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Although Saki posted the question half-jokingly, the blunt answer she received betrayed her expectations.

“Even an Active Stealth system can not hide killing intent you know.
It’s fine.
They are still on that asteroid.
Let’s quickly clean this up.”

“How very convenient……..Aye, aye, leave the support to me.”

Thus, the detached units head for Asteroid B1.
With the speed on the edge of the speed of light, they immediately arrived at the vicinity of the target asteroid.
From Kisei’s main monitor, he can see the bumpy potato-like surface of the asteroid gradually getting closer and closer.

[[Gravity field detected.
Leaving Cruising Mode.
Now returning to normal navigation.]]

The FTL navigation automatically cut off and the silver ring behind the back of each striker disappeared.

“Where is it……at this range, should we not be able to see them? They may have optical camouflage as well.
We have to be careful.”

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“Your Highness, let me take the lead.
I’m sorry but please let me have command of this operation.
I’m probably the only one here who ever has a run-in with a mobile fort after all.”

“It’s okay, I’m counting on you.”

With its poor maneuverability and high construction costs, a Mobile Fort is an extremely extravagant weapon.
Not only is the Calencia empire the smallest nation in this region, but it also has never experienced a war of this scale since its founding.
Deciding that she should leave this to an expert, Schleer immediately gives her permission.

“Fighting under a man!?”

One of the pilots in charge of the mobile artillery unit exclaimed in dissatisfaction.
Kisei has indeed been quite successful in the previous operations so he has a good reputation within the Calencian army but some people still have some dissatisfaction due to his gender.

“Fine then! If you do not want to obey my command then just move on your own!”

That being said, Kisei is already used to such reactions.
He simply grinned and replied back, causing the artillery unit to get noisy for a while.
Still, there are no fools who decide to break up battle formation on the actual battle here.

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“M, My apology.
I will discipline this idiot later.”

The captain of the artillery unit cleared her throat and said so apologetically to conclude the matter.

“Why do I have to apolo–…..”

“You idiot! You are not a child anymore so stop being so selfish already!”

“Again, I’m sorry……..”

“Is this the time to be fooling around! Distance to the enemy 50,000.
We are almost at the enemy’s kill zon–…….”

When Saki who finally snapped angrily raised her voice, Kisei’s sharp voice interrupted her.

“All units, Spread out!”

The very next moment, a torrent of crimson beams flew toward them from the jet-black space.

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