Lover Boasting and Complaints

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“You came again? You guys sure have a lot of free time huh.”

Greeted Melange with an astonished expression.
Since Kisei and Saki are the top ace of Calencia, Melange naturally knows about them.
That being said, since they come to play at her room every single day, it probably can’t be helped for her to think that they are not doing their work properly.

“There’s no way around it right.
The most the Noredians are doing these days is harassing us after all.
We don’t have a large-scale battle to fight in for a while now.”

“Coming from Diaroze-sama, her strategy this time is quite passive huh.”

Saki speaks to her in a casual tone like she’s talking to a friend.
On the other hand Melange doesn’t seem to mind her attitude even though she is a high-ranking noble.
Apparently, the two were a good match and they strangely got along well with each other in this short period of time.

“Isn’t she just scared? She did lose that badly to us the other day after all.”

Saying so, Saki sits down on a chair placed in the center of the room with Kisei following suit.

“Then that would be an interesting sight.
I would pay to see that haughty princess quivering in fear you know.”

Melange has a nasty grin on her face.
It seemed that being used as a disposable pawn does not sit well with her so she’s feeling bitter toward her general.

“Well, that’s fine and all.
What do you want with me today?”

“I brought this for you.

Kisei offered her a cup ramen.
Receiving it, Melange reads the label with interest.

“Giga-sized Tonkotsu Ramen-Triple Garlic version? You guys, are you seriously trying to make me eat this?”

“It’s fine right.
Your fiance isn’t here anyway.”

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“That sounds like a line from a male lead in a third-rate melodrama……this situation doesn’t have any men’s tempting sex appeal whatsoever though.”

While groaning with a tired expression, Melange also sits down face-to face with Kisei.
She then put the cup ramen on the table and looked at Kisei’s face.

“You, the only thing worth boasting about you is your face so you should stop saying something like that to others you know.
Some idiots might get the wrong idea after all.”

“Don’t you have to be a genuine idiot to misunderstand something like this?”

“Wait, isn’t our princess likely to get the wrong idea from such a line though.”


Saki and Melange looked at each other and laughed out loud.

Even though the person herself is not here, there should be a limit to how much they should make fun of her though.

Thinking so, Kisei let out a small sigh.

“So, well, we want to trade something with you in exchange for this.”

“What, sweets again? Sure, I have a lot more after all.”

Like a squirrel or a hamster, Melange stores a variety of food inside her room.
It appears that she’s quite a foodie.
That must be why she is willing to accept this kind of trade.

“No, I was hoping that you have some kind of ration stored here.”

“Our ration today is beef bowl again you see.
That’s why we thought that we should bring something to trade with you.”

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“Again? Haven’t we been given only that for the past few days already!?”

Melange frowned.
Of course, since they are short on supplies, not only the soldiers but the prisoners have to put up with the same limited ration.
The fact that Kisei has to eat a beef bowl again means that Melange will also have to eat the same thing.

“Seriously? Can’t be helped then…..wait a minute.”

Melange stood up after heaving a deep sigh.
She then walked toward her closet where a large amount of food was hidden inside.

Ten minutes later.
A steaming steak and a jar of sauerkraut were placed in front of Kisei and Saki.
Steak is a Vuld’s soul food.
Looking at the steak, Saki’s expression looked like her face is melting.

“So you do have something good hidden here after all!”

“It’s only a ready-made one though.
Well, this should still be better than eating another beef bowl right.”

Melange presented the steak like it was something cheap but this steak is made from organic beef that only rich aristocrats can buy.
It surely will taste different from the synthetic meats spiced with cultured protein and seasonings.
Naturally, even a royalty from a poor country like Calencia won’t be able to get their hands on such a thing so regularly.

“Ready-made huh.
Hmm? It’s still organic right? This is amazing you know.”

In front of this rare treat, Saki’s tension was quite high and the complimented Melange also seems to be proud about it.

“Well, I am the next Marchioness of Mithra after all.
Taking good care of the poor is a noble’s duty right?”

“Man, as expected from a great noble! You have my respect!”

“WaHaHaHaHa! You don’t have to praise me that much……I will accept it though.”

In truth, it felt extremely unfair for them to trade a cup ramen for 2 servings of organic steak but Melange allowed it in a good mood.
She is certainly a type of person that you can easily get along with.

Of course, the two did not hesitate to stick their forks into the steaks.
Although it could also be considered an army ration, the steak is extremely delicious since it’s a product aim for high-ranking aristocrats.

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“It’s delicious but, it’s a little too big for me…….”

That’s a waste.
You want me to finish it for you?”

Have at it.”

Even so, Kisei is relatively a light eater.
He immediately ate his fill and Saki took over his leftovers.

Seeing that, Melange made a bitter smile.

“You won’t grow if you don’t eat a lot you know?”

“Unfortunately, it seems that my growth period is already over.”

Said Kisei while playing with the shredded sauerkraut with his spoon.
The sour fermented cabbage gives just the right refreshing taste after a big meal.

“Well, that’s true.
You are actually tall for a man after all.”

“Is your fiance shorter than me?”

“Of course! He’s tiny and cute you know, my fiance.”

Melange replied happily when the topic of her fiance was brought up.
For a while after that, she keeps boasting about her fiance.
However, since she gave him a good meal, Kisei subconsciously listened to her seriously.

“So, that’s why he’s the best! I would be troubled if I don’t get released in time for my wedding you know!”

“I guess that will be depending on how this war will go huh……”

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Saki answers with a slightly fed-up look.
Aristocratic POWs are usually released after their side pay a ransom but usually, such ransom negotiation would not begin until the end of the war.

“Thanks to a certain someone, the Calencian managed to obtain a one-sided victory in the previous battle after all! I don’t know how the war will go now…….”

“It’s a job after all.”

Kisei grinned at Melange who looked at him with a little displeased eyes.
On the other hand, seeing his nonchalant attitude, Melange simply shrugs in return.

“Well, the one who was to blame the most is that Diaroze after all! Making us an accomplice in a terrible act like that!”

Melange fumed up when she recalled the face of Diaroze.
It seems that she really did object to the purge bombing Diaroze performed on civilians.

Since she’s willing to say this much about her general, it seems that a grudge toward Diaroze runs deep inside her.

Seeing her, Kisei remembers Valentina’s words.
Valentina also detests Diaroze.
Judging from this, as the supreme commander of an army, it seems that she is not that popular with her subordinates.

“It does feel different to hear that from someone from Nored.
Come to think of it, Diaroze-sama is not well-liked inside the Nored army isn’t she?”

“Well, yeah.
Are you curious about that woman?”

“It seems that she considers me a threat on a strategic level after all…….that’s why I think that I would be more on the safe side if I at least learn something about her.”

After all, the memory of the hardship he suffered from Diaroze’s concentrated attack on Leboir is still fresh in his mind.

“I see.
It’s not good for me to spill information to the enemy but it would be even more annoying to see that woman acting all self-important after this……I will tell you what you want to know.”

Unexpectedly, Melange agrees to share information with them.
It appears that her hatred toward Diaroze outweighed the unpleasantness of selling out her ally.

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