Please stop using the honorifics

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“Come to think of it……I didn’t get any information about the war at all while I was in the hospital.
How is the situation looking now?”

While playing with his chopsticks with a look of regret on a plate that was left with only shredded cabbage, Kisei asked the two about the war.


Schleer, who was going at her 3rd large bowl of rice, considered how to answer him for a moment and placed her bowl down before answering.

“More importantly, may I say something first?”

“What is it?”

Kisei cocked his head as he didn’t expect that she would answer him with a question of her own.

“Umm…..I’d like it if you can drop the honorific when referring to me”

“Eh, why!?”

The other party is his employer, not to mention a princess.
No matter how disappointing she is, it would be bad if he forgot to be polite when he addresses her.

“Well, I mean……how do I say this, you don’t need to be unnecessarily formal around me and, I don’t want to lose to that woman.”

“In the last battle, That stalker woman made you stop using honorifics with her right? Her Highness’s been bitter about that a while now.”

“I see……”

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Kisei gave a half-hearted reply while wondering why she would feel that way but Saki’s words seemed to hold true as Schleer turned away with a flushed face.

“Besides, I already understand that I’m not someone so great that you should always be polite with……after all, I’m a knight who can’t even make it to the battle in time………..”

Seeing Schleer confessing her feelings as her expression gets cloudier and cloudier, Kisei thinks about what she’s talking about for a moment.
It seems that she regrets the fact that she could not join the decisive battle in time.

Even so, she was being held back by the enemy elite Imperial Knights so it’s natural that she couldn’t make it.
Besides, Kisei is quite grateful to her that she managed to keep away the Imperial Knights who would undoubtedly be quite a formidable opponent if they were around to defend the battleships back then.

“Both I and Schleer did what we had to do.
That’s why we won.
I don’t think that you should feel any regret over it you know.”

Kisei stopped using honorifics and replied.
If this can make her feel better then it’s a simple thing to do.

“Uu, but…..”

Schleer’s gaze shifts alternately between Kisei and Saki.
it’s supposed to be a celebration so she doesn’t want to show her pitiful sight.
That’s why she shoved all the negative feelings back inside and nodded to them with a smile.

“Yes, you’re right.
I’m sorry.”

Seeing Schleer’s state, Kisei let out a small sigh.
It seems that she’s not entirely convinced yet.
He can understand her feelings so he decided to not pursue the topic.

“Umm, so….about the war situation.
It’s mostly quiet now.
Perhaps they were shocked to lose that many battleships in the last battle, they did not make any move at all.”

“It’s something like a stalemate.
I’ve been doing nothing but training for a while now too.”

“I see.”

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Kisei nodded.
Since both sides normally can not make any big move after a big battle, this is usually the case after a major operation.

“Come to think of it, what about Her Majesty? I remembered that the [Glorious]’s bridge was hit, is she safe?”

“Yes, well, my mother did suffer a serious injury but there’s no danger to her life.
Right now she’s being treated at the hospital inside the capi—-the imperial hospital, the same one you were at, Kisei-san.
She can’t continue to command the war with such an injury after all.”

“Ahh, that hospital.
I thought that it’s amazing but I didn’t know that it was the royal family’s exclusive too….”

Fortunately, his treatment cost was covered by the empire.
After all, if they charge him later, he would not be able to pay for it.

“Still, this has made me the supreme commander of the Calencian army.
I left the actual command to the original staff officers though.”

The staff officers are rushing back and forth from the headquarters to the [Radiant] and Solana and her subordinates are busy every day because of that.
To Schleer who knows that she lacks the ability to be a supreme commander, this gives her quite a heavy feeling as well.

“Umm…..that must’ve been had.”


With a long long sigh, Schleer continued eating her rice.

“Fortunately, I will leave for a mission soon.
I think it’s a chance that I can finally spread my wings.”

“Is it a business trip?”

“I haven’t heard anything about this.
Are you going to scout out the enemy, Your Highness?”

“It’s not that big of a mission.
I’m just going to purchase some supplies for the army.
I’m going to visit the Kuschel system…..have you heard of it? A big trading hub of this region is located there.”

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“Ahh, that place.”

Kisei was also familiar with her destination.
The Kuschel system is a star system where many Starways intersect making itself the center of trade in this region.
Since many trading companies opened their offices there.
As long as you have the money, it is easy to negotiate deals and procure ammunition and food supplies there.

“I’ve frequented that place before.
Compared to the other star systems in this region, I think I am most familiar with this one.”


Schleer’s eyes shined.

“Then if it’s alright with Kisei-san, do you want to come with me? I’m going there with a high-speed starship belong to the army.
I can find a seat for you.”

“Eh, what, so unfair…..”

“Aah, then please take me with you.”

While smiling bitterly at Saki, Kisei agreed to accompany Schleer to Kuschel.

“……there’s actually a restaurant I often visited on that planet.
So, if it’s fine with you, can we…..visit it together?”

“Eh, Ehh!?”


Schleer and Saki raised their voice at the same time.
Saki tried to say something but she was interrupted by Schleer who jumped up from her seat.

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“Is, is that okay?”

“Well, yes.”

“B, By all means! Please take me with you! I DID IT!!!!!!!!!”

Schleer breaks out into a dance at the unexpected windfall while Saki looked at Kisei with a bitter expression.

“Oi, take me too.”



Saki pouted at Kisei’s blunt refusal.

“There’s something that can only be done there by just two people.”

Depending on how you take his reply, it could be interpreted as a love confession.
However, Kisei’s eyes do not contain that kind of feeling.
Rather, he seems to have a hard time asking Schleer to visit the place with him.
Thinking that he might have some kind of circumstances, Saki did not press any further.

“…….seriously, there’s no helping it then.”


The two talked in a small voice but Schleer, who has been celebrating since earlier, did not notice their exchange.
Seeing that, Saki let out a deep deep sigh.

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