The Cajoling Elder Sister

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Schleer and Frea’s younger brother will be visiting the [Radiant]…….in other words, a Calencian Prince is coming to visit them.
To Schleer who hasn’t heard anything about this visit before exclaimed in surprise, Frea continues.

“That’s because I didn’t tell you.”

“You didn’t…..but this is a big deal right.
This place is a den of starving beasts you know!? How could you let a fragile child like him visit such a place.”

“It does sound persuasive when the words came from one of the starving beasts in question huh……”

“I only have eyes for you so you don’t have to worry about me, Kisei-san! Everyone officially recognized that already after all!”

“Uwah, she went and made it official!”

Hearing such a headache-inducing conversation between the three, Kisei placed his palm on his forehead.
It was him who told her to be honest about her desire but he didn’t mean to make her make it public knowledge.

“Still, even if you ask me to be his escort, I don’t really know what to do though.
Can I take out a striker?”

“Of course not.
Have you ever heard of a personal escort consisted of strikers before?”

“My fighting power outside of a striker is even lower than your average old lady you know.
Why would you want to attach such a weak escort to guard your brother?”

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Vuld men generally possess the same strength as a Terran woman or less.
However, Kisei’s physical strength is even below that of your average Terran.
Let alone acting as the prince’s escort, the prince may have to protect Kisei instead.

“I mean, the escort thing is just for appearance’s sake you know? It’s not like there is serious danger here, right?”


Kisei muttered dejectedly.
He hasn’t piloted a striker for more than a month already.
He actually wants to use his free time for training and get back to form as soon as possible.

“Rather, why’s that child……why’s Ao visiting this place? I don’t understand.”

“He will be here to comfort the soldiers.
Among our people, Ao is as popular as an idol after all.
If we hold a hand-holding session for the soldiers, it will surely raise morale for our army.”

“I mean, he’s certainly a cute boy but……as his older sister, it’s a little too much to willingly send my own younger brother on such a mission though.”

Frea sighed at Schleer who voiced her protest.
She then approaches Scheer and whispers something to Schleer with a voice that is inaudible to Kisei.

“It’s an opportunity to let him bond with our family members, right? This is called ‘being thorough’ my dear sister.”

“W, Wow……I never knew that Aneue is such a genius.”

“Well, Schleer-chan doesn’t want your relationship with Kisei-kun to end with [Thanks, Good bye], when the war’s over right?”

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“Of course.”

“See? Leave this to your sister.”

Solana looks sternly at the two and gently gives Kisei a warning.

“It seems that they are planning something strange again.
Please do be careful.”

“W, well, I don’t know about Frea-sa—-…..Frea but, I know that Her Highness is not a bad person, so……….”

“Even if Her Highness Schleer is a good person at her roots, she’s still very weak when it comes to resisting her desire though….”

“That’s for sure……”

Hearing Kisei’s groan, Solana nodded with a meek expression.
After all, she has served under Schleer for a long time so she’s quite familiar with her personality.

“Hmm, Anyway, that’s how it is.
Kisei-san, may I leave my younger brother……may I leave Ao in your care? Since there are only women around him, he must be tired of that already.
Having a male friend to accompany him once in a while should be refreshing for him too.”

“Ah? Yeah, well, sure.
I wonder how many months has it been since I last talked to a man myself.”

Kisei scratches his cheek with a frown.
He didn’t have many chances to meet a fellow man as he worked on the battlefield.
He used to have a male partner but that friend got married a while ago and he hasn’t met him since.

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“Exactly! Ao is a little bit of an introvert but…..he’s a good boy.
I’m sure that you two will get along well.”

“That’s right.
I will set up a place where you two can chat alone.
It would be nice to have some boys talk right?”

“Is that so? Well, if you put it like that……”

“I think you’ve been completely cajoled though……”

Solana shakes her head with a rugged expression while muttering so in a small voice.

“Rather, these people, they are totally planning to set up a rose garden right……..Argh, I have to stop them.”

“I feel like I heard something that could be punishable by lese majeste but, did I just imagine it?”

“What are you talking about, Your Highness? You must have misheard something.”

“That’s fine I guess?”

The two glared at each other with a burning gaze.
When Kisei finally thought that Schleer and Saki have got along better, now he has to deal with this.
Kisei’s now wondering if he’s the so-called [Circle Crusher]. 

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(TLN: Circle Crusher is a Japanese word describing someone, usually female, who joined a club and cause the existing friendship to crumble due to romantic situations.)

“If you are always on edge then it will be bad for your body you know………please take this and calm down.”


Saying so, Kisei took out another one of his usual lollipops and pressed it against Solana.
On the other hand, Solana received it with her eyebrows raised.

“To think that the first gift I received from a man is a candy…….”

Frea bitterly smiles at Solana who chews on the lollipop with a happy yet somewhat dissatisfied expression.

“Just how many of those lollipops do you have in there?”

“A lot.”

Kisei said while showing four more lollipops from his pocket and Frea couldn’t do anything but smile at him.

“W, Well, with everything settled, I will be counting on you tomorrow okay? Kisei-kun.”

“Okay, Okay, I will use this as a chance to spread my wings too.”

In the end, he ended up taking the job.

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