Welcome Back Celebration

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One month has passed since the battle of Leboir.
No major moves were made by neither the Noredian nor the Calencian side since they both suffered severe damage to their forces.

Regarding Kisei, after the battle, he had been hospitalized for some time at the Imperial Hospital in the Calencian capital.
This is not surprising given that he was unconscious when he was rescued by his allies.
The injuries he suffered from combat were serious and it was supposed to take him 3 months to fully recover but he managed to recover in one month thanks to the latest regenerative technology treatment.
He’s finally discharged from the hospital one day ago and is now back at the [Radiant].

“Fo-ur, Fi-ve-”

Kisei has been doing push-ups inside his room on top of the bio-grass mat that he laid on top of the already carpeted floor.


Hitting his limit after only the sixth time, Kisei collapsed down on the mat.
After a dry cough, Kisei continues to breathe heavily for a while.

“Damn it.
I used to be able to do 10 before.”

Said Kisei with a pathetic voice.
He’s been training like this every day for a long time but for some reason, he couldn’t gain any muscle at all.
Even a normal healthy man with no training at all should be able to do more than him.
He can’t blame this on anything else but his weak constitution.

“Argh, I hate this.”

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While sighing, Kisei wiped his face with a towel.
He hasn’t done much exercise at all but he’s still very sweaty.
As he lay on the mat wondering how to improve his physical strength, a buzzer sounded from the terminal installed at the door.
It appears that he has a visitor.

“Yes, coming.”

He stood up and headed to the door.
He thought about unlocking it immediately at first but he changed his mind and used the terminal instead.
The outside of the room was then displayed on the screen.
His two visitors appear to be Schleer and Saki.

There should be no problem letting them in.

Thinking so, he pressed the switch and opened the door.



The two behind the door were about to say hello but they suddenly blushed and took a step back when they saw Kisei.
Seeing their strange reactions, Kisei cocked his head.

“W, what is it? Acting like that all of a sudden.”

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“Y, Y, You! What kind of idiot would open the door to someone with that lewd appearance!”


Hearing Saki, Kisei checks his appearance.
He’s wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and jersey bottoms with the words [Second Inui Junior High School] embroidered on them.
It’s certainly embarrassing to still be using his clothes from his school days but there’s really nothing lewd about them at all.

“M, Moreover, your flushed face, and the sweat…….y, you can’t appear like that in front of others you know!”

While saying such a thing, Schleer was breathing heavily as she stepped closer to him.
Involuntarily, Kisei pulled back.

“Why do you smell so good with all those sweats, Kisei-san! This is weird right! Aren’t sweat supposed to be smelly!”

“Please stay back, Your Highness! Stay back! Stay back damn it! I understand your feelings but stop that already! You will get hauled away by the MP otherwise alright, you Pervert Princess! Oi, Kisei! I’m taking care of this idiot so you go take a shower and change your clothes first!”

“Ah, yeah.”

Feeling the danger to his body, Kisei immediately shut the door and locked it.
He then heads straight to the shower.

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“I’m extremely sorry.”

Thirty minutes later, Schleer bowed and apologized to him in a small dining room inside the ship.
After she calmed down, she immediately realized how shameful her action was so she’s currently feeling extremely ashamed of what she’s done.
However, this is already the second time this has happened so Kisei was already used to it.

“Well, it’s okay.
I shouldn’t have let my guard down.”

You, make sure to be more careful in the future alright? If I didn’t have self-control then you’d have been assaulted by two people already you know.”


The one who raised that voice was not Kisei but Schleer instead.

“Assaulted…it’s not like that you know………..I was only trying to enjoy the smell directly though……”


Saki jumped up and knocked her chair down while her face turned crimson like a boiled octopus.

“Y, You….I-….if you’re a woman then just push him down!”

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After realizing what she said, Saki turned toward Kisei.
She then hurriedly waved her hands in a panic while trying to think of something to say.

“I mean, I’d never do that okay!? It’s just an expression okay!?”

“Yeah, sure……..”

Why do I have to deal with this while I’m still recovering? Thought Kisei as he looked up to the ceiling.
However, since he can’t just ignore them forever, he turned his gaze back to the table.

“……should we not start eating soon? It would be a waste if this thing gets cold, you know.”

Said Kisei as he pointed at the steaming pork cutlet.
And this is no ordinary pork cutlet.
What’s in front of him is the luxurious pork cutlet made from organic ingredients.

These days, organic foods are not something that is readily available.
To support the massive Vuld population, food these days is made from synthetic or biologically engineered ingredients which have greater yields but come at the cost of their taste.
Then why’s there an organic dish in front of them? The answer is that the two have forcibly procured it to celebrate his discharge.
They came all the way to Kisei’s room to give him this.

“R, Right! Haha!”

Saki sits back down with an awkward laugh and said so while taking out a bowl filled with white rice.

“Alright, let’s eat.
Man, I’ve been looking forward to this.”

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