The Mobile Fort Capture 5

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“Okay, let’s take down this annoying shield first.”

While avoiding the bullet from the AA Gatling guns, Kisei stated his plan.
As the [Valizer]’s pilot speculated, it is impossible for 3 strikers to cause any real damage to the gigantic fortress.

“We are going to take out the shield generator? I see, that’s why you need me…….”

Schleer nodded with a smile on her face.
The [Mistilteinn] is a Zenith Type striker that boasts its firepower.
If it comes to destroying things then Schleer is pretty confident.

“We will be going at it with a focused strike.
Because of its function, I’m sure that the generator won’t be heavily armored”

Saying so, Kisei handed his anti-ship grenade launcher with depleted ammunition to Ensign Ryaka’s [Claymore].
She naturally accepted it and gave him her fully loaded anti-ship grenade launcher.
Against such an opponent, Kisei doesn’t want to waste time reloading.
That’s why he deliberately brought along Ensign Ryaka for extra ammo and such support.

“Roger that, Let’s go!”

The [Caliburn-Revive] and the [Mistilteinn] fired their thrusters and accelerated.
Their target is the backside of the [Valizer].

The remaining AA Gatling guns continue to fire at them but compared to when the battle first began, their firepower is at most unreliable.
Then, even those remaining guns were all taken out by the counterattack from the 3 strikers.

“That must be it.”

At the location where Schleer pointed, there was a cylindrical engine covered with a mesh-like bulletproof cover.
Its size is a little bigger than a striker.
To generate a shield with repulsive force, the generator needs to be exposed to the outside.
With such a limitation, it is difficult to completely protect such a thing, that’s why they have no choice but to rely on such a flimsy defense from a bulletproof cover.

“I’m taking it down!”

The full firepower of the [Mistilteinn] was immediately demonstrated.
The blaster cannon on its shoulder, the heavy machine gun in its hands, and the missile launchers on its torso and legs all fired toward the target at the same time.
To support her, Kisei also fires his anti-ship grenade launcher in rapid succession.

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Being subjected to such firepower, the bulletproof cover was easily blown away, exposing the weak point of the gigantic mobile fort.
With countless beams and rain of bullets falling on the generator, it immediately turned into useless metal scrap.

“The shield generator is down!”

“A, AHH! Those pesky flies!!”

The pilot shouted with a bright red face but it was already too late.

At that moment, Kisei gives his order in a sharp voice.

“Artillery unit! Fire everything you have at the Mobile Fort in 10 seconds!”


Due to the strenuous effort on Saki and the other striker pilots’ part, he received a reliable reply from the mobile artillery unit.
The vanguards including Kisei then hurried away from the [Valizer] to avoid getting caught up in the bombardment.
The Noredian striker corps shoot their blaster rifles at them from behind but Kisei deflects all the beams away using his photon saber.
Moreover, as a counterattack, he fired a missile from his anti-ship grenade launcher at them.

“You think something that slow will hit us!”

The Noredian pilot casually evaded the missile with a grin but another missile flew toward the location she is now heading toward.


The firepower of an anti-ship missile is quite an overkill against a striker.
The [Jetta] immediately lost the lower half of its body and was blown away.

“All crafts, Fire!”

The moment after, the sharp voice of the captain of the mobile artillery unit can be heard from the communication line and a large number of thick beams impact on top of the [Valizer]

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“Damage Report!”

“Minimal Damage! They barely scratched us, ma’am!”

However, the armor of the [Valizer] was very sturdy.
Although its surface turns red from the heat and slightly dented from the impact, the beams did not penetrate its armor.
Seeing that, some of the pilots in the mobile artillery unit sighed in disappointment.

“As expected of [Valizer]! That was nothing to us!”

On the other hand, the [Valizer]’s pilot rejoices and hits the console panel with a big smile while celebrating.


“It’s fine!”

In response to Schleer’s worried voice, Kisei exchanged his anti-ship grenade launcher with Ensign Ryaka again with a confident expression.
He then kicked off the surface of the asteroid and flew up.

“I won’t let you!”

The escort [Jettas] opened fire at him to push him back but Kisei swat away their bullets and arrived directly above the [Valizer] without any problem.

“S, Shit, Damn Monster! What are you going to do now!”


Kisei responded to the pilot’s cry even though their communication channel was not connected and fired his anti-ship grenade launcher at the [Valizer] in rapid succession until all of the loaded ammunition was exhausted.
The sluggish [Valizer[ has no way to avoid it and all missiles hit the spot previously damaged by the salvo from the artillery unit.

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As soon as the ammunition was exhausted, Kisei threw the grenade launcher away and grasped his photon saber with both hands.
He then fired the thruster at full power and plunged toward the [Valizer].

“Uwah! Somebody stop him!”

The pilot shouted but there is nothing that can stop Kisei right now.
The green blade of his photon saber managed to pierce the dented armor.
The photon saber’s particle condenser immediately ran out of power from the forceful penetration.
Kisei threw it away and instead grabbed his blaster rifle and put its muzzle into the small hole made by the photon saber.

“This is the end!”

He fired.
With no armor plate in the way, there’s nothing to block the beam.
The highly condensed particle shot through the [Valizer]’s engine and the phase transition turbine which was rotating at high speed shut down with a loud noise.

“Main engine disabled! Our main gun is down, ma’am!”

“A…, AHh….”

At the gunner’s report, the pilot involuntarily gave up.
They are not completely offline thanks to the power from the sub-engine but they can not perform any proper movement let alone any attack now.
With that being the case, the [Valizer] is as good as an oversized coffin.

“I, it’s over……everything is over.”

The moment the pilot fell into despair, cheers rose from the Calencian army.

“WOAHH! Cheers to the [Wicked Star]!”

“We did it! We did it! As expected of my Kisei-san!”

“I think I just heard something that I can’t ignore though!?”

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Although the Calencian soldiers were raising their voices of joy, Kisei frown as he stared up to the sky.

“Don’t let your guard down, there’s more coming!”

Almost at the same time that Kisei’s warning rang out, a powerful beam was fired toward the [Caliburn-Revive].
Kisei avoided it by utilizing the full power of his thruster and the crimson beam that cut through the blackness of space made its impact on the armor of the [Valizer].

“Your Highness, Ensign Ryaka, please retreat toward our artillery unit! This one is skilled, I will handle her!”

“Wha….an enemy!? Did they break through our blockade?”

“Ugh, let’s go! Your Highness!”

Schleer was confused but her hands still operate the control stick on reflex and Ensign Ryaka follows suits.
If the enemy reinforcements arrive, their mobile artillery unit will be in danger unless they quickly retreat.

“So you let the small flies escape first huh.
That’s a good judgment [DESU].”

The enemy communication came through the open channel.
When he turned to look, he spotted a blue striker with a large pistol in each hand.

“It’s nice to meet you [DESUNE], [Wicked-Star]-san.
I am Nora Arcade.
One of the Nored Empire’s 4 Heavenly—-”

Inside the cockpit of the blue striker, a girl with short gray hair introduces herself with a sadist smile.

“My second name is [Gouten] (TLN: Heavenly Roar).
I and this [Zarava] will be your opponent [DESU].”

Nora challenged Kisei to single combat in a cheerful voice while pointing her blaster magnums at Kisei.

“Now then, let’s see what you got!”

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