A Woman’s Will 1

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“This place sure is wide.
They weren’t kidding when they said that Strikers wouldn’t have any problem moving around here huh.”

Said Kisei as he looked around the underground harbor.
This underground harbor which was constructed to house large warships for their resupply and maintenance work is about the size of a small port town.

“I don’t mind your sightseeing but we will not allow you to interfere with the duel, Mercenary.”

The aged staff officer warned him through the radio.
She remains in the command center but she is probably keeping her eyes on them through the surveillance cameras.
Thinking so, Kisei unintentionally smiled.

“Of course, interfering in someone else’s duel would be rude to both sides after all.”

it appears that you properly understand our way despite being a man huh.”

Her words were thorny but Kisei didn’t pay them any mind.
After all, his ego is not so fragile as to be hurt by such words.

“Hah, that’s some big word you are spouting Old Hag.
Don’t lump our Hokuto in with the pathetic likes of yours.”

Instead, it was Saki who reacted to her barbed words.
For some reason, she also lightly tapped the shoulder of the [Caliburn-Revive] with a smug expression.
They were not in a video communication but Kisei could roughly know what kind of expression she is making just by her voice.

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‘But didn’t you also tell me that a man has no business being on the battlefield before?’, such words came to his mind but Kisei refused the urge to retort and swallowed it back down.
Now that Saki is treating him like a comrade in arms, it doesn’t matter.

“You sure have a mouth, little girl.
Can’t say I like it.”

“I don’t remember asking for your opinion though.”

It’s a tense atmosphere where provocations are being exchanged.
However, before it could break out into a full-on quarrel, the shutter at the back of the harbor opened.
What appeared from inside was a flashy vermillion striker.
Two sabers are hanging at the left and right sides of its hips with a blaster carbine in its right hand.

With dignified steps, the vermillion striker entered the harbor.
Behind it are [Jettas] and [Vils] marching as though they are soldiers accompanying their general.
They are probably her personal guards.

“You came.
I’ve been waiting.”

In the cockpit of the [Mistilteinn], Schleer greeted them with a warlike smile.
She then released her crossed arms and gently placed her hands on the control sticks.

“Ara, so you’ve actually waited.
Aren’t you afraid of losing?”

“I don’t feel like losing after all.”

Schleer replies with a smirk.

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“I am the next Marchioness of Mithra, Melange Hohen.
I will not be defeated by a backwater princess like you!”

Melange said as she thrust out her non-existent chest inside the cockpit.
Thinking that she’s quite confident, Kisei asked the aged staff officer a question.

“Mithra huh.
Is it a big territory in Nored?”

“The Principality of Mithra is a rich country with multiple trading ports, don’t you even know that?”

Perhaps she’s from the Mithra Principality as well, the aged officer’s reply was curt as though finding fault with him for not even knowing that.

“Is that so, I was on the other side of the galaxy until just half a year ago so……”

Even if what she said is true and Mithra is a major trading hub here, there are numerous star systems as there are stars.
Of course, there are many large-scale countries in existence across the universe that’s why Kisei can’t possibly know about each and every aristocratic territory within them.

“Every single one of you really is country bumpkins huh! Alright, if I win, I will take that princess over there back to my territory as a prisoner! I will educate you on what a real city looks like.”

Melange declared with a cruel smile.

“By the way, I will take you to my earlymoon(a trip before the wedding) with my fiance as well.
You should be good enough to pull the rickshaw for us! You are so proud of your strength after all, two birds with one stone!”

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“Ahn!? That woman has a fiance!!”

Saki roared.
Behind her, the Calencian soldiers also boo at Melange.
Their reaction is inevitable given that she’s just boasting of her lover on the battlefield drought of man.

“THAT’S RIGHT! Don’t lump me in with losers like you people!”

Replying so, Melange mockingly laughs at them.

“Un, Unforgivable…….”

“Should we all get her together? Let’s do it!”

“Wait wait WAit! Don’t be hasty now!”

In a hurry, Kisei stopped the Calencian soldiers who began to take up their weapons.
This is a one on one fight between Melange and Schleer.
He can’t allow them to ruin that.

“Hmm, is that so.”

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However, Schleer’s expression remains casual when she looked back at the vermillion striker and replied so.

“So your family is rich? Great! This means that we can get a lot of ransom out of you! Since we are at it, asking for a ransom for your release isn’t a step too far right!”


Confused, Melange’s eyes turned into dots.
And Schleer continues.

“I’m looking forward to greeting your parent now, Kisei-san! Please look forward to it as well!”

“What is she talking about now, that idiot?”

Saki said in an unpleasant voice.
Kisei on the other hand simply sighed and turned away.

“As long as I have my love for you, I will not lose to anyone! Schleer Henrietta, [Mistilteinn]! Let’s duel!”

“Fu Fuhn! You sure can bark huh! Melange Hohen! [Urbaf] accept your challenge!”

After both sides gave their names, the duel started.

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