Diaroze’s First Ever Rout

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“Argh, there’s no use winning a battle at the cost of the entire fleet! Why can’t you understand something so simple!”

Diaroze screams at the radio.
She is currently intercepting the Calencian pursuers in the low orbit of Leboir Alpha with her personal striker, the [Zentis].

“What’s so important about a single defeat! I just need to win next time! If you get that then order your ship to retreat already, Fool!”

With a loud sigh, Diaroze cut off the communication.
She has been doing this for a while now.
The ships that suffered damage in the earlier battle were only the ones under the direct command of the Imperial Family.
The army of the aristocrats who she had been using as decoys are still in good condition, one could say that they had the advantage even.
That’s why when they are being ordered to retreat many of them protest Diaroze’s decision.

“Ugh……..Fools, each and every one of them!”

While complaining to herself, Diaroze evaded an attack from the enemy [Claymore] and immediately closed the distance at tremendous speed.

“Anyway, it’s time to relieve some stress!”

She proceeds to fire a shotgun in the [Zentis]’s right hand at close range.
The shell exploded into pellets and accelerated toward the [Claymore] at high speed while the shotgun was automatically reloaded with a red shell via the belt feeder.
Although the shot did not pierce the cockpit, the [Claymore] which was exposed to numerous pellets was ridden with holes with all its sensors and thrusters disabled.

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“Now, for the finishing touch.”

Diaroze pressed a button on her control stick and a tentacle-like whip extended from the right hand of [Zentis].
She then mercilessly strike it at the enemy striker which was already rendered powerless.
The moment the whip struck the armor, a high-voltage current was released, causing a crackling sound and an intense electric spark on impact.


Hearing the scream of pain from the pilot, Diaroze let out a peal of muffled laughter.
With the protection the cockpit provides, the damage from the electrical charge wouldn’t be enough to take the pilot’s life.
Still, the pilot should be rendered unconscious for a while.

“Hmm, too easy.
But, it seems that I still have a lot of prey left huh? I will have them entertain me for a while.”

Saying so, Diaroze headed off to deal with the remaining Calencian strikers.

“Well, that’s about it I guess.”

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In the end, it took her less than 3 minutes to annihilate the remaining strikers in the area.
Naturally, she has guards escorting her but since the enemies were nothing special, Diaroze took care of everything herself.
The Calencian army in its current state can not afford to organize a proper pursuit.
Moreover, by defeating these unorganized enemy troops, she would be able to regain some respect from her subordinates after her defeat.


Diaroze exhales.
The screams of her enemies made her feel a little better but she still has a mixed feeling as she looks at her withdrawing fleet.

She switches off the mic and mutters something to herself.

“How pathetic.
At this rate, Mother will be disappointed in me…..!”

Realizing that depressing fact from her own words, Diaroze’s expression turned bitter.
She sighs again and thinks about her future.

“I definitely can’t let her say that she doesn’t need me anymore.”

Saying so, Diaroze’s body started to tremble.
Her mother, the Empress of the Nored Empire, is a ruthless and cold-hearted person.
Even with her own flesh and blood, if Diaroze can not live up to her expectations she would get mercilessly killed off.
If not that then finding herself getting coldly reprimanded by her mother is still the most unpleasant thing for Diaroze.

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“Anyway, I have no choice but to win the next battle.
Some battleships were lost but the auxiliary ships are still mostly in perfect condition……….If I go on another offensive when there’s no irregular to worry about then I will definitely win.”

Saying so, Diaroze looked up.
In the darkness of space stretched above her, she can see an ominous dully shining crimson star.

“If not for that irregular………damn you, Hokuto Kisei!”

Diaroze swore with an irritated expression.

“If not for that man! If that man wasn’t there I would have won!”

Diaroze clenched her teeth and covered her face with her hands.

“I should have won, it was my victory……..ARGH, did I really lose……..is this what a defeat feels like.”

This is the first defeat in her life.
After she recognized that, Diaroze slowly looked up.
For some reason, her face is flushed red.
She also notices that her breath became hot and there’s a mysterious sensation burning inside her head.

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“What is this? This feeling.”

As this strange sensation that she can’t explain ran through her body, Diaroze embraced her body with a strangely thrilling smile on her face.

“He must be celebrating his victory by now, I’m sure that he’s real proud about it.
After he caused so much pain to me, I want to hold him down and make him scream……”

That should be quite a sweet delusion for her but somehow, it doesn’t feel quite right.
Still, Diaroze shook her head and flush out those thoughts.

“That must be it.
I’m simply looking forward to my victory.
Kukuku, just you wait, Hokuto Kisei.
I’m going to catch you and make you submit to me! Hahahaha!”

After Diaroze let out that cold laugh, her smile soon faded as she muttered.

“But is that really how I feel…..?”

Her question was unanswered.

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