Improvements on the White Rabbit

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“First, please take a look at this.
You can see a small device on the shoulders of [Caliburn-Revive] right?”

Looking at it now, there are certainly small unfamiliar shield-like devices on both shoulders of the [Caliburn-Revive].
They are being held by thin binding arms that reach over from the back.
It seems that the devices have a considerable range of movement.

“An armor plate?……no, I think that’s too small to be one.
What are they?”

Saki asked with a curious expression.
Just like Kisei, she is also a striker nerd.
Even though it is someone else’s striker, she’d naturally get curious about new equipment.

“Anti-missile laser turrets.”

The Chief Mechanic proudly answered.

“These devices have multiple low-power laser oscillators embedded on their surfaces.
When the radar detects incoming missiles, they will automatically start intercepting protocol and shoot them down.”

“I see.
Did you get this idea from the time I piloted the [Gradius-kai]?”

The first time Kisei encountered Valentina, the [Gradius-Kai] was severely damaged by the [Ortho Kratzer]’s micro missiles.
Blaster beams and bullets are easy to avoid since they travel in a straight line but missiles that automatically track their targets are difficult to deal with even for him.

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“As you know, there aren’t many strikers that have anti-aircraft missiles equipped.
Its cost is too high and even aristocrats would have a bad image if they use such a weapon.
That’s why conversely, strikers usually don’t come equipped with anti-missiles equipment.”

“The only one who actually prefers using missiles is our princess alone I think.”

Saki grinned as her gaze turned toward Schleer’s personal striker, the [Mistilteinn] which is fixed on a nearby maintenance bay.
Although she often says that she’s a knight, the striker she pilots is literally rugged walking artillery arsenal. 

Normally, an aristocrat’s striker is often designed for close quarter combat though……

“That striker was designed with a certain concept in mind, you see.
Since ours is a small country, it necessitates Her Highness to be able to deal with a large number of enemies by herself after all……”

The Chief Mechanic defended Schleer with a bitter smile.
Since she’s not just the Chief Mechanic here but also a member of the Imperial Engineering Department, she’s also involved in ordering supplies and refurbishing the [Mistilteinn] as well.

“Aside from that, the reason that missiles are unpopular is that against your average striker, a blaster beam is sufficient enough to take them down.
That being said, it seems that this kind of weapon works surprisingly well against you, Kisei-san.”

“It’s pretty simple to avoid and parry normal bullets after all”

“No, I think that’s pretty damn difficult though…”

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Hearing Kisei says such a thing like it’s nothing much for him, Saki mutters in a small voice. 

“Well, but it is still true that missiles can give Kisei-san a lot of trouble on the battlefield.
If I were a Noredian Commander, I’d equip every striker under my command with missiles to deal with him you know.
Kisei-san is not an opponent that you can spare your expense against after all.”

“I’ve had many bad experiences because of that actually.
It was seriously tough dealing with them……”

“You say that but you are still completely safe though.”

“Well, I’m Hokuto Kisei after all.
The name [Wicked Star] is not just for show you know.”

After displaying a smile brimming with confidence, Kisei continued.

“But it will certainly be a lot easier for me with this kind of equipment.
How much can I count on it?”

“Of course, this device should be plenty enough to deal with most things already.
Its design is based on the device that shoots down small debris on transport ships.
I think I can say that it is ready to be used in actual combat.”

As though she had been waiting for him to ask that question, the Chief Mechanic answered.

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“Laser-based weapons that only deal damage through heat usually have a bad affinity with regenerative armor but missiles do not have that kind of protection.
This is especially true for Micro-Missiles so I think it will be quite effective against them.”

Regenerative armor can convert heat into electricity at high efficiency so a low-power laser is practically ineffective against it.
The blaster beam, on the other hand, may simply appear like charged particles but it actually works like an ultra-high-speed bullet since the charged particles have the property of increasing its mass as it accelerates.
The heat damage caused by it is merely a side effect.

“That’s good to hear.”

“Cool right.
But this is not all you know.”

“There’s more?”

Faster than Kisei could reply, Saki raised her voice.
It makes one wonder whose striker is being modified here.

“To make this short, I have attached a bayonet to the blaster rifle.
I’ve seen that you often go into close quarters with your rifle after all.”


As she said, there was a large-single-edged sword attached to the underbarrel of the rifle of the [Caliburn-Revive].
It doesn’t look exactly like the bayonet knife used by infantry but it’s long enough to be used as a short sword by itself.

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“Naturally, it was designed for ease of movement so it should be easy to attach or detach it on the battlefield.
Its uses should be quite flexible so please try it out later.”

“Hmm, it seems pretty useful for an ambush and surprise attack, doesn’t it.
I will thankfully use it in the next battle.”

“This one looks pretty nice.
Can I get one to attach to my submachine gun too?”

With her eyes glittering, Saki stepped forward with her request.
Her striker is specialized in close combat.
It would give her a great advantage to be able to quickly shift from long-range to close-range weapons.

“Ehh…..your submachine gun is it? I think that it will feel awkward to handle though…..well, I will discuss it with the other team later.”

The Chief Mechanic seems slightly hesitant but she did not ignore her pilot’s request.
Although the modification of the [Dainsleif] is completely outside of her jurisdiction, she still has some connections with the team in charge.
For now, it seems that she will get in contact with the [Dainsleif] team later.

“Back to the [Caliburn-Revive].
I think that should be it for the visible changes.
The rest of the changes should be internal but the biggest change would be to the capacitor of the inertial control system………”

It seems that the Chief Mechanic still has more to say.

Thinking that she and her team must have put a lot of time and effort into the remodeling, Kisei keeps listening with a cheerful smile.

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