A Woman’s Will 2

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“Here I go!”

The first to make a move was the [Urbaf], a lightweight Zenith piloted by the base commander, Melange.
The vermillion striker sprints through the steel and concrete-covered square of the underground harbor while emitting a blue trail from its thruster.

“Oh, don’t think I will let you get close so easily!”

The [Urbaf] is a close-range specialized striker with no other ranged weapon besides its blaster carbine.
To the [Mistilteinn] a striker equipped head to toe with numerous firearms, it is a striker that should not be allowed to get close.
Pulling the trigger, a large number of missiles fired from the pods on the [Mistilteinn]’s legs and waist.

The number of missiles was overwhelming and they all converged toward the [Urbaf].

“Hmph, missiles huh, that’s not something a real warrior should be using!”

However, on the other hand, Melange pulled her control sticks with a brave smile.
She makes a sharp turn and takes cover behind a gantry crane.
The missiles impacted on the sturdy steel crane and exploded in a fiery red explosion which illuminated the warships docked at the wharf.

“Tsk, this place is too claustrophobic.”

There are many large buildings in the harbor for maintenance and resupplying work.
It’s a location where you would not have a shortage of covers.
For a striker specialized in ranged warfare, it’s a hard place to exhibit its power.

“Even so, I have enough firepower to compensate that!”

The moment she shouted so, Schleer fired her blaster cannon toward the gantry crane.
The extra thick beam burns through the steel frame and pierces it, making the crane the size of a small tower collapse in a loud noise.

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“Wait a minute! Your Highness! This place will be our forward base once we take over, right!?”

The Calencian soldiers voiced their concern but Schleer didn’t pay them any mind.
After all, if she loses because she has to worry about collateral damage here then it would be putting a cart before the horse.

“There you are!”

Schleer sprays her heavy machine gun into the shadowy figure she spotted through the dust cloud.

“Like hell that will hit me!”

With a flash of thruster flame, Melange moved out of the way and the bullets pierced the reinforced concrete behind her.
Her reaction speed was superb.
It seems that she does have the ability to support her big words earlier.
On the other hand, seeing the [Urbaf] rush out at her from the smoke, Schleer whistled.

“That stationary cannon-like striker of yours will never land a hit on me!”

Melange fires her blaster carbine at the [Mistilteinn] that continues spraying bullets toward her.
Schleer nimbly avoided the shots but Melange already anticipated that.
As she continues to avoid the spray of bullets from the machine gun, she performs sudden acceleration and immediately closes in on Schleer.

“Stay still!”

Schleer continued shooting her machine gun toward Melange but she skillfully used a shield to hinder Schleer’s line of sight and keep approaching her.
When she noticed it, Melange was already at her side.

“I got you!”

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The muzzle of Melange’s blaster carbine is pointed at Schleer and she rapidly opens fire.
However, Schleer simply protected herself with a shield.
After all, against low-power/low-caliber projectiles, the [Mistilteinn] has enough defensive capability to withstand any number of shots.

“Tsk! But at this range, I don’t need a gun anymore!”

As soon as she shouted that, Melange pulled out the twin sabers from the waist.

“Dual wielding!?”

Saki who was watching the duel from afar shouted.
Many pilots are good with their swords but it’s rare to see a dual wielder like Melange.


Schleer who’s currently facing her also narrowed her eyes.
From the movement Melange exhibited so far, there’s no doubt that Melange’s ability is the real deal.
It’s clear that she is not using two swords at the same time just for the look of it.
Assessing that she must be a skilled swordfighter, a small mistake on Schleer’s part might be enough for Melange to cut her down in an instant.

“Take this!”

Melange rushed in with a strong step.
Schleer continues to shoot the heavy machine gun while retreating with all her might but a heavy striker with poor maneuverability like [Mistilteinn] can’t possibly get away from the agile [Urbaf] so easily.
Despite how she magnificently evaded the first strike, the white blade continues to approach [Mistilteinn].

“You’re fast!”

While admiring the [Urbaf]’s speed, Schleer’s movement was calm and collected.
She immediately abandoned her heavy machine gun and pulled out the photon saber from the chest hardpoint to catch the saber coming from her right while using the shield mounted on [Mistilteinn]’s shoulder to block the one from the left.

At the same time, she pulled the trigger and the head-mounted machine gun sprayed a large number of bullets down toward the [Urbaff]’s chest armor.
Although it was designed to be light, the chest armor of the [Urbaf] is thick enough to prevent bullets from low-caliber rounds from piercing it.
However, the sound of the bullets impacting just outside her cockpit made Melange jump in surprise.

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Without missing that small opening, Schleer’s photon saber swing sideways at the [Urbaf].

“Don’t think that such lukewarm swordsmanship can defeat me!”

However, the side swing was ruthlessly blocked by Melange’s saber.
The [Mistilteinn] appears to have the stronger power output but her photon saber was unable to cut into Melange’s steel saber.
Her blade was stopped.
And that means she’s now exposing a fatal opening to her enemy.

“This is the end!”

Melange slashes at Schleer with the saber in her right hand.

Seeing that, Schleer grinned.

“You took the bait!”

At the same time, Schleer’s hand slams on the screen panel of her console.

[[Releasing Recoil Suppression System]]

Along with the AI’s inorganic voice, she fired the blaster cannon on her shoulder.
The thick beam flew over the [Urbaf]’s shoulder and hit the concrete floor because she didn’t take a proper aim but that doesn’t matter.
Due to the disabled Recoil Suppression System, the [Mistilteinn] flew backward from the recoil of the shot.
Although she only fired a charged particle, the recoil from it is comparable to a solid shell due to its power.

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As a result, blood drained from the face of Melange whose slash was brilliantly evaded.
However, it’s too late to make a counter-move now.
Schleer, who forcibly stopped the backward momentum using the feet anchor, grabbed the handle of the Zweihander mounted inside her shoulder shield while using the thruster to rush back toward Melange.

“Saki is not the only one who can use an electromagnetic scabbard!”

At the same time, using the electromagnetic ejection mechanism inside her shoulder shield, the zweihander was unsheathed at tremendous speed.
The slash brilliantly cut through the vermillion armor of the [Urbaf] and horizontally split its body into two, making its upper half tumble to the concrete floor.

“Hmph, I guess this is it.”

Glancing at the [Urbaf]’s undamaged cockpit, Schleer nodded in satisfaction.
Swearing voices can be heard from the radio but Schleer simply smiles at how energetic her opponent is and mercilessly cuts off the communication with the [Urbaf].

“Kisei-san! Did you see!? I won!!”

“Luring your opponent close by tricking them to think that you are weak in close-quarter then finish the fight with a surprise attack huh.
That was splendid.”

Kisei responded in a joyful voice to Schleer who celebrated while making a peace sign inside her cockpit.
He was not trying to flatter her.
He simply states a genuine praise.
Her opponent has a complete geographical advantage over her.
In such a narrow place full of covers like this, a heavy-duty long-range striker would have a hard time against a nimble and agile striker.
Schleer’s victory came solely from her own skills and wit.

“Right! Right! Hahahahahaha!”

“It seems she’s going to be annoying for a while huh.”

Seeing Schleer rejoice so cheerfully, Saki muttered with a frown on her face.

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