The Chief of Staff

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“Once we land, this battle is as good as ours.
Do not let the enemy get close to us!”

Several Calencian ships are descending through the atmosphere of Senstera Prime with red tails behind them produced from adiabatic compression.
The scene looks like a meteor shower.
As they descend, the AA guns of these warships are firing at the Noredian Strikers to prevent them from interrupting their descent.

“How many ships couldn’t make it?”

“None, Your Highness.
Our descent is going well.”

On the bridge of the [Radiant] which has now become the flagship of the Calencian main fleet, Schleer asked Reit Cadenza, the chief of staff.
In return, the chief of staff relaxed the tension in her wrinkled face and replied in a good mood.

“Once we land, our main force will take over the underground base at Point V886 and make it our forward base.
With this underground base as the center, we should be able to retake our other underground bases in no time.
If we can do that, Senstera Prime will be ours……that’s our main strategy for this operation.”

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“We can’t make any misstep at this stage, we need to take the base at V886 as soon as possible……”

Schleer who said that while checking the map of the area of operation was already in her pilot suit.
Her personal striker is also on standby and is ready to be deployed at any time.

“However, most military bases we have on Senstera Prime should already be destroyed by the enemy orbital bombing.
I was told that the Nored side rebuilt some of it but we still don’t know to what extent they have been restored.”

At the beginning of the war, the Senstera system was also the site of a big battle.
At that time, the Calencian side was forced to retreat and their bases on Senstera Prime were destroyed by the enemy orbital bombing.
The reason behind such thorough destruction was the small chance that the remnant of the Calencian army left behind on the planet will use their communication lines and supplies for their resistance.

“There’s no need to worry, Your Highness.
This time we will use their resources against them.
According to the intel we received, it appears that the bases here are now performing even better than in when they are in our control.”

The chief of staff shows an ironic smile.
Originally, this planet housed one of the most important military bases in the Calencia empire.
Naturally, they poured a significant amount of their financial power to build it as well……..Recognizing the difference in their national power, Schleer has a difficult expression on her face.

“Well, in the end, the base here will be used against them.
Since they went out of their way to improve it for us, let us thankfully use it on them.”

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Schleer agreed.
If they win this battle then the Calencian side will gain a big advantage.
Moreover, if they can achieve a great victory like they did in Leboir, they might be able to force the Nored side to the negotiating table, even a truce is not an impossibility.
Putting strength into her hand, Schleer formed a fist and renewed her determination.

“Now then, let us prepare for the sortie.
Your Highness, my apology but you need to be on the frontline for this battle.
Please make sure that you do not get shot down.”

“And you will take the command? Seriously, I can’t tell who’s the leader of this operation is at all.”

Schleer shrugged.
The title of the supreme commander belongs to Schleer because she is the only member of the royal family present.
She has only commanded a small fleet before so she lacks the ability to command a fleet that can be said to be the entirety of the Calencia empire’s fighting power.
That’s why the de facto commander of this operation is Reit, the chief of staff.

“Being the symbol is also a part of your duty, Your Highness.
The more spectacular you perform on the frontline, the higher the morale of our army will become.
For a Vuld knight, you can only be recognized as a true general by leading the charge on the battlefield after all.”

The chief of staff was neither being sarcastic or flattering, it’s simply her sincere words.
The chief of staff is no longer fit for the frontline due to her age and even in her younger days, she was not good enough that she could go toe to toe against enemy aristocrats.
In Vuld militaristic culture, soldiers will not recognize such a person as their leader.
The reason she can take command of a battlefield is that the duty was delegated to her by someone who has already exhibited their valor in front of the soldiers like Schleer.

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“I know.
Just leave it to me.
This won’t take much time.”

“It must have been quite hard on you since you have relegated most of the fight to that man recently.
Please fight to your heart’s content, Your Highness.”

“Please don’t put it like that.
I have been acting like it didn’t affect me after all.”

Schleer’s mouth turned downward.
She has been protected by a man, namely Kisei, on many occasions recently.
Her pride as a (Vuld) woman is severely damaged by that.
Moreover, she can’t really do anything about it since she realized that Kisei possesses the ability that she can’t catch up to with a hundred years of training.
As long as she goes to battle with Kisei, that sense of inferiority will never go away.

“Still, for the time being, I intend to do what I can.”

However, Schleer’s expression is still bright.
Even if she can not compete against Kisei in terms of piloting skills, she already has a goal.
That’s why all that matters is to just press forward to achieve it.

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“Please do your best to make that mercenary fall for you, Your Highness.
If you can form a relationship with him then I will personally see to it that you can get married.”

To the chief of staff who said that to her with a smirk, Schleer looks back at her with an extremely serious expression.
In response, the chief of staff nods back to her with a smile.
It seems that she’s serious.

“I have been with your Highness since you were a baby you know? You are like my own grandchild.
Naturally, I’d support your first love.”

“I’m grateful.”

Schleer cheerfully smiled at the support she received from someone she didn’t expect.
She then got up from her command seat.

“All the more reason I can’t lose now.
Well then, let’s take back this planet.”

“Good luck, Your Highness.”

The chief of staff bowed as Schleer left the bridge.

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