The Four Heavenly Meeting 2

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Inside a small conference room onboard the flagship of the Nored Empire’s Calencian Expeditionary Fleet, the [Odelvansen].
An unpleasant silence continued to hang over the room where the 4 ace pilots of the Nored Empire, nicknamed the [4 Heavenly] gathered.


The tall beauty nicknamed the [Heavenly Blade], Tersis seems to be thinking about something as she gazes silently into the air.
The [Heavenly Eye], Liren who was the most depressed until earlier is now writing something on a paper with her face deep blue.
And the person who brought about this silence herself, Nora, the [Heavenly Roar] is bearing a moody expression as she sits in the corner of the room.

“C, can we chat a bit, Nora-chan.”

It was Eleanor the aristocrat who bears the title of the [Heavenly Thunder] who broke that heavy atmosphere.
She walks up to Nora and speaks to her with a stiff smile.

“…..what [DESU]?”

Nora replied with an unfriendly attitude.
She is only 14 years old, the youngest among the 4 Heavenly.
Moreover, she looks even younger thanks to her natural babyface.
Her appearance is rather cute but the intimidation she’s giving off right now is like a wild beast disproportionate to her age.

“Are you doing okay? Did you get any injuries?”

Eleanor knew from the report that Nora did not suffer any injury but she pretends not to know and asks her that on purpose.
After all, she can’t find anything to start a conversation with.

“Ha? Injury?”

Nora’s mouth narrowed into a straight line.

“Not at all [DESU].
I’m perfectly fine [DESU]! YEAH!”

Eleanor was taken aback by Nora who suddenly started being so upbeat.
However, Nora continued without minding that.

“Thinking back on it now, that man had been trying to attack the cockpit with all his might [DESUYO]! It was like he was saying that he can beat me even with a handicap! HaHAHAHAhAhAhA!! That’s so funny don’t you think!!”

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As if she tried to compensate for her earlier silence, Nora said so in a loud voice.
However, Eleanor caught something that she can’t possibly let go so she grabbed Nora on both of her shoulders before interrogating her.

“A man!? The mercenary from the report is a man!?”

“He’s a man alright! It’s a little hard to tell from his voice alone but it’s clear from how he talks.
Either that or he’s gay—…..nah, impossible.”

“A man being a mercenary……how ungraceful…..”

“It’s a widely known rumor that the [Wicked Star] is a man.
Are you stupid?”

Liren who’s still writing something with her pen coldly said that to Eleanor.
On the other hand, Eleanor simply smiles and shrugs it off.

“I have said this several times already before……rumors of a lowly mercenary aren’t worth my time.”

Liren sighs at Eleanor’s casual attitude.

“And rest assured, both of you.
This Eleanor Al Fafleta will be the one who defeat the [Wicked Star].”

With a confident look, Eleanor forms a fist with her white-gloved hands.

Seeing her smug attitude, Liren coldly gazes at her again.

“A man soiling a woman’s profession warrants a punishment.
I will catch him alive and re-educate him myself.
I will definitely make a fine gentleman out of him, fufufu.”

“Ha? What are you talking about? I’m the one who’s going to beat him [DESU].”

Nora immediately protested as she kicked her chair and stood up.

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“I will regain my honor with my own hands! That’s my way [DESU]!”

“Hmph, someone who’s already lost should just step back.
Next time you might not get so lucky you know.”

“HAAAA!? Who lost!? It was just a strategic retreat [DESU]!?”

“O HO HO HO, a loser sure barks louder don’t you think.”

As the two started picking a fight with each other, Tersis soundlessly got between them.
Unable to sense her presence at all, the two were taken by surprise.

“That’s it.
No good comes from a conflict between allies.”


Nora clicked her tongue and turned away from Tersis who reprimanded them in a cold voice.

“More importantly, Lady Nora.
I’m sorry but if you don’t mind……..can you tell me more about the battle you had with the [Wicked Star]?”

“That’s right, that’s right! I want to hear about it too!!”

Eleanor jumps up and down behind Tersis to support her.
Her plump breast shakes up and down each time.

“I know that you do not want to talk much about it but……please.”

While ignoring Eleanor, Tersis bowed and asked.
Nora involuntarily pursed her lips but she immediately sighed and comply with Tersis’s request.

“Haa…..well, fine [DESU].”

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Tersis smiled and sat down on the chair right next to Nora.
Eleanor also sits down across from her with a nonchalant expression.
Seeing that, Nora silently stood up and moved a seat away from Eleanor.

“Still, it’s not like I fought him for that long……I don’t really have much to say [DESU].”

Nora says as she crosses her arms in front of her almost completely vertical chest.
In reply, Tersis nodded silently at her.

“When it comes to an Ace Pilot, there are the types who are capable of making swift decisions, those who are extremely good at specific weapons like swords or guns…….usually it’s those types that we encounter.
But he…..[Wicked Star] does not belong to those types at all.”

“Hou, then what’s he like?”

“It’s simple [DESU].
Your attack will never land, but his attacks always will.
That’s all [DESU].”


Unable to understand what she meant, Tersis tilted her head.

“He’s very skilled at evasion and the accuracy of his attack was extremely high…….is that what you wanted to say?”

“That’s not it.
It’s not something lukewarm like that.
No matter what kind of attack I make, it simply did not land at all! Moreover, every shot he takes will definitely hit you! It wouldn’t surprise me if someone told me he’s using magic or psychic power, you know.”

“That’s the [Wicked Star].
No matter who saw him on the battlefield, they will be shot down without question.
It’s meaningless to resist.”

Liren supported Nora’s words.
She then put the paper she wrote something on into an envelope and put it into her pocket before continuing.

“This is not the question of being weak or strong.
He’s–like a god on the battlefield.
It’s foolish to go against him.”

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“Seriously, what are you all worried so much about ladies! It’s only worsening our morale to hear useless things like that you know!”

“I agree.
I’m sorry but speaking only about his ability will not lead us to a strategy to take him down.”

Although it was unusual for Tersis and Eleanor to see eye to eye, Nora and Liren sighed at the same time.
They were in sync so much that both Nora and Liren paused and stared at each other.

“Don’t tell me, Liren-san too……?”

Seeing her attitude so far, Nora can’t help but think that Liren has also fought the [Wicked Star] before.
However, Liren shakes her head sideways with an indescribable expression on her face.

“……No comment.”

“Anyway! Tell me more about him first.
We will discuss this more after that.”

Tersis interrupts the conversation between the two.
Her tone was strong and strangely, she sounded happy.
When Nora gazed back at her with a doubtful look, it appeared like Tersis couldn’t hold in her excitement.

“Damn battle junkie…….”

“Is that a problem?”

Suddenly, the door to the conference room was opened.
The eyes of the four immediately turned toward the door.
There, the person in charge of the Calencian Expeditionary Fleet…….Diaroze herself was there.

“Thanks for the wait, Ladies.”

Diaroze said so with a grin.

“Now then, let us start our strategy meeting.”

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