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“Certainly, being a mercenary gives you the perk that you can fight as you like.
There won’t be any complaints as long as you get the result.”

Said Valentina as she began stirring the raw eggs in the bowl.
Without even looking at her hand, her gaze remained fixed at Kisei.

“But you must already know that there’s a limit to what you can do as an individual.”

“Said someone whose fleet got repelled by said individual huh.”

Schleer replied with a taunt.
Certainly, the Calencian victory was directly linked to Kisei’s achievement.
It is not so common for an army that outnumbered their opponent by more than 2:1 to lose like that.

However, Valentina remained unfazed and raised the corner of her mouth to smile mockingly at Schleer.

“Oh, but that’s not really important.
The Calencian’s victory does not equate to the victory My Love desired after all.”

Schleer’s mouth trembled when Valentina pointed that out with a cold voice.
She was about to argue back but she knows that it would be reckless to blindly get into this argument.
That’s why she pondered for a few seconds and slowly opened her mouth.

“……that is true.
Many have lost their lives in that battle.
The previous battle must have been a bad experience for Kisei-san.”

Although Kisei did not kill them himself, the Calencian fleet managed to sunk 5 Noredian battleships due to his help.
Considering the damage to the auxiliary ships and large cruisers suffered during the exchange fire, the total number of casualties should already be in 5 digits.
For him whose goal is to not let anyone die, this must have been quite a disappointing result.

“However, be that as it may, it is still an incredible result.
If we lost, not only it will be a devastating defeat for us, it will be genocide.
Our capital is crowded with refugees from the purge bombing your army performed.
If they do the same thing there, my people would have nowhere left to run…….”

Schleer told them the worst possible ending.
However, it was extremely likely that their defeat would result in that outcome.
From the point of view of the concerned parties, there’s nothing to complain about the result they achieved.

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“In that case, the death toll would easily exceed dozens of billions.
Compared to that, this is still much better.”

“I will have to agree with you on that.”

Valentina nods while pulling out a piece of meat from the pot with her chopsticks.
By the way, the pot is full of meat and vegetables because of the additional serving of ingredients that she ordered earlier.

“Although I belong to the Noredian army, I still think that what my sister did was overkill.
I still can’t wrap my head around the reason why my sister would resort to such extreme means.”

Even if it was performed on enemy territories, Valentina has been opposing the purge bombing her army performed on the civilians from the start.

“But……there is only one person who can stop this ridiculous conflict without causing unnecessary death.
Do you know who it is?”

“……the Nored Empress.”

Muttered Kisei as he silently chewed on green onions.
Originally, this war was born from the Nored’s desire for expansion.
To stop such a war, you would need the authority of the most powerful person of Nored.
After all, she was the one who triggered it.


Valentina immediately affirmed.
However, even though it is a tyrannical nation ruled by aristocrats and royalty, the one who spearheaded this is not necessarily the Empress herself.
It is quite possible that even the Empress opposed this invasion.

The reason why that possibility escaped her mind was probably due to her youth.
There’s also the fact that she has been living as a soldier without dabbling herself in politics at all as well.

“I am on the lowest seat of succession.
I thought that I was not born to sit on the throne……but that changed after I met you.
To achieve something big, I need the power proportionate to it after all.”

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“Well, to be honest, I’ve thought about that too.”

Kisei said with a light sigh.
Seeing that, Schleer frowns at him.


“Oh, don’t worry.
I don’t have any political skills in me.
I can only do so much within the range that I can reach.
I wouldn’t be any good in politics after all……..”

“Besides, we are talking about this woman here.
I can’t help but think that she’s just trying to use your skills for her own ambition.”

Schleer glares at Valentina with distrust.
Naturally, if Valentina has Kisei at her side, it would be easier for her to move up on the succession ladder.

To Vulds, a race where the children born are usually twins, the family headship is inherited usually not by the order of birth but ability.
As long as the family head is still alive, if you can show that you can produce results, your chance at inheriting the family would increase.

“To use you to fulfill not only her desire but her ambition as well……..what a despicable woman.”

“It’s the first time someone said that much to me, you know.”

Valentina couldn’t hide her bitter smile as she scratched her cheek and continued talking.

“Of course, that is not my intention.
I’d never put the person I love in the middle of such an ugly political conflict.”

“To use the word love with someone who you just met only a few times doesn’t really sit right with me though.”

Kisei muttered as though he doesn’t know if he should be impressed or astonished instead.
Obviously, Kisei has no intention of responding to her feelings.
He is a healthy man but he doesn’t want to try his chance at crossing the river Styx whenever he goes to bed by marrying a Vuld.

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“Hmm, it doesn’t matter how many times we’ve met.
The day I met you, my heart was beating out of my chest.
This is true love, something that I am ready to sacrifice my life for.”


Kisei was involuntarily taken aback by embarrassing words.
On the other hand, Schleer’s expression looks like she’s about to vomit.

“That’s why even if I have to do it alone, I will continue to fight.
I will definitely take the throne and welcome you as my prince.
I want you to wait for me until then.”

Valentina whispers that into Kisei’s ear while stroking his cheek with her fingertips.
Schleer tried to get up to peel her off of him immediately but Valentina quickly moved away and grinned at her.

“Whoa, sorry about that.
That was rude of me.”

“Hmph…….if I see you do something like that again I will literally kick you out of here myself.”

“Oh, that sounds scary.”

Valentina said that with a smile and glance at the military watch on her left hand.
Her smile disappears and she lets out a small sigh.

“….what a shame, I have to head back to my ship soon.
Seriously, time sure flies when you are having fun.”

“Eh, you are going back already? Did you have your fill?”

“Haha, you are so kind, My Love.
It’s okay, I’ve already eaten my fill.”

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Valentina waves her hand.
Glancing at the pot, it is true that its content has decreased by a lot.
Kisei is a light eater and Schleer is already full.
That’s why the only culprit here can only be Valentina.

“Very well, stay healthy My Love.
Until we meet again.”

Valentina stands up and takes a moment to kiss Kisei on his forehead.
The soft sensation made him pulled back a little.

“Y, You shameless vixen! Unforgivable!!”

“Hahaha, it seems I have to get away before I really get shot, farewell!”

While smiling at Schleer who pulled out her gun again, Valentina leaves like the wind.

Left behind, Schleer could only breathe heavily from her anger.

“Da, damn that vixen……I won’t let her off the next time I see her…….”

“L, let’s calm down first, okay?”

Seeing Schleer forgot even to be polite, Kisei involuntarily leaned forward to hold her shoulders.
With her breath still rough, she turns her glaring eyes toward Kisei.

“I’ve already decided to quit thinking about each and every small thing.
I understand now that there’s no use worrying over my own weakness…….That’s why I will do everything I can to get stronger and put an end to that woman!”

Schleer’s eyes are burning with the flame of jealousy and anger, any trace of her tears has long since disappeared.

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