Underground Fortress Infiltration 2

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Kisei said that this underground passage reminds him of a dungeon commonly found in RPG games.
And his view is not wrong.
These underground bases are primarily designed to delay enemy troops that infiltrate it with forked pathways and destroy them with traps and ambushes.
The main idea of this place is not much different from a labyrinth designed to challenge adventurers.

“Alright, they’re doing this as expected.

Kisei has been walking in front of the group while blasting away the traps with his blaster pistol but he suddenly halted just before he turned the corner.
The multi-legged tank that followed behind him had to stop their advance in a hurry and its front legs slammed into the back of the [Caliburn-Revive].

“That’s dangerous isn’t it!! Please don’t stop moving all of a sudden like that!!”

The driver of the tank angrily shouted.
It wouldn’t look nice for them if they got into an accident inside the enemy-controlled area.
After all, even a Zenith would not escape unscathed if it was rammed by a heavy tank at full speed.

“S, Sorry.”

“If you take a selfie with me I will forgive you!”


“We were moving at the safe speed in the first place right!”

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The crews of the other multi-legged tanks and the striker pilots all raised their voices.
On the other hand, the driver only replied with ‘Whatever are you guys talking about’.

“Stop this.
We are in the middle of an operation.”

Schleer reprimanded them in a fed-up voice.
Since the Prince Ao incident, more and more people have begun to treat Kisei like an idol.
Schleer doesn’t want to complain unless they bother him but this time they lack self-awareness for this operation.

“Selfie aside, Your Highness, can you lend me your sword?”

“Eh, this is so sudden!? W, Well, I don’t mind…….”

While wondering what he’s going to do with it, Schleer hands the Zweihander mounted inside the shield on the shoulder of the [Mistilteinn] to Kisei.

“Thanks! This is it.”

Kisei happily wields the Zweihander which has the same height as the [Caliburn-Revive] in one hand.
The white light illuminating the passage reflects off the thick blade, giving off a mysterious shine.

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“Alright, give me a minute.
Everyone, please stay put here.
Don’t move out until I say so okay?”

“K, Kisei-san, what are you doing!? Wait!”

“See you!”

Without answering Schleer’s question, Kisei rushed out of the corner.
At the same time, thunderous gunshots, explosions, loud metallic noises echo through the passageway, and the walls at the corners were blown apart, probably from multiple bombardments.

However, the noises did not last even for a minute.
Schleer and the others still try to figure out what happened when Kisei returned to their side while saying ‘I’m done’.

“O, Ohh, wha-…..”

The tank driver who nervously peeked over the corner was speechless.
And that is rightly so.
After all, the place that lies before her was like a scrapyard.

The thing that stands out the most is the multi-legged tank whose body is skewered by the zweihander.
There were other tanks in the area with their engine blown off by an anti-ship grenade launcher, and strikers that looked like they were pierced by a pile bunker as well.

“One, two, three………Hiiee, he took down this many in such a short time.”

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One of the engineers from the engineer unit said in a small voice when she peeked over.
The total number of wreckage here is a little less than their party.
Since the Calencian side also has engineers which can not be counted as combat personnel among them, they would surely suffer great damage if they collide with the enemy head-on.

“It’s a narrow path after all……there’s nowhere you can take cover in this passage so it’s pretty easy to deal with them.”

“No, that also applies to you too, right.”

Saki astounded replied to Kisei who said that so casually.

“Well, you see, they placed a tank at the front of their formation right.
Unlike the turret on warships, these tanks can’t do rapid-fire.
That’s why it’s actually quite easy to avoid their shot, you know.”

“You can do that?”

So, if you can avoid their shots, all you need is to get close and shut them down.
The narrower the passage, the clearer the difference in skills after all.”

“Yeah, sure.”

It’s pretty normal for Kisei to pull off something crazy like this.
Since she has to go along with it every time, Saki is already used to it.
However, the soldiers accompanying them this time are not.

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“I’ve heard rumors but he’s this strong?”

“He really is our guardian deity.”

“I will make that selfie my family heirloom…..”

Schleer narrows her eyes at her subordinates who gradually become noisier.
Kisei did great in crushing the enemy ambush unscathed but she still wishes she can play more of an active role here.

“Thanks for this.”

Her train of thought was interrupted by Kisei who pulled out the zweihander from the tank and returned it to her.
Schleer accepts it with a bitter smile while wondering why he’s thanking her when what he’s done for them far outweigh the trivial act of lending him her sword.

“It’s nothing.
But next time it will be my turn.
Even if it won’t be much, let me show you my cool side next time.”

“Alright, I’m looking forward to it.”

Hearing how she said that so straightforwardly, Kisei can’t help but make a bitter smile himself.

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