The Roar of Heaven 1

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Several dozens of minutes ago.
A striker exited FTL Navigation at a blockaded connection point in the Wraith system.
It is a unique-looking blue striker armed with two large chrome pistols.
Its name is [Zarava], a striker belonging to one of the strongest pilots in the Nored Empire……..Nora Arcade’s personal striker.

“FTL jammer is working! Only one striker got through but it’s a Zenith, don’t let your guard down!”

Of course, the connection point was being monitored by the elites of the Calencian empire.
After exiting FTL navigation, the [Zarava] was surrounded by hundreds of strikers

“Such a backwater country……hmph, do they really think that they can stop me with just this? It seems they underestimated me quite a bit [DESUNE].”

Nora deploys acrobatic maneuvers to avoid the merciless barrage fired at her.
The accelerometer on her console is displaying some ridiculous numbers but Nora’s expression remains composed.

“This guy, she’s no ordinary pilot!”

“Her Highness will be in danger if we let her pass! Stop her here at all costs!”

Several [Claymores] flew in front of the [Zarava] to block its path and opened fire with their blaster rifles and submachine guns.

“Hah, fools.
It’s a hundred years too early for small flies like you to stop this Nora-sama! [DESUYO]”

Nora avoids the oncoming beams and shells with paper-thin margin.
Her movements indicate that this is nothing for her.
It’s because she completely saw through her enemy’s attacks that she managed to avoid them with minimal movements.

“Time for payback [DESUYO]!”

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Her two pistols fired at the same time, the beams emitted from them easily penetrated the cockpits of the two [Claymores] that attacked her.

“No way, with a single shot!?”

“Those guns, they are not ordinary blaster pistols!”

Panic started to spread among the Calencian soldiers.
After all, this type of small firearm normally should not have enough power to penetrate a striker’s frontal armor with a single shot.

“Damn it! We can’t take down that striker with a half-baked attack like this! I’m going in!”

“Ah, Viscountess! No!”

A [Claymore] with gorgeous decoration pulled out its longsword and plunged toward the [Zarava].
This [Claymore] appeared to have been tuned considerably as the speed of its charge is unthinkable of an ordinary mass-produced machine.

“How rash.
Seriously, muscleheads are the worst [DESUNE].”

On the other hand, Nora greeted the charge with frosty ridicule.
The [Claymore] swung its longsword down from above but the [Zarava] parried it with a small bayonet attached to its blaster magnum on its right hand while pointing the muzzle of the magnum in its left hand at the cockpit of the [Claymore] with a flowing movement.


A crimson beam was mercilessly fired at the cockpit.
After looking toward the enemy pilot who was completely evaporated by the beam with a glimpse of pity, a ferocious smile returned to Nora’s face.

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“I don’t mind sparing you people if you let me through though [DESUGANE]?”

“Avenge the Viscountess!!”

A [Claymore] rushed in while spraying its machinegun toward Nora.


Nora pulls the trigger as she sighed in disappointment.
Her kill score was just increased by one.

“Damn monster!”

“Surround her and concentrate fire!”

However, the Calencian pilots here are also elites.
Such losses are not enough to damage their morale.
Rather, their attack only becomes fiercer from the anger of losing their friends.

“How diligence.”

Nora muttered in a tone that is a mix of disappointment and pity.

“It can’t be helped then.
I will have you people quiet down a bit [DESU].”

The onslaught of Nora’s blaster magnums begins on the [Claymores].
Her shooting speed is fast, moreover, her aim is extremely accurate.

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One after another, the Calencian strikers are being shot down.


Then, the blaster magnum in the [Zarava]’s right hand ran out of bullets.
At the same time, an empty magazine was automatically ejected with a warning sound echoing in the cockpit.
Using that opening, 3 [Claymores] rush her with their longsword and photon saber.


With a small exhalation, Nora fires at them with the blaster magnum on the left hand.
One [Claymore] was shot down by the crimson beam but she did not have enough time to make a second shot.
While avoiding the sideways swing of their photon saber by somersaulting backward, a sub-arm installed below the elbow of the [Zarava]’s right arm slammed a spare magazine into the blaster magnum, completing the reload.

“The end.”

Nora fires both magnums, destroying the two remaining [Claymores] in one move.

“We can’t beat that thing in melee! The performance and pilot skills are just too different.”

“But that weapon should have trouble against faraway opponents.
Support team! We need fire support at our location!”

At the command of the commander, the support team consisting of specially designed strikers equipped with blaster cannons fixed on their shoulder called the [Partisans] open fire on the [Zarava].


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Nora scoffed in ridicule while avoiding the long-range bombardment.

“Certainly, this [Zarava] is powerless in long-range[DESU].

The moment Nora stepped on the foot pedal, the large propulsion engine equipped on the back of the [Zarava] generated enormous amounts of thrust.
With a blue trail behind it, the [Zarava] sped through the space like a bullet.

“Wha……! What’s that speed! Support team, Retreat!”

“It’s too late [DESUYONE]! Your order that is!”

The [Zarava] assaults the support team who tried to retreat in a hurry.
The two blaster magnums repeatedly fired and each time a Calencian striker was shot down.

“Well, is that all?”

In less than 5 minutes the support team was wiped out.
Nora nods satisfactorily at the result and looks around.
There are still enemies left in her surroundings but they now realized that this is not an opponent they can beat so no one dares to attack carelessly.

“Okay then, let’s get back to the mission.
I’m quite busy so I can’t waste my time in a place like this [DESU].”

With that said, the [Zarava] fired its thruster and left the place.
Some of the Calencian strikers tried to give chase but the performance of their thrusters are just too different and Nora flew away in a blink of an eye.”

“What the hell…….”

Left behind, the Calencian soldiers had no choice but to stare blankly as she left.

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