The Mobile Fort Capture 4

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“Damn it, he’s inside…..! Where are our strikers!”

“You were the one who told us to stay away because we might accidentally get caught up in the energy blast, Major General!”

“Argh, what a mess! Hurry up and come over already!”

The inside of the [Valizer]’s cockpit was sent into chaos.
On the other hand, Kisei fired another missile from his anti-ship grenade launcher.
The [Valizer] activated its automatic interception system and Gatling guns installed on its body opened fire with their 40mm caliber bullets.
However, the missile still managed to sew through the hail of bullets and hit the 4 blaster guns installed on one of its hands.

“Ugh…..he’s getting carried away!”

The gunner barks while using her hand to operate the control stick.
In anger, she operates the remaining 4 Rapid-Blaster-Guns and fires at Kisei.

Along with the Gatling guns that moved in tandem, tremendous firepower was directed toward the [Caliburn-Revive].

“You thought using automatic aim would work on me!?”

Kisei fires his thrusters and tries to fly through the gap between the [Valizer]’s legs.

“Fools, I already knew you would do that!”

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The pilot seems to have predicted this maneuver and operates one of the [Valizer]’s legs which is the size of a small battlecruiser to perform a kick at the [Caliburn-Revive].
Contrary to its appearance, its movement is rather swift.

The blow should be extremely difficult to avoid due to the sheer size of the leg and the distance before the collision but Kisei only avoided it with a paper-thin margin.
At the same time, he operates the machine gun installed on the [Caliburn-Revive]’s head and fired small ammunition into the gaps in the [Valizer]’s armor.

“Hydraulic hose No.
20 was severed!? He did that in such a short time!?”

The pilot was surprised when she saw the damage report on her sub-monitor.
There are other hydraulic hoses inside the leg so the damage did not cause any malfunction but the decrease in power and speed from that leg is inevitable.

“Please turn us around, ma’am! He’s in the blindspot of our AA guns….AH!?”

“Another one!”

Making use of the small opening, the remaining Rapid Blaster Guns were destroyed by another missile from Kisei’s grenade launcher.
The unpleasant vibration hit the cockpit once again.

“You idiot, just use the missiles! Why do you think they made us carry a mountain load of high-mobility missiles with us!”

“I, I’m sorry.”

When the gunner pressed the button to launch the missiles in a panic, the missile hatches at the bottom of the [Valizer]’s main body opened.
However, before any missiles could be fired from inside, several green beams flew inside them with extreme accuracy.
Naturally, it was Kisei who had already switched his weapon to a blaster rifle.


The missile launcher blew up in a fiery explosion.
The depot was destroyed.
However, with the missile being designed for anti-striker combat, the [Valizer] did not suffer any major damage.
Still, many of the missile launchers have become unusable.

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“What a monster! Still……”

Even so, multiple missiles flew out from the remaining launchers.
Their number is in dozens, quite a large number for a single striker.
They all home in and head toward the [Caliburn-Revive].


With the flood of missiles flying toward him with trails of white smoke, Kisei has to take evasive maneuvers.
Some missiles seemed likely to hit him but thanks to the newly installed anti-missile laser interceptor, they were all shot down before contact.

“Ma’am, you are not doing any good too…..!”

“H, How.”

After losing multiple of their main AA weapons, the gunner muttered in a stunned manner.
The automatic Gatling guns continue to put up some resistance but they are also being taken out one after another by blaster attacks from Kisei.

“W, Whatever! The main gun is armored and a striker can’t possibly have enough firepower to pierce through our vital parts! He won’t be able to do any major damage to us!”

The Noredian striker escort unit has already returned and is currently engaging with the Calencian striker squadrons.
That’s why the pilot decided to leave their striker unit to deal with the enemy strikers.

“More importantly, can we cull the number of their artillery!? They are the biggest threat to us right now!”

Although given the [Valizer]’s Deflect Shield and protective armor, the mobile artillery the Calencian side currently is deploying should amount to nothing but peashooters, they continue to bombard the asteroid that their escort unit is fighting on.
If they can not take out the enemy mobile artillery, their strikers will only get one-sidedly attack from outside their range.

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Moreover, with a Zenith like the [Mistilteinn] rampaging on the escort unit, they can not afford to assist the [Valizer] in dealing with Kisei either.

“It’s no good, ma’am, their mobile artillery unit also has a Zenith escorting them………we can’t get any closer!”

The pilot involuntarily clenched her teeth in response to the answer of the captain in charge of attacking the enemy mobile artillery unit.

“Where are the reinforcements from the main fleet!? With the main fleet, we should be able to crush these guys easily!”

“The Calencian strikers are blocking the connecting point, ma’am! Moreover, it seems that they also have their main fleet stationed nearby as well…….”

Even with inferior numbers, the Calencian can turn the tide of war if they make an all-out attack on the Noredian Fleet the moment their main fleet exits FTL navigation.
Any decent commander would never send their troops into such an ambush unprotected.

Not to mention that even with the presence of the [Valizer] in this system, the Noredian do not have any defensive equipment here.
With the Calencian main fleet nearby, it would be a bad idea to launch an unreasonable attack here.
Valentina probably would never choose this system as their main battleground.

“Damn it, what should we do…….”

Using the pilot’s moment of confusion as an opening, Kisei turned his striker around.
He then quickly moved back just before he hit the Deflect Shield.

“Now, Your Highness!”

The moment he shouted so, Kisei fired his wire gun.
His target was the [Mistilteinn].

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“So it’s finally my turn!”

Schleer answers with a ferocious smile.
At the same time, she operates the [Mistilteinn] to grab onto the other end of the fired wire.
Seeing that, Kisei reels in the [Mistilteinn] while anchoring the [Caliburn-Revive] to the asteroid with his pile bunker.

The Deflect Shield’s function is to repel foreign matter from outside the shield.
However, with the carbon nanotube wire connected the inside to the [Mistilteinn], Schleer was reeled inside the shield without any resistance.
Thus, another striker has infiltrated the [Valizer]’s immediate vicinity.

“Wawawa! Please take me too!”

That communication came from Ryaka who was still outside.
With the [Claymore] being only a mass-produced model, it would be difficult for her to withstand an assault from such a large number of opponents.
At the moment, she’s barely managed to avoid the concentrated attack from the escort strikers deployed in her surroundings.


The wire gun was fired again and in the same way, the [Claymore] infiltrated inside the Deflect Shield.
With that being the case, the [Valizer]’s shield is now working in their favor instead.

“Th, this is bad, ma’am! Let’s disable the shield and have our escort strikers drive them away!”


The pilot hesitated for a moment but seeing that the Calencian mobile artillery unit continued to fire at them, she immediately made her decision.

“No, we need to take that artillery down first! Unlike these strikers, that artillery might pack enough punch to damage the [Valizer].”

In truth, the [Valizer] can withstand the attack from such mobile artillery with its physical armor even without the Deflect Shield.
However, after being toyed with by Kisei for a while, the pilot doesn’t want to deal with him anymore.
That’s why she used that reason to avoid dealing with him for now.
However, that was a big mistake.

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