The Mobile Fort Capture 3

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“Damage report!”

“8th Artillery Company, No Damage!”

“9th Artillery Company, Same!”

In response to Kisei’s question, the units that spread out in a hurry gradually report their status.
That single attack contained the power to wipe them out but fortunately, Kisei’s warning arrived in time so they did not suffer any damage.


Saki moaned while glancing at her radar which is now covered in radar noises.
As the overwhelmingly powerful beam flew past them at a close distance, the readings from their detection equipment went off the chart.
It’s clear to them that even a graze from that beam is enough to reduce their strikers to nothing.

“Artillery units and 3rd Mobile Squadron, head to point C556 and prepare to fire at the enemy.
if you spot any enemy striker unit then please intercept them as you see fit.
Makishima-san, sorry but, please go with them.
It would be bad if the enemy deployed a Zenith as well.”

“Ahh!? Isn’t that almost everyone we brought!? Are you planning to rush toward that big thing with only this number!?”

“It’s okay, I will do something about it! Please go, the second shot is coming.”

“Tsk, fine!”

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It would be a lie if she says that she doesn’t worry about him at all but she can not afford to stay around and chat during a battle.
Saki turns her striker around to heads toward the designated point with the mobile artillery unit equipped with the Mobile-Gun-Carriers.

“Your Highness! Please take care of Hokuto!”

“Of course, leave him to me.”

Schleer nodded and smiled at the fact that she’s chosen to stay.
Saki lets out a small sigh and flies away with the artillery unit.
There are only three strikers left, the [Caliburn-Revive].
The [Mistilteinn], and…….a [Claymore] with spare magazines for anti-ship grenade launcher attached to all of its hardpoints.

“This is quite a bold strategy isn’t it.”

The pilot of said [Claymore] commented with a bitter smile.
The standard tactic against a Mobile Fort taught in military textbooks is to launch a saturated attack and overwhelm it with an overwhelming number.
She has never heard of anyone trying to take down a Mobile Fort with such a small number of people before.

“It will be okay.
If you can keep up with me then I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Please, cut me some slack.”

“Ensign Ryaka, this is not the time to be joking.”

At Schleer’s reprimand, the [Claymore]’s pilot, Ensign Ryaka jokingly fake a whimper.
She’s quite a gutsy woman.

“We have to take that thing down before their reinforcements arrive.
Let’s go in.”

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With a light smile, Kisei fully accelerated toward his target.
The tachometer immediately hit the limit.
The two strikers follow behind him but unlike the Zeniths Kisei and Schleer are piloting, the power of a mass-produced [Claymore]’s thruster is very inferior and the distance between them quickly widens.
However, they don’t seem to mind that.

“I see it!”

On the surface of the asteroid, there stands a strange-looking weapon that can only be described as a giant cannon with limbs.
Even though they are still a considerable distance away, its gigantic size was apparent to them.

“They came at us with only 3 strikers!? What are they planning!”

The pilot shouted inside the cockpit of the [Valizer].
After all, rushing toward a Mobile Fort with only a small number of strikers could not be called anything else but an act of suicide.

“Major General, that white striker…… it not the rumored [Wicked Star]?”

“I see, so that’s their play huh.
But even if they sent out their ace, what can a single striker do! He can’t possibly take down this [Valizer]!”

Although it is difficult to operate due to its poor maneuverability, the armor and firepower of the [Valizer] are simply in a different dimension.
There’s no way to take this thing down unless the enemy overwhelms them with a large number of strikers.
Thinking so, the pilot has a ferocious smile on her face.

“Is the reload not done yet? I want to fire at least another round with the main gun.
Even if it’s a little, I want to cull the number of their artillery.”

“We will be ready in 10 seconds, ma’am.”

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“Good! Hand me the control of the interceptors.
I will deal with the enemy strikers, you just focus on using the main gun.”

After giving her order, the pilot turned both arms of the [Valizer] toward the approaching Kisei’s group.
The 8 Rapid-Blaster-guns installed inside the finger-like parts from each hand opened fire at the same time.

“Woah, they just fired at us.”

“Don’t worry about it!”

Schleer and Ryaka performed an evasive maneuver to avoid the barrage but Kisei unsheathed his photon saber and kept rushing in while parrying the beams.

“Damn it, what’s up with that guy!? Is it ready yet!?”

“Another 5 seconds, ma’am! Just a little bit more!”

As though he heard the gunner’s voice, Kisei also shouted.


At that moment, the mobile artillery units which had been orbiting around the asteroid fired their 30Mw Blaster-Cannon.
18 Blaster-Cannons were fired at the same time and the Green Beams fired from them are traveling toward the [Valizer].

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“With some peashooters!? Just ignore them, just fire! Wipe them out with our counterattack!”

All shots were diffused or deflected away by the Deflect Shield.
The [Valizer] was left unscathed.
The pilot smiled in satisfaction but at the same time, Kisei pushed in with his photon Saber, ramming it along with his striker at the shield.

The Deflect Shield is pushing back Kisei’s charge but it can not perform at its full capacity due to the previous bombardment.
As a result, the [Caliburn-Revive] managed to enter inside the [Valizer]’s shield.

“Oh, sh…….!?”

The pilot screamed but it was already too late.
Kisei pulled the trigger on his control stick and fired a missile from his anti-ship grenade launcher in the [Caliburn-Revive]’s right hand.
Leaving behind a white trail, the missile hit the joint of the [Valizer]’s left leg.
No actual damage was done to the Mobile Fort but he managed to shake it when it finally fired its second shot.

“I made it…….!”

The misalignment caused by the impact was minimal but it was a fatal error when you are aiming into the vast outer space.
The super high-powered beam was fired but it did not get anywhere near the mobile artillery unit.

“I won’t let you fire the third one! This ends here!”

With a grin, Kisei takes aim with his anti-ship grenade launcher.

TLN: So, Big Zam with pew pew pew arms.

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