ubbing his shoulder.
He’s even more tired than when he fought on the battlefield since he’s not used to doing this.
Being stared at by an excited crowd is naturally a daunting task so it’s no wonder that he’s tired.

“Yes…….I think so.”

Ao gives him a reserved smile and continues.

“That’s what a prince’s work is all about after all.”


Thinking that he wouldn’t last a week doing this, Kisei’s expression turned bitter.

“Kisei-san too.
You’re a man but you are fighting on the battlefield right…….you’re amazing.
I’d get scared just by thinking about the battlefield…….always.”

“It’s okay, being like that.
That being said, if every Vuld is so warlike then it would be very chaotic, you know.”

“Is that so?………..No, that might be true.”

After saying that with a smile, Ao took a sip from his cup of steaming cocoa.

“…..by the way.”

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“Kisei-san, you are on good terms with Nee-san right?”

“Eh? Haa, well…….I did invite her to eat out once in the past.”’

However, he can’t really say anything about the end result.
He made her cry and they were surprise attacked by the Pervert Stalker from Nored, it just felt like he did something bad to her instead.
Fortunately, Schleer didn’t seem to mind it that much but Kisei still wants to do something to make up for her.

“Then, it’s like you are my big brother isn’t it.”

“Big, brother?”

“Yes, a big brother.
So, can I call you Nii-san? If that’s alright with you that is……?”

“Why is it like that though……”

Kisei was puzzled.
However, he can’t say anything when Ao is staring innocently at him with his aquamarine eyes.

“A big brother huh…….”

Still, it doesn’t feel bad to be called like that.
What came to his mind was the face of the man who married his big sister and became his brother-in-law.
That man has been taking good care of both his sister and himself.
It’s like he’s his real older brother even without being connected by blood.

“Well, if you are happy with me then this Hokuto Kisei will gladly become your big brother.”

When he said that in a joking tone, Ao almost did a spit take on his cocoa.

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“You are funny, Kisei-san.”


Shrugging his shoulders, Kisei sips on his coffee.
Naturally, to satisfy his sweet tooth, he already added plenty of sugar and milk.

“If you are going to become my older brother then can you please stop using honorifics with me? We have gotten so close after all.”

Said Ao with a grin on his face.

“Didn’t Her Highness Schleer use honorifics with everyone though?”

“Nee-san is always like that.
She has that kind of personality after all.”

“That’s true.”

Thinking about it now, unless blood got to her head, Schleer would always use honorifics whenever she’s talking with someone.
That part about her is certainly admirable but he can not possibly imitate her.

“Got it, I’ll do that.”

Schleer also told him the same thing so it should be fine to do the same for Ao too.
Thinking so, Kisei nodded.

“But if it’s going to be like that then you should stop being polite around me too.
I mean, you act casually around your sister too right?”


As though he expected that, Ao laughed.

“Got it, Nii-san.”

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