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“Answer me! Why are you here! Valentina Tous Argarine!”

At this sudden and unexpected encounter, Schleer pulled out her revolver which she hid inside her hakama.
Still, even with the muzzle of a high-caliber gun pointing at her, Valentina remains unfazed.

“Oh my, you don’t have to be so alarmed.
I didn’t come here to fight.
Rather, I’m here to deepen our friendship.
—- I will be fine.
Just wait for me outside.”

The last part of her words seems to be directed at the bodyguards who are probably behind her.
After dismissing her escort, Valentina entered the room and shut the sliding door, of course, while having Schleer pointing her revolver at her.

“Hello there, My Love.
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Have you been well?”

“W, well, not really……”

Kisei tensely answered Valentina’s casual greeting.
In fact, he technically hasn’t been well since he just got discharged from the hospital the other day.

“That’s no good at all! The last battle was certainly a fierce one.
You must have it rough.”

“Answer my question! I don’t mind blowing your head off right now okay!?”

“Hahaha, you are not as intimidating as you think with all that tears and snotty nose you know.”

“What did you say…….!”

“I’d advise you against that.
This is not a combat zone.
Making scenes here will cause a diplomatic problem later you know.”

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Schleer put her thumb on the hammer of her revolver and was about to cock it but Valentina stopped her.


Even while their countries are at war, it would be a problem if they cause a ruckus in the territory of another unrelated country.
Since Valentina doesn’t show any sign of pulling out her weapon either, Schleer reluctantly holstered her revolver.


Valentina grins while Schleer gritted her teeth.

“B, but seriously, what are you doing here? I don’t think Noredians frequent this restaurant though.”

Kisei timidly asked.
This place’s main customers are commoners.
Let alone royalty, even aristocrats rarely visit this place.
Well, come to think of it now, Schleer is also a princess though…….”

“What, I’m simply in the area for some business.
I happened to stop by at the port and heard that the Calencian also came here to negotiate a deal.
Since this woman’s here, I thought that you might be with her you see.”

“B, But how did you know about this place.”

“I’ve done a lot of research about you, you know.
Favorite food, hobbies, the places you frequent……..that’s why I know that if you visit this planet, this is the place that you would be.”

“As I thought, you really are a pervert stalker……..!”

Taken aback, Schleer exclaimed

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“Hahaha, call me whatever you like.
My Love, mind if I sit next to you?”

“Ah, yes.”

As if it’s a matter of course, Valentina sits down next to Kisei who could only stiffly consent.
Using that time, Schleer wipes her face.
Certainly, with this kind of appearance, she would hold no power in this conversation.
Everything she does will turn out humorous instead.

“Thank you for the wait.”

A waitress came in to serve the large bowls of rice Schleer ordered earlier.
Then when she sees the bizarre atmosphere between the two princesses, she starts making an [Ara Ara smile].

“You’ve got your work cut out for you, Hokuto-san.”

“W, Well…..hahaha.”

With his acquaintance saying such a thing, he could only smile and laugh it off.
The waitress then bitterly smiles back and puts the bowls in front of Schleer.

“Don’t lose okay, if you are a woman then just trust your guts and go for it!”

The waitress whispered that into Schleer’s ear.
On the other hand, Schleer nods at the unexpected encouragement.

“Sorry, I’d like you to prepare another serving.”

“Yes, right away.”

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Valentina places her order with a smug expression and the waitress leaves the room with a smile.

“Now then, I do feel bad about it but………actually, I heard what you two were talking about from the outside.”

When Valentina suddenly said that with a smile, Schleer immediately turned pale.
She just made a statement that she definitely does not want her parents to hear, let alone her nemesis.

“H, How much did you hear……!”

“Just the part about why My Love continues to fight.”

That’s a lie.
However, Valentina is also a warri—–no, a knight.
Naturally, she possesses some empathy toward another knight.

“T, Then that’s fine.
It’s fine.”

Since Schleer never expected her enemy to be that considerate for her, she took Valentina’s words at face value and sighs in relief.

When Kisei glances at Valentina, he sees her giving him a mischievous smile in return.

“This also puzzled me for a long time you see.
Why does a person of My Love’s caliber continue to work as a mercenary.
With how skillful he is, he would go very far serving in the military…….that’s what puzzled me.”

Probably had no intention to continue talking about Schleer’s situation, Valentina simply continues.

“Fighting to keep as many people as possible from dying.
That’s something a soldier would never be able to do.
I understand you now.”

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“I do think that it’s a foolish ideal.
It’s not like I mistake people’s lives for sakura petals or something.”

While crossing his arms, Kisei said with a frown.
It may sound good to say that people’s lives are important but the reality is not so beautiful.

“Fufufu, isn’t it okay? The more someone fights for their life, the more precious their life becomes.
That’s the underlying idea behind being an aristocrat.
I understand that idea.
Even so—-”

With a grin, Valentina wrapped her arm around Kisei’s shoulders.

“I’ve never heard someone say that it would be a waste to see someone die.
People’s lives are irreplaceable, they are not tools.
We are on the same page on that.
And I’ve to say that I’ve never been happier to see eye to eye with someone before.”

“S, sure.”

While observing Schleer whose veins are almost popping, Kisei agrees with Valentina.
He never thought that he would meet someone who understands his way of thinking.
However, this is Valentina.
It’s possible that she’s just giving him some lip service.

“That’s why I’ve made my decision.
I know now what I should be aiming for.”

“Wh, what is it?”

“I will take the Nored Empire for myself.
Then, using that power……….My Love, we are going to create our country……together.”

“ “ Ha!? “ “

In response to her crazy statement, Kisei and Schleer raised their voices at the same time.

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