A Tail and the Intelligence Agency

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“This is getting more serious than I expected…….”

Saki muttered to herself in a small voice while putting her finger on the small speaker in her ear.
She’s currently hiding in an unpopulated back alley near the restaurant.
For her appearance, she is wearing a black suit, a black fedora and although it’s already nighttime, she’s also wearing sunglasses for some reason.
Furthermore, as though that doesn’t look suspicious enough, there’s also a Japanese sword hanging at her waist.

“Something he wants to say and one question he wants to ask huh.
I wonder wh-……..”

While she was muttering to herself, a group of women in suits soundlessly snuck up to her.
The moment Saki noticed she was already surrounded by them.

“Wha!? Who are you!?”

Saki herself is not an amateur either.
It is no easy task to sneak up on her like that.
That’s why she raised her voice and her hand was immediately placed on the grip of her sword.

“We are with the Imperial Intelligence Agency.
Makishima Saki, correct? What are you doing here?”

Replied a middle-aged woman with a vigilant expression that betrayed her appearance.
At the same time, she also flashes her ID to Saki with one hand to give credit to her identity.
It appears that the ID was not forged.

“Oh, what, same side huh.”

Saki sighed in relief and let go of her sword.
She thought that it was a group of local mafia or police at first but since they turn out to be Calencian soldiers, she has no intention to fight.

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“Not so fast Lieutenant.
According to your order, are you not supposed to be on standby at the [Radiant] right now? It’s clear that you’ve snuck on board Her Highness’s spacecraft…….it would not be a stretch to put you under suspicion of being a spy, no?”

“Come on.
I swear to god I’m not doing anything of the sort.”

Saki replied with a shrug.
Since she doesn’t think that she’s done something bad at all, her conscience remains guilt-free even when under such an allegation.

“So, are you guys here to escort Her Highness and Kisei?”

“……that’s right.”

Seeing no reason to lie about their mission, the middle-aged woman answered.

“I’m doing something similar myself.
Here, listen to this.”

Saying so, Saki tossed the small speaker she had in her ear at the middle-aged woman.
When she puts it on with a doubtful expression on her face, a familiar voice can be heard from the speaker.
It’s Kisei and Schleer’s voices.

“This is……..”

“I secretly gave Kisei a bugging device.
If something goes wrong I can go over and rescue him you see.”

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This was another hidden function of the pen she gave to Kisei earlier.
The alarm is actually just the bonus, this here is its real function.
If Schleer makes a move on Kisei, it’s more than likely that Kisei won’t even have the chance to push the button after all.

“My purpose here is rather similar to yours.
The person I am most wary about is Her Highness though.”

“Wait, but, that’s……..”

The middle-aged woman turned speechless as she turned to look at her subordinates.
What Saki said is not an impossibility.
However, is that not too rude toward her own princess?

“Her Highness would never do something like that.”

“Even if you say that, she’s already tried to force her way into his room once you know.
I managed to stop her in time though.”


Exclaimed a young intelligence officer.
Her beast ears also pointed up in an excited state.

“I’m so jeal…….I mean, how shameful!”

“Come to think of it, I think I saw Her Highness lecherously stare at that mercenary before too.”

“Honestly, I doubt she can keep her sanity while being alone in the same room with such a cute man.”

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The intelligence officers started mouthing off their opinions.
Hearing them, the middle-aged woman coughed lightly.

“Won’t you stop? That’s disrespectful to Her Highness.”

Even while her mouth said that her expression still remained unconvinced.
After all, it’s true that Schleer does have a habit of running out of control.

“Her Highness is a pri–…..no, she’s a prudent person.
She wouldn’t lose control just because of a man’s sex appeal.”

“But, Chief!”

A young intelligence officer who seems to have completely taken Saki’s side protested but the middle-aged woman stopped her by raising her hand.

“But they are still a man and a woman.
Accidents can happen sometimes and the man will always be the victim……”

Giving up, the Chief looked up at the night sky visible through the gap between the building.
There’s a huge gap between Vuld men and women in terms of physical strength.
There is no man who can resist if he gets pushed down by a Vuld woman.

“I have a son who’s around that mercenary’s age.
I don’t want him to suffer a bad experience.
If it comes to that then we will cooperate with you.”

Saying so, the Chief returned the small speaker to Saki.

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After receiving it back and putting it on, Saki grins.

“I know I can count on you.”

The fact that you’ve violated your order still stands.
I will have to report this to the higher-up.”

Said the Chief in a cold voice.

Hearing that Saki looked like she was splashed with cold water.

“Y, You don’t have to do that right.
Cut me some slack here.”

“Well, it will only end with some admonition and a reflection report.
Don’t worry.”

“How can I not! Do I look like the type that’s good at writing that kind of report!”

“Oh, I can tell that you aren’t.”

The intelligence officers around them burst out laughing at the Chief’s reply.

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