The Hug

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“Even at sea……I still have nothing to do.”

Kisei muttered while performing a big stretch.
In front of him was a deep blue ocean.
Other than the large number of Calencian ships sailing in platoons, there are no islands or man-made objects around them.

“You don’t have to worry about that, we will carry out the operation tomorrow after all.
I think you should enjoy your free time while you can, you know?”

Schleer who was nearby said with a bitter smile.
That being said, it’s not just Kisei who’s tired of this excessive free time.
On the 1st deck, Kisei and Schleer are at, many crew members are working with a bored expression.
The Calencian side is completely out of tune since there was no decent fight for a while now.

“That’s true.”

The Calencian fleet is currently heading toward another continent to capture the 2nd fortress.
If this operation is successful, it should be much easier for them to take control over Senstera Prime.

“Still, sailing like this will easily make you feel lazy though.
We should be able to get there in no time if we fly right.”

“We have to avoid enemy radar…..besides, on the ocean, it would be faster to sail you know.
Flying just above the surface is slow and nerve-wracking after all.”

Modern warships can fly in the sky using anti-gravity lifters and propulsion from their thrusters.
However, it is not very wise to fly them because they were not designed to be aircraft.
In the first place, making tens of thousands of tons of steel fly in the sky is already unreasonable in and of itself.
That’s why, on a planet with oceans, you often use sailing as the main means of transport for warships just like this.

“I already know that.
Well, it can’t be helped huh, something like this……”

Shrugging his shoulders, Kisei glanced to his side.
At the stern of the ship, the crew members are carrying fishing rods.

“……can they really catch anything though.”

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“We are going pretty fast so I don’t think so.
It might be possible with a net though……”


Kisei giggled.
Schleer also let out a small laugh but she immediately sighed afterward.
Her out-of-shape soldiers are worrying her.
It makes her think if it’s really okay for them to continue like this.

“Certainly, this doesn’t look good.”

Kisei, who saw through her thoughts from her expression, said so while lazing around himself.
However, Kisei is a mercenary who is accustomed to the battlefield so he’s good at switching his moods.
That being said, the same can not be said to the Calencian soldiers since this is their first actual war.

“Should I go admonish them?”

“Just because their superior tells them off doesn’t mean that they can just switch to their serious mode you know.”

“Is that so……”

Just like Saki, Vuld soldiers often are free-spirited.
Even if Schleer admonished them, her words wouldn’t affect them much.

“Perhaps, this is also our enemy’s aim.
They might be waiting for us to relax our guard before attacking.
It’s a standard tactic right?”

“That sounds terribly plausible.”

Schleer frowned.
It’s been a long time since they left the harbor but they have not met with any obstruction by Nored so far.
According to the information they obtained, the enemy should have several submarines stationed on this planet.
However, there has been no report of submarine sightings until now.
Their situation couldn’t be any more anxious.

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“Their commander is not incompetent either.
I can tell that much from what happened at Leboir.
We should expect that she would try to do something that we don’t want them to do the most.”

“Just in case, I’ve issued an order to give maximum caution to underwater detection……but if caution alone has that much effect then we wouldn’t be pushed back so much in the first place though……”

The Nored army has both higher quality weapons as well as superior numbers.
In addition, if their commander is also capable, the Nored is an opponent they need to be extremely cautious against.
They need to come up with a countermeasure before their enemy can spring their trap.

“Somehow, I’m getting anxious about this.”

“It’s a quality of a good commander to be on guard against your opponent.
That being said, too much worry will only slow you down you know.”

“Please, don‘t flatter me.”

Schleer’s mouth cramped up at Kisei’s words.

“Sorry, sorry.”

Kisei replied with a smile.
Feeling a bit jealous of his carefree attitude, Schleer turned away from him.
The scene that lies beyond her was the clear blue ocean.


A moment after, she turned back to Kisei and silently grabbed his hand.

Just like that, she pushes Kisei into a dark corner.

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“Eh, wha…..”

When Kisei was still confused, Schleer hugged him.
Feeling the soft sensation pressed against him through her military uniform, Kisei was surprised.

“I wanted, to see you look a little impatient.”

After hugging him for about 10 seconds, Schleer released Kisei and said that.
She pretended to be calm but her face was bright red.
Her moist eyes stare straight into Kisei’s.

“…..well, that did surprise me.”

Kisei is used to sexual harassment but he didn’t expect it to come from Schleer.
He knows that she’s a little bit of a pervert but until now she has never done anything directly to him before.

“I have a lot of worries you know.
This battle is one I can’t afford to lose, and there are so many rivals around you too.”

“Your Highness, that’s……”

‘Even if she says that to him he can’t do anything about that.’ is what he wanted to say but Schleer put her finger in front of his lips and stopped him.

“Others always call me Your Highness this, Your Highness that…”

“So you want me to call you by your name?”

“Of course.”

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“You really are helpless……”

Kisei lightly laughs.
He understands that she wants to be closer to him.
And in fact, he doesn’t hate Schleer either.
He likes seeing her giving her all into everything she does and it’s fun to see her being an airhead sometimes.
However, Kisei also wants to avoid getting himself killed during intercourse at all costs so he can’t easily accept her advances either.

“So I can call you Schleer?”

Please say it again.”


With tears on the edge of her eyes, Schleer repeatedly nodded.

If she gets this happy just by having her name called then it’s even more embarrassing for Kisei to do so.

“Let’s leave it at this for today! We have to return to the deck! I should be on standby in my cockpit so that I can go out at any time right.”

When Kisei turns his heels and starts hastily walking away, Schleer chases after him.

“W, Wait for me!”

Around the same time that the two were having such a youthful exchange, a strange object surfaced behind the Calencian fleet.
It’s hard to see because of the camouflage it has on but it looks like a small plastic buoy.

The object appears to have many built-in cameras and its mechanical lens focus on the passing Calencian fleet……

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