The Assertive Elder Sister

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“Haaaa, it’s finally over.”

Kisei sighed and stretched as he left the meeting.
It has been several hours since the meeting agreed to go on an offensive.
Since he had nothing to do except occasionally giving his opinions on the operation plan, it was a very boring several hours for Kisei.

“Good Wo-rk.”

The moment he heard that, Kisei felt the coldness of a can of cafe au lait pressed on his cheek.
When he yelped in surprise, the culprit teasingly smiled at him.

“My bad, My bad, did I startle you?”

When Kisei looked back in a hurry, the girl in the Logistics Officer uniform who had attended the previous meeting with him was there.
She looked a lot like Schleer from a distance but up close she looked almost identical to Schleer.
The only two differences between them are her uniform and hairstyle.

“Ah, Umm, you’re Your Highness’s……….Schleer-sama’s Onee-sama?”

“That’s right.
I’m Schleer’s elder twin sister, Frea Henrietta.
Nice to meet you–.”

Frea sat down in the chair next to Kisei and shook his hand with a smile.
That being said, cold sweats started to form on Kisei’s forehead due to her strangely friendly attitude.

“N, Nice to meet you, Your Highness.”

“Too stiff.
You don’t have to be so polite with me, just forget about the honorifics okay.”

“I don’t think that it will be appropriate–”

“It’s fine, trust me! My right to succeed the throne is even below Schleer-chan’s after all.”

“You are saying that yourself……”

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Kisei felt like something’s wrong when he coupled her high-tension attitude with her appearance which is almost identical to Schleer.
With a tense smile, he pops open the can of cafe au lait and puts it up to his mouth.

“Hmm…..sweet things taste really good when you are tired.
Thank you for this.”

“You’re welcome!”

When Frea happily responded, Kisei took out a lollipop from his pocket and handed it to her.
It’s one of the strawberry-flavored lollipops that he always carries with him.

“Please take this as a return gift.”

“Fufu, you are so kind.
Onee-san(In-Law)’s happy you know.”

“The nuance behind your use of ‘Onee-san’ is kinda off though?”

“You must’ve imagined it.”

“Is ,is that so………”

Seeing Frea reply while chewing the lollipop he gave her in a good mood, Kisei couldn’t say anything more.
She’s a difficult opponent to deal with.

“Oya, Kisei-san and Aneue.
I never thought I would see you two together.”

The person who walked into them was the tired-looking Schleer.
Her gaze turned to the unusual pair.
She was about to sit down next to Kisei but Frea stopped her.

“Ah, Schleer-chan, your seat is here.”

Frea stood up and urged Schleer to sit down on her seat.
Schleer on the other hand was puzzled by her sister’s action but she ended up complying with her.
Just like that, Frea sits down next to Schleer so Schleer is currently being sandwiched between Kisei and her sister.

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“By the way, it sounded like you two really got along earlier…….did you know each other before the meeting?”

“No, this is my first time meeting her.”

“I, I see.

Schleer let out a dry laugh when Kisei bluntly said so.

“Don’t mind the small details, our relationship will be a long one after all? Right, Schleer-chan?”

“W, Well, I’d be happy if that’s the case.”

In response to her sister’s straightforward question, Schleer turned her face away with her cheeks bright red.
Frea then grins and taps on Schleer’s shoulder.

“So, for future reference, I want to ask you something……”

“Wh, what is it?”

Hearing her sister whispering that to her, Schleer involuntarily asked back in a small voice.

“Schleer-chan, what do you think about polygyny?”

“EEH!?……Ugh, well, if it’s Aneue then I don’t really mind.”

“REALLY!? Nice!”

Frea almost broke out into a dance.
Seeing the two sisters like that, Kisei looks at them with a weirded-out expression.

“I think I heard some strange word just now……what’s polygyny?”

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“Ah, shoot, he heard us.”

Frea who clearly seemed to be overtly panicking about this tries to play it off.

“Wh, whatever could it mean? Onee-san(In-law) never said something like that though–”

“Nope, you totally said it.
What does it mean!”

Kisei pressed for an answer.
However, it was not from Frea that he got it from.

“Allow me to explain.
polygyny is a marriage shared between multiple women…..Normally, it’s the case where sisters share a husband.”

It was Solana.
With a clearly sour expression, she violently sits down next to Kisei while fluttering her blue semi-long hair.

“Th, Thank you…..if that’s it then I think I’ve heard about it before.
This polygyny thing…….”

“Unlike the Terrans, we Vulds have very few men compared to women.
Without such a system in place, most women would end their lives unmarried after all.”

Crossing her arms, Solana defiantly stared at the two sisters.

“However, that commonly only applied to commoners and low-ranking aristocrats.
When it comes to the royal family, I think that monogamy is the traditional practice though?”

“Really? But we are only a small country right.
I don’t think that we have to strictly follow such a tradition don’t you think?”

“Well, I’m merely a vassal after all.
I have no place to voice my opinion about such a thing…….”

Contrary to her words, Solana’s gaze still says that they should refrain from doing such a thing.
In response, Frea takes Solana’s gaze head-on with a wide smile.

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“Ah, sorry but I need to have my daily cup of ramen now.
See you all later.”

“Please wait a minute! Don’t leave me here and escape alone!”

Since his stomach started to ache from the conversation, Kisei tried to excuse himself but he was caught by Schleer.

“S, Sorry, it was my bad! I’m actually a very good friend with Solana-chan you see, Right! Right!”

As though she can’t allow them to leave, Frea hurriedly hugged Solana from behind as she also stood up to leave.

“Wh, What! Your Highness! Please stop this! I’m not into girls you know!”

“Hahaha, same!”

After tapping Solana’s back, Frea releases her.

“Umm, well, so…….what exactly is this about, Aneue? Do you have something to talk about with Kisei-san?”

Feeling that the conversation was heading in a weird direction, Schleer straightforwardly asked her sister. 

Hearing that, Frea clapped her hands and smiled while saying [Ah, That’s right].

“Actually, tomorrow, our younger brother will visit this ship and I’d like to ask Kisei-kun to be his escort.”


Instead of Kisei, the one who puzzledly exclaimed was Schleer.

“What, I haven’t heard anything about this……..”

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