The Mobile Fort Menace

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In an unpopulated star system, a Calencian Scouting Fleet is performing a reconnaissance mission.
The Scouting Fleet itself is a small one consisting of only one medium-sized reconnaissance cruiser and two destroyers escorting it.

“I was scared when they made us scout this system since it is in Nored’s control but it’s unexpectedly peaceful here don’t you think.”

A young blonde aristocrat said in a relaxed tone at the captain seat of the recon cruiser.
She is currently sitting cross-legged in a manner that doesn’t belong to a soldier fighting on a battlefield.

“Did the recon probe pick up anything?

“Nothing so far.
There’s no sign of the enemy anywhere, ma’am.”

The operator replied in an unenthusiastic voice.
It’s been a week since they left the capital.
At first, she was very tense when she received this mission but contrary to her expectations, their fleet managed to infiltrate very deeply into the Nored’s area of influence with no obstruction whatsoever.
With that being the case, their guard is relatively relaxed now.

“What a shame.
I heard that we’ve already taken back 3-4 habitable planets with pretty much no resistance from the enemy right? At this rate, the planetary defense forces will take all the credit you know.”

“Hahaha…..when we kicked their ass at Leboir, they must have been scared witless huh.”

“It’s all thanks to the [Wicked Star] right.
He did so much that it made me want to kiss him now.”

“You just want to kiss him right, Captain?”

“You can tell?”

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“Well, I’m the same after all.”


As such laid-back conversation continued, an anomaly appeared on the surface of an asteroid floating near the fleet.
In the place where nothing is supposed to exist, the space suddenly fluctuates, revealing a gigantic weapon that looked like a ridiculously large cannon with limbs growing out of it.

The identity of the anomaly is the Nored’s Gigantic Weapon……the Mobile Fort [Valizer].
There are two people inside its cockpit.
Despite its size which is even bigger than a battleship, only two people are needed to operate it.

“Optical Camouflage lifted.
Now then, let’s make some flashy fireworks as a declaration of war.”

“Roger that.”

The gunner nodded and aimed the cannon at the Calencian Scouting Fleet then pulled the trigger.
The giant cannon which is also the main body of the Mobile Fort emits a thick crimson beam that matches the size of the muzzle from which it was fired from.
The super thick beam which silently cut through the vacuum of space instantly evaporated the destroyers which were escorting the recon cruiser.

“Tsk, it seems the cannon wasn’t tested enough huh.
Those idiots in the R&D sent us something defective again.”

“Hit them with the second shot.

The empty particle cartridge was ejected from the bottom part of the [Valizer] and rolls on the asteroid’s rocky surface.

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On the other hand, the bridge of the recon cruiser which witnessed the earlier attack was sent into chaos.


“Mass reaction detected! An unidentified large-scale weapon appeared on the surface of Wraith-B1, ma’am!”

On the main monitor of the bridge, the image of the [Valizer] pointing its muzzle toward them is being displayed.
Seeing that, the captain’s complexion immediately turned pale.

“It’s a Mobile Fort! Damn Nored, they even brought in such a thing!”

While gritting her teeth, the captain realized that she can’t show such a pathetic figure in front of her subordinates and quickly gave her instructions.

“Send the information to the main fleet! Make it as detailed as possible! Prepare to return fire! Ready all gunports!”

At the captain’s command, the 4 eight-muzzles 25Mw compound cannons equipped on the cruiser take aim at the [Valizer].

“Cannons fully charged, all guns are ready to fire, ma’am.”

“First volley, Fire!”

Green beams were emitted from the cruiser, all accurately flooding toward the [Valizer].
However, just before reaching the [Valizer] the beams diffused, not leaving even a burn on its armor.
As a result, the gigantic weapon remained unscathed.

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“It’s a Deflect Shield! The attack was ineffective, ma’am!”

“Ugh, this is bad! Evasive maneuver……..”

That was the end of the cruiser’s futile resistance.
The ultra-high power beam was fired at the cruiser again.
The cruiser was reduced to plasma and disappeared.
Not even a wreckage was left behind.

“Enemy craft destruction confirmed.
The [Valizer] suffered no damage.
It’s a perfect game, Major General.”

“That was just a lightly armed recon fleet.
It would be strange instead if it was not an easy win for us.”

Releasing the control stick, the captain indifferently replied.

“Do you know the story of how this thing was made? I heard that they poured enough resources to build 4 battleships to build this you know.”

“In other words, if we can’t show the results that are comparable to 4 battleships, this thing won’t be able to justify its construction cost right.
That’s some responsibility they’ve placed on us, ma’am.”

The gunner shrugs.
The captain also did the same and smiled while agreeing to her subordinate’s statement.

“Alright, let’s call it in.
Let’s see what our commander says about our performance.”

The captain operates the communication terminal with a smile on her face.
Since the Empire is in control of the communication network in this area, they do not have to worry about being eavesdropped on when they are using FTL voice communication.

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“What? Contacting me like this, have you already sunk a battleship or something?”

The other end of the communication was no ordinary operator but Diaroze herself.
With their strategic value, all weapons that were classified into Mobile Fort class are equipped with a direct line to the supreme commander.

“No, it’s simply a small skirmish, ma’am.
We have destroyed a Calencian Scouting Fleet in our area.”

“Hmph, that’s all huh.”

Diaroze replied with a mocking tone but she was not serious about her question in the first place.
She knows full well that it is too early for them to encounter the enemy main fleet.

“Still, if your location was already exposed then the enemy main fleet will surely head your way.
I will send in some reinforcements so stay put until then.”

Due to its structure, the Mobile Fort’s movement is extremely slow.
That’s why they have to station it in a star system that the enemy’s main force is likely to pass through.

From the movement they detected so far, they’ve mostly predicted the location of their targets already.
Considering that the Calencian went out of their way to send a scout on this route, Diaroze is sure that her enemy will travel through this system.
Her plan is to consolidate the forces she had deployed to defend the other routes and launch a preemptive strike there.


After replying in a serious tone, the captain cut off the communication and sighed.

“Now then, we’re going to get very busy soon.”

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