>“Ahh, Nee-san!”

The one who greeted them was a beautiful little boy with white hair.
He’s wearing a dress with a similar design to what Kisei refused to wear earlier.
Once he spotted Schleer, he immediately ran up to her.

“How are you doing? Are you injured? Have you been eating properly?”

Seeing the boy who asked her multiple questions in succession, Schleer smiled bitterly at him.
This kind of reaction is as expected so she did not get taken aback by him.
After all, he has been worried about her since she departed to battle.

“I’m fine, Ao.
Your sister is doing well.”

Schleer hugs the trembling Ao and gently strokes his head.
By doing so, he seems to have finally calmed down and nervously let her go.

“I’m, I’m sorry, Nee-san.
It’s been a while.”

“It’s okay.
But I’m here with someone today, you should offer your greeting first right.”


It seems that he just noticed the presence of Kisei when their eyes finally intersected.
Ao is even shorter than the petite Kisei so it’s the first time in a long while since he has to look down to talk to someone.

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“Hello, It’s nice to meet you.
I’m Hokuto Kisei, a mercenary.”

When Kisei introduced himself with a smile, Ao immediately blushed and repeatedly nodded.
It wouldn’t be weird if steam rose from his head now.

“Awawa…..I, I’m A, Ao Henrietta…..!”

After he somehow managed to return a greeting with a bow, Ao confusedly turned to Schleer.”

“N, Nee-san! Didn’t you say that a man is coming today…….?! I didn’t know that you’d bring such a beautiful woman…..!”

“Eh, No, he’s wearing women’s clothes but this person is a man you know.”


Ao looks at Kisei’s face with a serious expression but the vermillion shade on his face only darkens as he shyly looks away.

“Y, You’re lying.
This person is obviously a woman right.”

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“You think so? He looks completely like a man to me though…….”

The sibling’s expression turned to a puzzled one while Kisei who’s in the middle of all this has a fed-up expression on his face.

“It’s strange right, men always mistake me for a woman but women always see me as a man.  Still, I’m definitely a man alright.”

“No way……”

For some reason, Ao looks away with a despaired expression on his face.
However, he immediately shook his head and muttered [No, gender is nothing…….].
He then smiles and turns to face Kisei again.

“Uh, Umm…..I’m truly sorry.
Forgive my rudeness.”

“I’m used to it already.
Please don’t mind it.”

Kisei answers with a bitter smile.
In truth, he’s so used to something like this so he doesn’t bother getting angry about it anymore.

“Thank you very much…….you will be my escort for today, correct? I will be in your care.”

Seeing Ao regain his composure and extend his hand toward him, Kisei gives him a deep bow and grabs his hand.

“Of course, please leave it to me.”

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