Encounter, the Heavenly Blade

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“Your Highness! A report has come in from the 666th artillery regiment! They said that they were attacked by a striker that appears to be a Zenith! All of their cannons were destroyed, ma’am!”

“Eh!? Ugh, cough COUGH!!”

Suddenly receiving such a report from her subordinate, Diaroze choked on her green tea.
After she waited a while for her cough to settle down, Diaroze immediately slammed her teacup on the table and shouted.

“Isn’t the 666th regiment located right next to the headquarters!!? Why is there a Calencian striker in such a place!?”

“T, that is still unclear, ma’am!”

The operator shakes her head sideways while looking like she was about to cry.
However, when Diaroze was glaring at her, another operator raised her voice while still looking at her monitor.

“Actually, in the past several hours there have been 3 occasions where the communication with our patrol units was suddenly cut off.
Perhaps, they had all been taken out…….?”


“B, But……Your Highness was in the bath so……we did not want to interrupt….”

Diaroze enjoys taking a long bath.
She would take one for hours if she has free time.
Since there has been no decent counterattack from the Calencia side, she was off her guard.
Naturally, if such an important report comes in or if there’s a sudden change in the battle situation then she would immediately jump out of the bath though…….…..

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“Rather than interrupting my bath, neglecting to report such key information like that is obviously way worse you fool!!!”

“My deepest apology!!”

Diaroze herself was ready to jump out of her bath anytime but her subordinates were being overly mindful because of her usual intimidating attitude.
It might be correct to say that she reaped what she sow but from her point of view, this kind of negligence by her subordinates is not something she can just accept.
Thinking so, Diaroze grits her teeth.

“For a Zenith to attack such a place, there’s no doubt that the pilot is that Hokuto Kisei……..”

Diaroze raises her teacup with her trembling hand.
After she sips on the green tea, she mutters something in a voice that is inaudible to her subordinates.

“I didn’t expect him to get so close to this place but if he’s here alone then that means he is away from their main force.
This is a good opportunity.

Turning around with a grin on her face, Diaroze instructed the operator nearby to connect a communication line to a certain unit.

“We are commencing the operation! All ships surface! Commence the attack according to the plan!”

That was all she said before cutting off the communication.
She then silently sticks her empty teacup toward her chamberlain.
The chamberlain immediately pours her a refill and without saying any thank, Diaroze puts the cup to her mouth again.

“HOT!…….EII! Don’t look at me, Fools! Anyway, we will be proceeding to the second stage of the operation.
Get the Imperial Knights ready for sortie!”

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“Yes, ma’am!”

The headquarters suddenly grew noisy.
The bombardment they have been performing so far was only the first stage of the operation.
And the condition for the second stage has been met.
Now it is time to commence it.

“Report coming in from the 964th artillery regiment! It appears that they are being attacked by a Zenith as well, ma’am! They can’t deal with the enemy with their available force! They are requesting immediate backup!”

“HAAAAA!? Isn’t that even closer than the last one!?”

The place that the 964th artillery regiment was stationed at is not that far from the headquarters.
With the mobility of a striker, it’s a distance that they can cover in an instant.
Even though the headquarters was fortified with reinforced concrete and regenerative armor, it was only a hastily made field fortification.
A concentrated attack from multiple strikers would be enough to take it down.
Knowing that, cold sweat started to trail down Diaroze’s forehead.

“Your Highness, your striker is ready to sortie!”

“U, Umu, good work.”

Although it’s a Vuld’s norm for a commander to head out in a striker and sort out the situation themselves, Diaroze is not confident that she can deal with a monster like Kisei.

That’s why Diaroze’s mind started working at full capacity to find a reason to avoid the sortie.

“……C, come to think of it, Tersis was on standby for sortie right.
A disgrace of the 4 Heavenly ought to be washed away by those of the 4 Heavenlys.
I will give her that opportunity.”

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“C, Certainly……”

Ignoring her subordinates who were clearly disappointed, Diaroze stood up with a communication terminal in hand.
She then leaves the room without telling anyone her reason.
Some tried to chase after her but they were all stopped by another staff member who was afraid that they would be reprimanded later.

“Tersis, Can you hear me!”

Diaroze who entered into a deserted meeting room call one of the 4 Heavenly……Tersis, the Heavenly Blade.

“What is it? Is it finally my turn?”

“The mercenary has appeared.
Your order is to intercept him.”


Tersis’s voice was clearly mixed with an overt joy.
With her battle junkie tendency, she’s looking forward to fighting a person who had fought one of her 4 Heavenly colleagues…….Kisei who easily repelled Nora.

“So be it, I’m heading out.
Leave him to me.”

“Wait, Wait!”

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Diaroze, who got the feeling that Tersis was about to cut off their communication, stopped her in a hurry.

Given Kisei’s extraordinary combat power, there is a possibility that even Tersis will be defeated.
If more than one of the 4 Heavenly suffers defeat at his hand, the morale of her army will plummet.
That’s why she wants her side to be prepared as much as they can before taking on Kisei seriously.

“This time all you need to do is drive him away! The real battle will be when every one of the 4 Heavenlys is ready to take him on at the same time.”

“Are you looking down on me!?!”

Tersis shouted in a very disappointed tone.
Her voice sounded like a child whose candy has been taken from them.

“Just get him away from the headquarters! He will withdraw soon anyway.
I have already worked on that……..
Don’t worry, I promise I will let you fight him to your heart’s content later.”

Don’t go back on your words now, okay?”

Without waiting for a reply, Tersis cut the communication.

On the other hand, Diaroze who was left alone heaved a heavy sigh.

“I am supposed to be the next empress you know? Why do I have to be treated like this…….”

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