The Four Heavenly Meeting 3

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“Well then, I will explain the general placement of our army first.”

Diaroze stated while bringing up the star chart on the large screen in the conference room.
The four all listen seriously to her briefing.
Since this is important enough to make Diaroze think that she needs to brief them herself, they might fall victim to her electromagnetic whip if they do not pay attention.

“The goal of those Calencian dogs is simple.
To take back the Senstera system.”

With a confident look, Diaroze uses her pointer to show the four the star system in question on the star chart.

“This system is our logistical key point.
If they take control over this position the movement of our army will be greatly restricted.
Not to mention that if we handle this poorly, we might not have a route to escape back to our homeland.”

“Speaking of the Senstera system, it is famous for rare metals that are used in armor plate production, correct?”

The rare metals mined here are one of Calencia’s main sources of income.
Well, I would want to take this place back too if I were them.”

Diaroze replied.
The mines in the Senstera system have already been started up again by the Nored Empire.
Everything they mine has been shipped back to the arsenal in their homeland.
In that regard, this system is a territory that the Nored Empire doesn’t want to let go of.

“That’s why this system is our precious bait.
We will thin their number with our strikers and assault fleets first while our main fleet will confront theirs at one of the habitable planets in the Senstera system…….this Senstera Prime.”

“We are going for a planetary battle? That’s interesting.”

Tersis grins with her arms crossed.
Diaroze raised her eyebrows at how she worded it but Tersis is the daughter of one of the most trusted aristocratic houses in the Nored Empire.
Although she herself came from the Imperial Family, she can’t complain much about her attitude.
Thus, she cleared her throat and continued the briefing.

“We have already stationed an army on Senstera Prime.
The defense there consisted of strikers, multi-legged tanks, and submarines.”

The fact that they were on the invading side played a large part in their defeat at Leboir.
Diaroze’s current strategy is to reverse offense and defense and reproduce Leboir for their side.

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“Well, this matter doesn’t concern you ladies.
After all, I’m not going to task you to squash such small flies.”

“So, as I thought.”

You all will deal with that mercenary.”

Diaroze’s reply was as the four anticipated.
Tersis and Nora look like they are raring to go while Nora seems indifferent.
However, Liren silently took the envelope out from her pocket and handed it to Diaroze.

“Ha? What is this?”

To Diaroze who asked that with an expression filled with suspicion, Liren replied with a tense smile.

“A resignation letter.
Please allow me to quit the Nored army today.”


Diaroze’s mouse unintentionally hung open while Nora mumbled [This is the first time I see that woman smiles] to herself.

“Why!? Why now!? Depending on your answer, the penalty for this will not be light you know!!”

“I don’t want to fight the [Wicked Star].”

Diaroze silently took out her favorite whip.
She then pressed the button on its grip and crackling noise came out along with an electric spark.

“Do you mind repeating that, Nn?”

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Instead of answering that question, Liren started running.

“Ah, come back here!”

However, she was grabbed by Eleanor from behind.
Liren tries to break free but Eleanor exerts a superhuman strength that doesn’t suit her appearance and forcibly pushes her down.

“Your Highness! This person still lacks the awareness of one of the 4 Heavenly! Please instill it into her with your whip!”


“Now, quickly!”

Diaroze was confused by the sudden request.
However, thanks to Eleanor’s urging she reluctantly set the power of her whip to the minimum with the knob on the grip and lash Liren with it.

As a result, a high-voltage current assault both Liren and Eleanor who was holding her down and the two screamed at the same time.


“Is she actually an idiot [DESUKANE]?”

Nora sighed at Eleanor whose eyes rolled up to the back of her head.

“A, Anyway! It would trouble us if you are not going to do your job! I do not accept your resignation.
If you choose to escape then you will be met by my firing squad even before you get to see the enemy! Are we clear!”

“No way.”

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Liren is now half-crying but if Diaroze said that much then she really has no way to escape.
That’s why she obediently went back to her seat.

“Well, you don’t have to worry [DESU].
I will defeat him myself [DESU].
You won’t get your turn, Liren-san.”

Nora folded her arms and started so with a smile.
It appeared that she regained her confidence after seeing Liren’s earlier pitiful appearance.

“Woah, wait a minute there.
If we are talking turns here then the next one should be mine right.”

“Are you intending to rob me of my prey? I won’t back down even if it’s for Tersis-san you know?”

“Wait wait.”

Diaroze stopped the two who started saying whatever they wanted.

“To take him……to take Hokuto Kisei, all four of you will work together and take him down.
His skill is abnormal.
We can not afford to let you do something stupid like fighting him one by one.”

In her argument, Nora has already challenged him alone and was completely defeated.
That’s why Diaroze doesn’t even consider having the Four Heavenly taking turns and fighting him one by one.

“He is often accompanied by two Zeniths but I will split them up using my protege unit.
It will be 4 against 1.
This is a battle that we can’t afford to lose so I am going with this lineup.”

“Pl, please wait a minute, Your Highness! Are you asking us to commit such an unchivalrous act!?”

“What good can chivalry do against a walking disaster like him!”

“No way.”

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Tersis tried to argue back but faster than she could, Liren put a nasty smile on her face and spoke to Diaroze.

“I’ve heard rumors that the [Wicked Star] has been on your mind, Your Highness.
If you want to go at him with this lineup then there’s a good chance that he won’t survive the battle.
If that’s the case then Your Highness’s feeling won’t be answered you know.”

Half of her words were intended as sarcasm but the other half was to convince Diaroze to not let her fight Kisei.

“W, Wha!?”

To that unexpected counterattack, Diaroze’s cheeks turned bright red.
She then poutily turned away while sweating a little.

“Do you think there would be a person who’s foolish enough to fall in love with a person they never met? I am only trying to teach that man his place as a man……..”

With that said, Diaroze shook her head.
After all, this is not the time to talk about this.

“L, Leaving that aside! If he’s an opponent that can be killed so easily then I wouldn’t have a headache about him for so long! He will surely come back at us even more strongly than before!”


“That’s where you are agreeing with her [DESUKA]…….?”

Seeing Liren agreed with Diaroze so wholeheartedly, Nora muttered.

“Is that not the case? Right now we are going with the strategy that gives us the highest chance of winning.
Listen carefully, I will go into the details now.”

While slapping her face which became hotter and hotter with both of her hands, Diaroze continued the briefing.

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