The Viscountess’s Terms

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Several hours later.
Kisei’s group along with Viscountess Erie Bozes and her subordinates were successful in eliminating the Noredian artillery unit.
They were met with some resistance from a few strikers and multi-legged tanks but they were easily dealt with by Kisei.
Moreover, with Viscountess Bozes guiding the way, they managed to find where the artillery unit’s location in no time.

“Needless to say, ours and your empire’s interests are aligned at the moment.
Since we have turned our blade against the Nored Empire, my territory will not be safe unless Calencia somehow wins this war after all.
Even so, do not expect us to swear our allegiance to your country unconditionally.”

“Yes, I understand that.
That’s why, regarding the commercial tax—-”

Kisei’s group is currently resting near the battlefield where black smoke from the wreckage can still be seen.
He’s currently watching Schleer and Viscountess Bozes negotiating from his now opened cockpit.
Viscountess Bozes immediately decided to betray the Nored Empire when they performed an artillery strike on their location but if she just proceeded like that without setting down any agreement first then she would surely suffer a loss in a long run.
That’s why she wants to negotiate with Schleer for some favorable terms for her defection.

“Being an aristocrat sure is a hassle huh.”

Kisei said that as though the matter doesn’t involve him as he fished through the luggage space in his cockpit.
It’s already been some time since the battle began.
He’s getting hungry so he’s searching for some ration.

“Energy bar…..Habanero? Who put this in here? Can’t be helped then……..”

With a grumble, Kisei took out a bowl made from cheap disposable plastic with the cover that says [Completely nutritional Vitamin Beef Bowl].
He put it in the microwave oven installed inside the cockpit and heated it up according to the instructions on its cover.

“I feel like I’ve already eaten a lifetime’s worth of beef bowls though……..”

Still, there’s no use complaining.
Thinking so, Kisei sighs and takes out the heated beef bowl.
When he removed the cover, a simple beef bowl with chopped green onions and a block of synthetic meat on top of white rice could be seen inside.
The beef bowl is the most popular among the many types of ration and it is also a familiar dish that reminds Kisei of home.

“Mogu Mogu.”

As he eats the beef bowl with a difficult expression, his eyes were on Schleer and Viscountess Bozes who are still in the middle of a negotiation.
He’s not particularly interested in their conversation but right now he has nothing better to kill time with.

“But it was with our help that your side managed to take out the artillery so smoothly.
At least I think we can say that we did help you here, correct?”

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Viscountess Bozes shook her blonde ponytail.
She looks like she is in her late twenties but her appearance as she greedily negotiates her own interests truly made her seem like a real aristocrat.

“That is true.
Then, how about we give you eight of the mobile artillery cannons we confiscated from the earlier battle?”

“No, I don’t need that kind of thing.
We won’t be able to move well if we have to carry those cannons around after all.”

Viscountess Bozes shakes her head sideways.
She currently has about 30 strikers under her command.
When it comes to aristocrats, there are both rich and poor aristocrats.
It appears that Viscountess Bozes is on the poorer side.
A mobile cannon needs a minimum of 2 strikers to operate.
That’s why she doesn’t think that it would be a good idea to devote her already small number of subordinates to man such a thing.

“C, Can’t you sell it off later?”

“Used mobile cannons’ price on the market is dirt cheap you know!”

Faced with the harsh truth, Schleer’s mouth turned downward.
The mobile cannons they acquired are an old-fashioned model that widely circulates in the market.
It is doubtful that you can cover the price of a single [Vil] even if you sell all 8.

“T, Then what do you propose? We are not proud of it but we are actually quite desperate on our national budget you know!”

“I’m a knight! I won’t just fight for money.”


“A knight only desires for two things.
Honor and love! That’s why I demand a kiss from [Wicked Star]-dono!”

When the talk suddenly involved him, Kisei started choking on his food.
Schleer looked worriedly at him for a moment but given what the Viscountess said, Kisei seems to have no say about this.

“H, How shameless! We can’t possibly accept such a request!”

“Don’t be stupid! Do you have any idea how rare a chance it is you can get a kiss from a cute boy like this! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance you know! That’s my demand, take it or leave it!”

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“B, But.”

“I’m not asking him to spend a night with me or doing the forehead kiss alright! Cheek! Just my cheek is fine! If you accept this condition I don’t mind pledging my allegiance to Calencia you know!”

“We would only be troubled if you swore allegiance to us because of a stupid condition like this though!!”

Shouted Schleer as she tries to peel off Viscountess Bozes who has already abandoned her shame and dignity and is now clinging to her.

“EEI, if you are going to push this request then the negotiation is over! Let me go!”

Since the negotiation seemed to be falling apart, Kisei hurriedly shoved the rest of the contents of his bowl into his mouth and swallowed it.
He then stands up and removes his seat plate.
Under the seat, there was a deep circular hole.
It’s an excellent design that can function as both a trash chute and a toilet.
After he puts the now empty bowl there, he tries to step out of the cockpit.

“….no, for a time like this…..”

Thinking about what he’s going to do, he goes back inside and fish through his luggage for toothpaste.
After he used it to give his mouth a quick clean-up, he jumped out of the cockpit.



Viscountess Bozes was still stuck to Schleer.
While being astounded by her action, Kisei helps Schleer peel her away.

“What are you doing, seriously.”

“I’m, I’m sorry.”

Schleer apologized.
However, the Viscountess immediately crouches down while staring at Kisei with a big smile.

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“Here! Please do it here!”

Said the Viscountess as she eagerly pointed at her right cheek.

Seeing that, Kisei deeply sighed.

“If a kiss can make you our ally then there’s no helping it.
Since I’m going to do it, I expect you to work hard for us okay.”

“Of course! A knight won’t go back on her word!”

The young beauty repeatedly excitedly nodded.
At the moment, she looks more like a monkey in heat rather than a knight.
While wondering why he has to do this, Kisei makes another sigh.

“K, Kisei-san! You can’t!”

Kisei turned his dull eyes toward Schleer who’s trying to stop him.
He then approached her and whispered directly into her ear.

“Just because—-….”

“M, my ear! Your breath! HOAAA!!?”

Schleer jumped and began to tremble in excitement when he whispered to her ear.
However, faster than she could start rambling, Kisei continued.

“Just because she doesn’t have that many strikers under her control, we can’t just waste an opportunity like this right.”

“B, But, a kiss…….”

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“I’m doing this willingly so it’s fine!”


There’s no way that she would be able to stand seeing Kisei kiss another woman.
At that moment, the image of Valentina kissing Kisei came to her mind.
Then, she came up with something.

“Th, then…..please kiss me later as well.
On my forehead.
If you do that then I won’t complain.”


Why’s she making more demands now? Kisei groaned to himself but he also remembered that it was him who told her to be more honest with her desire.

“Fine, I got it.
Later, alright!”

Schleer begins to celebrate in silence.
The Viscountess who sensed that the negotiations had been completed then offered her cheeks to Kisei with a joyful expression.
While holding down the stomachache which is gradually growing stronger, Kisei brings his lips to her cheek with a reluctant expression.

“…….this is fine ri—–”


Before Kisei could finish his sentence, Viscountess Bozes suddenly picked him up in a princess carry.
Just like that, she runs over to her subordinates who were waiting nearby with him in her arms.



From behind, Schleer hurriedly chased after her.

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