Offense or Defense

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“The [Glorious] has undergone minimal repairs and is now able to return to active duty.
Our preparations for an offensive are also completed, Your Highness.”

From a big screen inside the meeting room, an old woman in a military uniform stated in a loud voice.
This person is the Martial Duchess of the Calencia army, Reit Cadenza who’s currently serving as the Calencia army’s chief of staff.

(TLN: The author added the word Martial/Military in front of the usual title to signify that the holder of the title is not a Duchess in the traditional sense [with land/subjects/etc.] but a peerage within the military instead)

As he looked at the Chief of Staff who suggested the Calencia army to launch an offensive with such enthusiasm, Kisei’s was lost for words.
The meeting which is held at the [Radiant] which has now become the flagship of the Calencia army has reached an impasse.

“However, the difference in number between ours and the Nored’s forces is still enormous.
Do we truly stand a chance to win in an offensive battle?”

The one who raised that question was Solana, Schleer’s direct subordinate as well as the 3rd Fleet’s staff officer.
She appears unconvinced by the Chief of Staff’s plan and stands up to continue her protest.

“We could say that our previous victory at Leboir was all thanks to Sir Hokuto’s success.
I think that it would be too hasty for us to launch an offensive while using such a miracle as a basis.”

“Even so, we can not hope to win this war if we simply hold up in our stronghold forever.
Martial Marchioness Solana, your way of thinking will only resign ourselves to an inevitable defeat.”

While glaring back at  Solana with a valiant expression unsuitable for her age, the Chief of Staff refuted her protest.

“No subordinate would follow a cowardly leader.
If you are an aristocrat—–then you should perish such manly cowardice already.”

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Solana’s face was dyed bright red.
The relationship between the Chief of Staff who prefers attacking over-cautious approaches and Solana has always been one that is similar to the one between cats and dogs.
It’s not just once or twice that the two turned a meeting into a wrestling match because of their differences.

“Bickering between allies won’t do us any good.
Please stop this already.”

Schleer stopped them with a fed-up expression.
There is such an exchange at every meeting and she’s honestly gotten sick of this.

“Besides, we have a man with us today.
Please refrain from using the word ‘manly’ like that.”

“Hmph, I’m against having a man attending a strategy meeting from the start though.”

In response to Schleer’s warning, the Chief of staff glared at Kisei.
That being said, it’s not like he’s here because he wanted to either.
Since all the previous meetings Schleer attended ended up frankly unproductive, Schleer half-forced him to attend this one so that they can ask for his opinions.


Even Kisei doesn’t know how to react and just laughs it off.
Still, the Chief of Staff’s cheeks were dyed red and she had to avert her eyes away from him.

“W, Well, I do admit that he played an important role in the previous operation…..”

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Schleer’s eyes turned completely cold.
It was as if Schleer’s asking what’s with her falling for such a young man at her age.

“H, Hmph.
Well, let’s leave that aside.
So, Mr.Mercenary.
What kind of approach do you think our army should take next? Well, I’m only asking for reference though.”

“Even if you ask me….”

Kisei is just a soldier who fights on the battlefield.
Since he didn’t graduate from a military academy or studied strategy and tactics, even if she asked for his opinion on future operations, he doesn’t really have any insight to give them.

“Umm, I need to ask something first……how are we doing on our ammunition and fuel? Do we have enough for such an operation?”

“We do you know.”

The one who answered was not the Chief of Staff but a girl with white short hair who looked very similar to Schleer.
Unlike the military personnel around her, the design of her military uniform looked plain in comparison. 

This plain uniform is the one issue to the Calencian Logistics Officer.

“Originally, we didn’t have much left but Schleer-chan just went to buy supplies for us the other day right? They should arrive here soon.”

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“I didn’t manage to  procure that much supply though…….will it really be enough, Aneue?”

(TLN: Aneue = Elder Sister)

“If it’s only one offensive operation then I think that it should be manageable.
It will be a little tough for us later though…….”

After checking for their available supply using the terminal on her armrest with a difficult expression, she continues in a cautious tone.

“Still, since this operation will be conducted within our territory, it’s unlikely that the enemy can attack our supply route.
We should be able to manage.”

“I see.
Thank you very much.”

After nodding at her, Kisei returned his gaze to the Chief of Staff.

“As long as we have the supplies, I can fight.
No matter who my opponent is, I will definitely take them down.”

In the end, the answer he gives is not one with detailed tactics.
After all, Kisei thought that it would not be appropriate for an amateur like him to say too much here.

“Please do not count on me turning the table on the enemy like last time though.
If the only things I have to deal with are the enemy ace units or Zenith-types then please leave them to me.”

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Certainly, it’s not good to allocate that much force into anti-ship warfare.”

“…..we did manage to preserve our anti-ship units in the previous operation but……I think that it will be unwise to leave Sir Hokuto to deal with the enemy strikers alone.”

Perhaps finding Kisei’s answer to her liking, the Chief of Staff glanced satisfactorily at Solana.
Solana appears to be unconvinced but she reluctantly agrees to the offensive.

“The Nored’s Imperial Knights and their Zeniths are extremely powerful.
If we can eliminate them with the minimal amount of personnel then won’t that give us a big advantage over them?”

“Ugh, that’s certainly true but…….”

Feeling that she’s losing this argument, Solana turned her resentful gaze toward Kisei.
In return, Kisei puts his hands together and lowers his head to apologize. 

Seeing that, Solana let out a small sigh.

“There’s no helping it then.
Let’s work out an offensive plan that can reduce as much loss as possible then.”

“It’s good that you finally agreed.”

Said the Chief of Staff with a big smile on her face.

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