Assault on the Ruined City 3

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A heavy armor striker, [Vil] runs through the ruined city with agile movement that does not match its sluggish appearance.
Its mega blaster rifle fired at the [Caliburn-Revive].

“Like hell that will hit me!”

However, Kisei avoided the beam with minimal movement and the crimson beam pierced the reinforced concrete of an abandoned building instead.

“That kind of weapon can’t do rapid-fire, don’t you know that!”

Unable to miss that opportunity, Ksei accelerated toward the enemy.
The [Vil] tries to retreat but the [Caliburn-Revive] is faster.
While skillfully moving in a way that avoids the enemy to align their mega blaster rifle, Kisei accelerated forward by using both Jet Armor and main thruster and pierce the [Vil]’s engine with his pile bunker.

“You little!”

The [Jetta] with a medium machine gun tried to shoot him but a kunai flew out of nowhere and pierced the gun barrel.
It was Saki’s [Dainsleif].

“This way too!?”

The [Jetta] hurriedly throws away the now useless machine gun but Kisei did not miss the opening.
The pile bunker revved up again and the [Jetta] was skewered and slammed to the ground while spewing black oil.

“The help was uncalled for huh?”

“No, you saved me there!”

Kisei replied with a smile to Saki who’s currently engaging with another [Jetta] wielding a longsword.
Certainly, he can avoid that shot but sudden movement like that will take a toll on his body.
If he can defeat the enemy with minimal damage to his body then naturally that’s a better option.

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Just like that, Kisei defeated the Noredian strikers one after another.
After all, even the sturdier model like [Vil] is not enough to stop Zenith-type.
Moreover, against Kisei, there’s not much difference whether it be a [Jetta] or [Vil] in the first place.

Captain! Please do something about this!”

“M, Me!? D, damn it…….”

The captain let out a deep sigh at her subordinate’s request.

From the point of view of the Nored side, it’s unusual for them to be pushed back so badly when they were the ones who initiated the ambush.
The captain doesn’t think that they have a winning chance here but if she retreats now, her dignity will be damaged.
That’s why she has no other choice but to push on.

“Hey, this is Viscountess Erie Bozes! I challenge any soldier who’s brave enough to give their name in single combat!”

Hearing the captain state her name in the public channel, Kisei grinned.
After all, a one-on-one fight is his favorite.

“Mercenary, Hokuto Kisei! [Caliburn-Revive] accept your challenge!”

“Geh!? Isn’t that the [Wicked Star] himself! It’s, it’s all or nothing then!”

The captain’s face immediately turned blue when she realized that her opponent is someone who she can’t possibly handle.
However, she has no other choice.
Unsheathing a bastard sword on her [Vil], she thrust full speed at the [Caliburn-Revive].


High pitch cheer flew from behind her but the reality is still ruthless.
Her downward swing with the bastard sword was skillfully deflected by the bayonet and the pile bunker immediately pierced the [Vil]’s abdomen.

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“Uugh, just a little more…….”

“That wasn’t even close, Captain!”

Kisei bitterly smiled at the radio chatter but his expression immediately stiffen as he looked up to the sky.


Kisei shouted in the public channel.
While confirming that the pilots from both sides started to take cover in a hurry, Kisei flew by and grabbed the cockpit of the [Vil] he just took down.
A moment later, a large number of projectiles were displayed on the radar with a jarring warning sound.

Dozens of seconds later, a large number of rockets struck the ruined city.
The force of the explosion was enough to blow away the [Caliburn-Revive] that was more than a hundred meters away from the point of impact.

“Damn it, on their own allies……”

Inside the shaking cockpit, Kisei clenched his teeth.

Before he finished his sentence, Kisei caught something moving at the corner of his eyes.
A scorched stroller was rolling on a shattered road surface.
As though he just saw something unpleasant, Kisei let out a sigh and frowned.

“The pilot over there! Are you okay?”

After shaking his head, Kisei calls out to the [Vil]’s pilot.
The striker should be disabled as long as its engine is destroyed but the radio should still function with the backup power.

“I, I thought I was a goner…..what happened?”

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“That was an artillery strike from your side! They just bombarded the whole area!”

“H, how could they……”

The captain’s face turned blue.
Unable to find any reason why the Calencian would bombard their own trump card like [Kise], she finds Kisei’s words to be believable.

“I owe you one! You saved my life! I will definitely repay this favor.”

After saying that, the captain angrily yelled into the radio.

“Hey! Are you all still alive!?”

“it, it’s a miracle.”

“I thought I was going to die!”

“Alright, good!”

Thanks to Kisei’s timely warning, there seems to be no casualty from the previous bombardment.
The Calencian pilots also report their safety one after another.

“I don’t know who ordered that artillery strike but we have to let them know who they are messing with! All operable units, converge on the artillery position!”

“Roger that!”

“Let’s give them a bloodbath!”

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“U, Uwah, you are going to betray Nored just like that?”

When the pilots acknowledged the command so readily, Kisei was taken aback by how quick they were to turn on the Nored Empire.
However, the captain simply grins and replies.

“We may be affiliated to the same nation but for us, different territories are like different countries! A lord who shot their subject from behind is no longer a worthy master! In this case, I am simply exercising my right as an aristocrat!”

“That’s right! The Nored is just too inhumane! They are not a master worthy of your service!”

Schleer chimed in.
They may be a small unit but it will still help a lot if they defect to their side.

“We will provide support! Let’s punish those backstabbers with the hammer of justice together!”


As the [former] Noredian soldiers got excited, cold sweat ran down Kisei’s cheek.

“If your lord pisses you off then just betray them! That’s the Vuld’s way.”

For some reason, Saki looked proud when she said that.

“Just how did Vulds manage to form a nation I wonder…….”

Kisei muttered with a mixed feeling.

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