is operation is to take this system back under their control.

“Your Highness! The fact that they have made contact with our Scouting Fleet means that the enemy should already have a rough idea of where we are.
If we don’t get into position as soon as possible, the enemy defensive network will be established first.”

“If they can join up with their main fleet, we will be exposed to crossfire and our fleet will be in jeopardy.
This is bad……”

Solana and Chief of Staff Reit groaned.
The two usually are not fond of each other but it seems that they do share an opinion this time.

“Their new weapon is specialized in anti-ship warfare.
I think that it would be wise to deal with it using strikers.
Mercenary, what do you think?”


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Solana shouted with a bitter expression.
With such a big target, she doesn’t think that a lone striker will have enough firepower to take it down.
Not to mention that the enemy already possesses far superior armor and firepower even with vessels of the same class.

“I think it’s possible.
It’s not my first time dealing with a Mobile Fort either.
I will do something about it.”

“O, Oi! Is this really okay?”

Saki involuntarily asked.
After all, the image of Kisei’s unconscious body at Leboir is still fresh in her mind.

“It’s not like taking down this big guy will immediately end the battle.
We will have to rely on you for other things too.
It would be bad if you collapsed after taking this thing down, you know.”

“A mere knight has no place voicing their opinion in a strategic meeting, I’ll have you know.”

“Heh, say whatever you want.
If this guy can’t fight then you will be in deep trouble too.”

Although it was not a video communication, Saki replied while bearing her fang at the mic.
‘I will beat up this old hag once this operation is over’ is what Saki currently has in mind.

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Despite Reit being her superior, Saki couldn’t care less about what an old hag she doesn’t know thinks of her.
What’s more important is the well-being of Kisei, who she’s already considered a comrade.

“It’s fine.
Taking down a mobile fort is even easier than taking down a battleship after all.
I will do something about it.”

“Are you for real?”

“What do I get from lying here? You know that to improve its performance, a mobile fort like this often cuts down on the operating crews as much as possible right.”

Not only Saki, the other 3 also nodded to Kisei’s words.
The Mobile Fort has at most 2 crew members.
Even if they man it with more people, they can’t link those extra minds with the I-con system so its fighting power will decrease instead.
Among the people working in the military, this is common knowledge.

“So, since it’s like that, its movement will be completely affected by the pilot’s skill.
Do you really think I will lose in a contest of skill? Impossible right?”

“W, Well,……that’s certainly true.”

Schleer agreed.

“So you understand now? Alright, let’s quickly get rid of this thing.
Even I won’t be able to do anything about it if the Noredian main fleet manages to join up with them after all.”

Kisei said with a grin.

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