The Sisters’ Drinking Party

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That night.
Inside Schleer’s room, Frea is swirling the alcohol in her glass while smiling in a good mood.

“Well, it’s been a while since I last had a drink with Schleer-chan huh.
I think we didn’t have any chance to this even before the war started right.”

“Yes……I think it’s been more than half a year since we last did this.
I was assigned with a fleet and Aneue was appointed as a logistics officer.
Our jobs don’t really allow us to meet up after all.”

Sitting across Frea, Schleer smiles bitterly at her sister.
The two are currently having a drinking party with several bottles of alcohol and side dishes placed on the table between them.

“I’d rather die than join the frontline after all.
It’s scary there with all the explosions right.”

Frea answered as she drank the alcohol while looking at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling a little distance away.
Her expression looked complicated.
Perhaps she’s thinking about how she spends her days in relative peace while her own little sister has to fight on the frontline.

“What are you saying.
The fact that we can fight to the fullest on the frontline was all thanks to your work, you know?”

“Hahaha, I’m happy to hear that.
People usually use my job to take a jab at me after all.”

The fact that Frea’s right to succeed the throne is lower than that of Schleer is also related to this.
Vuld aristocratic society placed importance on people who risk their lives to fight on the battlefield.
Conversely, such a system also creates contempt for those who do not wish to fight.

“Well, it’s not like I want the throne for myself so I couldn’t care less about that though.”

“I’m the same.
I do not have what it takes to be an empress.
Difficult things like politics and ‘the big picture’ are more suitable for Eria-aneue after all.”

Recalling the face of her able elder sister who is considered to be the next in line to the throne, Schleer sips on her alcohol.
When she emptied her glass, Frea immediately poured her a refill.

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“Ah, thank you.”

Schleer thanks Frea with a grin.

“Still, I never thought that Eria-aneue would be defeated in striker combat.
She’s the best pilot among us sisters after all.”

“Her opponent was the [Undefeated] Diaroze.
She probably had no edge over her opponent this time.
Even with her injuries, I think that it was fortunate that she managed to escape with her life.”

In truth, Schleer was surprised when she heard about Diaroze from Valentina.
However, she didn’t express it in front of Kisei.

“But victory will be ours the next time.
I will make her pay for all she’s done.”

Schleer’s grip on her glass grew stronger.
Not just hurting her beloved sister, Schleer finds it unforgivable for Diaroze to also target the man she likes.

“That’s the spirit! Do your best!”

Cheering her sister in a good mood, Frea picks up the pickled fish and brings it to her mouth.
The sourness from the taste of pickled cucumber filled her mouth.

“Yes, I’ve got to work harder.”

While nodding to her sister, Schleer stood up. 

Then, just like that, she heads to the shelf in the corner of her room.
Placed on top of the shelf is an old rice cooker.
And naturally, inside was the freshly cooked rice.

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“Ah, do you want some, Aneue?”

“N, No, I will pass.”

Frea turned the offer down while she was slightly taken aback.
Schleer puzzledly cocked her head and filled the rice inside a bowl.
Naturally, it’s a large serving of rice.
Schleer then returned to her seat with a cheerful expression with the steaming bowl in hand.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but why do you like having rice as your side dish when you are drinking?”

Said Frea as she stared at the bowl of rice.

“Also, we are drinking Sake today you know? This stuff is brewed from rice right.
It’s like you are drinking and eating rice at the same time.”

“Don’t mind me.
They are delicious after all.”

“Whatever you say…….”

Giving up, Frea sighed.

“Well, I don’t mind but you should make sure not to do this weird stuff in front of Kisei-kun okay.”

“W, Weird stuff.”

Schleer stopped her chopsticks.

“It’s, it’s okay.
Kisei-san can’t drink alcohol after all.”

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“Really? That’s cute.”

“Yes, very.”

Seeing a fluffy smile on her sister’s face, a smile also floated up on Frea’s face.

“Well, but……I never thought that Aneue would take a liking to Kisei-san this much, you know.
Today was your first time meeting him right.”

“Well, yeah.”

Frea casually nodded.

“With everything said and done, I’m still a woman after all.
If I see a charming young man in front of me, I’d naturally want to make him my own right.


“I knew from the first glance that Schleer-chan really likes Kisei-kun.
I’m not talking about his appearance here, you see.
It’s like you like his everything! Am I wrong?”

“Uuh……y, yes.
As expected of Aneue, nothing escapes you.”

Even though she’s clearly embarrassed about this, Schleer did not deny it.

“He’s both passionate and straightforward whenever he talks to me.
I really want him as my life companion.
That’s my honest feeling.”

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“Hm, Hmm, is that right.”

With Schleer being so direct about her feelings, this time, it’s Frea’s turn to get shy.
The two who shared the same face smiled at each other with their cheeks dyed red.
That redness was not due to the alcohol.

“Well…..I and Schleer-chan have known each other for so long after all.”

“That’s, well, we were together since we were inside our mother’s womb after all.”

Since he’s the person that Schleer-chan truly loves then there’s no way that I won’t like him right.
Now that I know how you feel, you have my full cooperation to capture him.”

“I see…….”

After nodding to her sister, Schleer brings the rice to her mouth.
After tasting it for a while, she finally swallowed it.

“Actually, there are quite a lot of rivals who’re competing over Kisei-san…….also, as Aneue knows, I’m the foolhardy type.
There are surely a lot of things I lack.”

“And you need me to make up for that right? Leave it to me.”

Frea confidently answered.

“Now then, let’s come up with a plan to capture Kisei-kun.”

The drinking party between sisters only gets more and more exciting from this point.

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