princess too………”

Schleer sighed at the troublesome opponent.

“Anyway, I want you to be careful.
I don’t think that you would slip up on the battlefield but once you stepped out of a striker, you’d be nothing but a pretty boy after all.”

“I know that I’m physically weak but…….”

Maybe sugarcoating it a little? Kisei turned dispirited.

“Fufu, I’m sorry.
By the way, Schleer Henrietta.
In terms of protecting My Love, our interests are aligned, don’t you think?”

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“……infuriating as it is, you have that right.
I will attach him with some escorts.”

“You do that.
I have no intention to go easy on you in this war myself but if it’s to protect My Love, I will cooperate with you.”

Valentina exhaled after she finished what she wanted to say.

“That’s it for me.
My Love, can you find somewhere private and let me out? I had my subordinates waiting for me nearby.”

“Yes, yes.
Got it.”

Even Kisei would have trouble fighting when he doesn’t know when he would get sexually harassed again.
He has been on the defensive since earlier too.
Wishing that he can get rid of her soon, he immediately moved his striker.

“Tsk, can’t be helped.
Makishima, let’s provide some support.”

“Haaa……roger that.
Can we just shoot her in the back though?”

“I understand your feelings but that goes against the code of chivalry.”


With each of them holding their Zweihander and Katana respectively, the two push into the enemy position.
After confirming that the enemy was focusing on the two, Kisei moved to a rocky area and opened the cockpit hatch.

“Thank you.
I was happy to see you again you know, My Love.”

Saying so, Valentina pulled the lollipop out of her mouth and gently caress Kisei’s cheek with one hand.
Just like that, she brings her doll-like face close to Kisei’s and places her lips on his forehead.
The refreshing citrus scent of her perfume tickled Kisei’s nose.

“Well then, let’s meet again.”

Saying so, she waved the lollipop in her hand and left the cockpit.
In response, Kisei, whose eyes already looked like those of a dead fish, touched his forehead.
The kiss to the forehead is the greatest show of affection to the opposite sex for Vuld.

Incidentally, Vuld women usually do not kiss someone on the lips because their saliva contains some aphrodisiac components.
That’s why such a kiss is considered to be vulgar outside of bed.

“………let’s just head back to battle.”

With a depressed sigh, Kisei closed the cockpit hatch.

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