Offense 3

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Two days later.
The Calencian main force is still being pinned by Diaroze’s bombardment and despite the mountainous area providing cover for them, no army would be able to advance properly when they are being bombarded day and night like this.

“The submarine attacked again!? This is already the third time you know!”

In that situation, Schleer was yelling at the radio.
Her [Mistilteinn] is now crouching in a makeshift trench.
Even though the shells are not likely to hit them given the area they are in, it was still necessary for them to prepare an improvised trench in case their enemy got lucky.

“What’s the damage?……..One destroyer? So you managed to sink one of their ships in the counterattack……I see, I understand.
For the time being, please give priority to rescue the survivors.”

With a sigh, Schleer cut the communication to her fleet.
Since the beginning of the battle, there have been many multiple attacks from the enemy submarines.
The damage is by no means large but it is not negligible either.
It doesn’t sit well with her when their rear is being pressured like this.

“As I thought, our situation is not so good.
We are wasting both our time and supplies……”

Another sigh escaped her with the sound of shells raining constantly around her.
With each thunderous sound of the enemy artillery cannon, Schleer keeps getting more and more depressed.

“Even so, this is not a situation where we can push forward either right.
For them to have this many artillery cannons in place means that they must have set up all kinds of defense ahead of us after all.”

Said Kisei whose [Caliburn-Revive] was also crouching next to Schleer.
With the use of strikers, digging a trench big enough to fit a few strikers is no big deal and currently, most of the Calencian troops are taking cover inside such make-shift trenches.

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“That is true.
I’m sure that they must have already set up plenty of trenches and pillboxes ahead of us.
This is a mess.”

“Anyway, I think that it would be better if we scout ahead first.
If possible we should take out as many of their cannons as possible too.”

The sound from the constant bombardment was so loud that he couldn’t sleep properly at night.
The Calencian force is also trying to fight back but with such a difference in firepower, they are not making any good progress.

“Certainly, if we use the forest as our cover then you should be able to get close to their camp but…..won’t that be too dangerous?”

“Well, yeah.
That’s why I’m going to do it myself.”

Schleer thought over Kisei’s proposal.
It is true that they only have a few moves left if they let the situation go on like this.
Perhaps this is when she has to make use of her trump card.

“I understand.
Please do.
Makishima, can I ask you to support him?”

As expected, Schleer can not afford to leave her troops here and infiltrate the enemy position with Kisei in a situation like this.
That’s why she suppressed her urge to do so and asked Saki to accompany him.

Please leave him to me.”

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Naturally, she received a reliable answer from Saki.
Saki herself is nervous about their current predicament as well but rather than sitting still while the enemy continues to bombard their position, she would rather take the risk to bring the fight to the enemy.

“If something goes wrong, please come back immediately, okay?”

“Yes, yes.”

Kisei and Saki jumped out of the trench while smiling at Schleer who was saying something like a mother seeing off her children.
With the forest being crowded with large trees that were much taller than your average striker, the terrain provided perfect cover for them to hide from the enemy’s eyes.

“A raid!? Can we go with you!?”

“Kisei-kun! Look this way!”

Communication came in one after another from the Calencian pilots taking cover around them.
They all range from warlike cheering to frivolous fangirling.
Despite the situation, they seem to be full of spirit.
This is the result of their desire to not show a pathetic figure in front of him.

Contrary to Diaroze’s expectations, the morale of the Calencian troops was still high.

While replying to them one by one, Kisei proceeded further into the forest.
To avoid enemy detection, Kisei did not fly and continued carefully making his way through the forest while avoiding the trees.

“So, what’s the plan? We have no idea where the enemy artillery units are lurking right.”

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On flat terrain, they can pinpoint the location of the enemy artillery using counter-battery radar but that is not the case in a mountainous area like this.
Furthermore, the Noredian is using advanced electronic warfare equipment that interferes with their search equipment.
That’s the reason why it is so difficult to launch a counteroffensive against them.

“For now, let’s head north.
If I can get closer then I should be able to tell where they are from their presence after all.”

“You really are like a human radar, you know.
How convenient.”

Saki said that but her voice did not sound envious of his ability.
When such an ability comes with a big disadvantage that might hinder your ability to fight like the sensitivity to the death of others then obviously, such an ability doesn’t sound that good to her anymore.

“Well, it is.
Especially in a battle like this.
Guerrilla warfare is my specialty, you know.”

“Then I will leave the lead to you.
With you in front, the enemy won’t be able to take us by surprise after all.”

“We still need to use some force to break through them though.
I’m not a ninja after all.
Besides, it would be unreasonable for us to try making our way to their artillery without being found in the first place.”

“Well, rather than a ninja, I’m a samurai after all.
I’d prefer forcing our way through them rather than sneaking around too.”

…….well, we definitely won’t be able to avoid a fight inside enemy territory.
Let’s give them a flashy show, Makishima-san.”

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Kisei said that to Saki with a grin but in response, Saki’s lips straightened into a thin line.
The memory of how Kisei calls Schleer by her name is still fresh in her mind.

“……You know, we’ve already become friends with each other, right? Let’s stop being so stiff around each other.”

“Eh? Somehow, I feel like this happened a lot to me these days huh…….”

Both Valentina and Schleer asked him the same thing.
Personally, Kisei thinks that it doesn’t really matter how he calls them though……..

“Then, Makishima?”

“Just call me Saki.
You have an older sister right? It’s confusing so I will call you Kisei instead of Hokuto too.”

“My sister isn’t here so calling me Hokuto should be fine though…….”

“I might meet her someday right!!”


Since there’s no point arguing with Saki just before they are going into battle, Kisei sighed and let it pass.

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