The Princess, Go All Out

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At the Fifth planet in the Kuschel system, Kuschel-Secundus.
This planet that is slightly smaller than Earth was terraformed (Albeit terraform may not be an accurate term as the technology used was not based on Earth) and made habitable.
This Kuschel-Secundus is a large spaceport that serves as a trading hub in this area. 

At the 3rd spaceport of Kuschel-Secundus.
A small high-speed spacecraft bearing the Calencian coat of arms is parked on the Megafloat city set up in the middle of the ocean.

“Hmm, I’m a little Leary huh……”

At the pier in front of the ship, Kisei muttered while gazing at the night sky.
He’s meeting up with Schleer.
She had left the ship yesterday to negotiate with the trading companies here.
According to the schedule, she should be back soon.
They are supposed to head to the restaurant he mentioned to her after this.

“It would be nice if I can head out for a little walk.
To think that it would be another house arrest once we arrived …….there’s a limit to what I can do to kill time you know.”

Due to Schleer’s strict order, Kisei was prohibited from going out.
As the city prospers in trade, the public order here is not that good.
Just in case, Schleer doesn’t want him to go out by himself.

However, Kisei is unamused by this.
The wharf usage fee at the 3rd spaceport is cheap so Kisei who frequently travels around using affordable passenger ships is quite familiar with this place.
He knows how to safely travel around here.

“Seriously…..I’m not some sheltered young lady alright.”


As Kisei was complaining to himself, a person called out to him.
When he turned to look, he found a woman in gray work clothes standing there.
She’s wearing a cap that’s hiding her eyes and he can’t make out her face but her identity is clear as day.

“Makishima-san!? Aren’t you supposed to be on the [Radiant]………..”

With that characteristic black-haired ponytail, there’s no way that he can mistake her for someone else.
It’s Saki. 

She immediately puts a finger on her mouth and speaks to him in a small voice.

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“You idiot, there’s no way I can leave a defenseless guy like you alone right.
I snuck onboard the ship!”

Saying so, she pointed at the high-speed spacecraft that Kisei traveled here on.

“On this small ship!? How did no one spot you.”

“Hehe, I have some acquaintances you see.
I made them help me.”

“I mean……well, for you to go out of your way to snuck onboard a ship, Do I look that unreliable to you?”

Kisei squinted as he asked her that question.
Schleer’s the same, there sure are a lot of people who’re worried for him these days.
He does feel grateful for their feelings but he couldn’t help but think that they are being overprotective.

“Well, yeah.
Outside of a striker, you’re practically like a newborn chick after all.
I can see you getting hauled away by some random thugs here you know.”

“That much?”

It’s true that he’s physically very weak so it’s difficult for him to make a counterargument but he still can’t hide the shock from the way she said it. 

“Also, it’s too dangerous for you to be left alone with that pervert.
What would you do if she slipped something into your food?”

“I mean, Her Highness is not the type of person who would do that right.
There are times that she acts like a pervert though.”

“It’s not ‘like a pervert’, she’s literally a pervert.
Besides, there are times that we can’t control ourselves even when we want to, you know for women.
It might be impossible for a man to understand though……”

“W, well…….”

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Leaving the chaste Vuld gentleman aside, Kisei is a Terran.
That being said, it’s not like he can’t understand what Saki tried to say.
He’s used to it now but when he first became a mercenary, there were times that he succumbed to temptation.
He managed to escape in the end though.

“Anyway! Take this.
Make sure to hold on to it alright.”

Saying so, Saki handed him a plainly designed pen.
Kisei examines it as he takes it in his hand but he doesn’t spot anything unusual about it at all……

“It’s something like a personal alarm.
If you press the button, it will send a signal to my mobile terminal.
Just press it when you think that it’s getting dangerous for you.
I will go rescue you immediately.”

“You brought something amazing again……I don’t think that I will have a chance to use it but I will take up on your kindness.

Kisei can’t help but think that she’s being overprotective but he understands that her action came purely from her goodwill.
That’s why he obediently accepted it and tucked it into the arm pocket of his flight jacket.

“Good……..Ah, Her Highness should be back soon.
See you later!”

Saki glanced at the pier and returned to the ship.
There should be many crew members on board the ship but it doesn’t look like Saki has any intention to hide from them at all.
It seems that she does have a lot of acquaintances helping her huh.


Kisei let out a small sigh.
Then, just like Saki said earlier, after a few minutes of waiting, Schleer arrived.

“H, Hi.
Thank you for waiting.”

Schleer said with a clearly tense voice.
Moreover, her clothes are different than usual.
She’s wearing a dark blue hakama and teal-colored haori.
For footwear, she’s wearing Taishou-Roman-style boots.
This white-haired girl in Japanese clothes looks extremely beautiful under the moonlight.

(TLN: Taishou-Roman style is the fashion trend mixing the Taishou era of Japan and western influences, see below)

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Haori (Outerlayer)


“Y, you sure poured a lot of effort into this didn’t you.”

Kisei said while cold sweat dripped down his back.

“H, How is it? I heard that we are going to visit a Japanese restaurant so I bought them in a spur of the moment.”

“I think you look very cool.
Yup, I will surely stick out standing next to you.”

Even more so when she dressed like that and walked around with him who’s in his usual clothes.
Their destination doesn’t have a dress code so they will probably stand out there as well.
Imagining such scenarios, Kisei groaned.

“I, I did it!……tha, that’s not it.
It, it, it, it won’t be like that at all you know.
I mean, Kisei-san looks very cute after all! Rather, I would be laughed at if I stood next to you since we are so out of balance……hahaha! How troubling.”

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“That’s just stupid.”

If Schleer just stayed silent, she would be one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen.
If someone told them that they looked out of balance then surely, the cause is definitely not her.
However, given the rarity of finding a young man in a place like this and his appearance, Schleer is the correct one here.

“W, Well, let’s leave that aside! Shall we!?”

After she said that in a loud voice, Schleer offered him her hand.

“Eh, we are going to hold hand!?”

“I, I mean, as a lady, I thought that I should properly escort Kisei-san in an occasion like this……”

Schleer replied while her porcelain white cheeks were dyed bright red.
Seeing her like that, Kisei can only smile.

“I will be the one who guides you though.”

“Ah! Awawa……that’s true…….”

Seeing that her cheeks turned even redder than before, Kisei let out a small sigh.

“Well, whatever.
Let’s go.”


After taking her hand, Kisei started walking.
Shocked, Schleer, whose inside of the head has already turned pure white could only move her feet to follow him.

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