The Pervert MPs

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“By the way, Earlier Her Highness told me not to go to [Her] room you know.”

While walking in the corridor of the underground fortress, Kisei said that as though he’s trying to make an excuse.

“She’s probably just jealous again, don’t worry about it.”

Replied Saki as she looked back at him with a grin.
[Her] in this context is, of course, Melange, the former commander of this fortress who was taken prisoner after her loss in a duel with Schleer the other day.
The relationship between Schleer and Melange is not that good due to the circumstance they met each other in.
Certainly, it wouldn’t be a good feeling to let someone you love see a person like that.

“In the first place, that woman already has a fiance right? She’s getting married soon so she wouldn’t go out of her way to flirt with another man anyway.”

In Vuld society where the number of men is extremely small, even aristocrats have a hard time getting married.
As far as men are concerned, it is even common for a commoner man to suddenly get welcomed into a high-ranking aristocratic family as the son-in-law.
With that being the case, no woman would actively cheat on their fiance when it’s so hard to get engaged in the first place.

“Certainly, that person treats me quite normally.
I’m actually grateful for that too.”

While playing with the vinyl wrap of the cup ramen he has in his hand for some reason, Kisei let out a small sigh.
After all, in a society where just being a man made everyone treat you as someone special, it’s impossible to not get tired out.

“Well, I don’t really hate that kind of person.
She might seem haughty but she always gives you something delicious after all.”

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“Her Highness said that she was luring me with food but I think that it applies better to Makishima-san though.”

“Hahaha, leave me alone.”

While having such a conversation, they arrived at their destination.
The room where Melange was put under house arrest.
There, two guards armed with rifles are standing watch outside the sturdy reinforced carbon door.

When they approached, the guards observed them with keen eyes.

“Geh, it’s these guys huh.”

Saki cursed a little before leaving Kisei behind to go talk to the guards.

“Sorry, I’m delivering this to the prisoner.”

She said that while showing them the cup ramen in her hand.
For better or worse, Melange is still a daughter of a great aristocratic house.
Who would believe that she’s delivering such a thing to someone like that? Thinking so, Kisei rolled his eyes.

“No, sorry but we also have our job to do.
We can’t let you pass so easily.”

“Ah, this is for you two.”

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Kisei pulled out two lollipops from the pocket of his flight jacket and handed them to the guards who received them with a smile.

“I was craving something sweet.

“As our thanks, let us give you a hug.”

Of course, the guards didn’t care about the candy.
They just use gratitude as their excuse to hug Kisei.
It was totally sexual harassment but there’s no way around it.
They are bribing them after all.
Thinking so, Kisei endured the alternating hugs of the two guards whose expressions look like they are petting a cat.

“Damn……if the MPs are like this then I don’t have any hope left for the world.”

Saki muttered in a small voice so that the guards wouldn’t hear her.
Surprisingly, they are wearing MP armbands.
It should be an MP’s job to hunt down those people with inappropriate behaviors here but their state is as you can see now.

“Hmm, a visit right? Wait a minute, I will go check.”

After enjoying the hug for a while, one of the guards entered the room.
At the same time, Saki grabs Kisei’s sleeve and quietly moves him away from the door.
She then speaks to him in a small voice.

“As I thought, let’s just beat them up next time.
They are starting to get ahead of themselves now.
We better set an example out of them.”

“If they are going to let us pass with this much then it’s a cheap price to pay though.”

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Saki was serious but Kisei shook his head sideways in reply.
He’s sick of it but they neither extort nor force their way with him.
Something at this level happens quite frequently to him so he’s already used to it.

“Even so, you’re still a man……”

“In the first place, wasn’t it Makishima-san who invited me here though?”

When Kisei argued back, Saki growls with a bitter expression.

“If the people watching guard aren’t these guys they would let me through…… seems I’m out of luck today, sorry.”

Saki apologized with her wolf ears drooped down.

“Don’t take it so seriously, I really don’t mind it.”

It was Kisei who was troubled instead since she seems so worried about it.
Unlike the chaste and graceful Vuld males, Kisei doesn’t usually turn down something at this level in the first place.

“Still, when they are being so blatant like this, it’s kinda taking me by surprise though.”

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Saki groaned with her arms folded.
As she thought, it’s her fault that Kisei went through this.
The next time she sees someone trying to pull this, she will immediately shut them down.
Of course, since she knew that Kisei would try to persuade her otherwise, she didn’t say it out loud.

“She said you can go in.”

Then, a guard came out of the room.
It seems that they asked for Melange’s permission.

“Well, setting that aside, let’s go get our meal.
It’s not going to be a beef bowl this time!”

Kisei said in a cheerful voice as if trying to blow away the heavy atmosphere and walked toward the door.

Saki followed him.


On her way, she glared at the guards when they passed each other.
However, they simply look back at her with a carefree expression.
It seems that no occupation has thicker skin than the MP.


After clicking her tongue, Saki entered the room.

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