Because of Meng Changjins words, the old lady didnt dare to curse anymore.

Hao Jianye was naturally dissatisfied when he looked at the old lady who returned in defeat.

The old lady couldnt control Zheng Xiumei. The stinky bitch, what should he do?

Who else could fix this stinky bitch?

Hao Jianye and the old lady didnt eat.

Hao Jianye was thinking about how to deal with Zheng Xiumei. He used to manage her well, and now he definitely could do it.

As for the old lady, she was simply angry.

She was so angry that she couldnt eat.

Meng Changjin, however, did not bother them. If you wouldnt eat, then dont eat; it wasnt her who would get hungry.

She didnt want to give the pheasant she “worked so hard” to catch to Hao Jianye, the scum of the earth, to eat.

Three people, one big and two small, took care of a pot of pheasant with potatoes. Of course, the bulk of it went to Meng Changjins stomach.

After the meal, Meng Changjin took the two little girls for a lunch break.

Of course, she meditated instead of sleeping. This mission world was a rule-bound era, where force did not mean everything.

She should have the ability to protect herself. If she had not cultivated all night yesterday, Hao Jianye would have dealt with her today. She would have no skills, and she would not have the ability to beat Hao Jianye, the scumbag.

Da Niu and Er Niu couldnt sleep because they didnt have such a habit before.

So the two stared at Meng Changjin, sitting cross-legged.

They didnt last long, so they fell asleep because it was easy to get sleepy when one was full.

The clients body was too injured. So even though it had been repaired yesterday, the remaining part was not easy to solve. There was only one way to do it: slowly nourishing it with spiritual energy.

Or get some precious medicinal herbs to eat to make up for it, but she had no money and couldnt afford them. So she would have to raise her spiritual power first.

Meng Changjin thought that in the days to come, Hao Jianye would suffer a meal every day, and then he would not be able to endure and get a divorce.

But she thought it was too simple. How could someone like Hao Jianye let her eat every day?

No, Meng Changjin heard the sound of the door being pushed open vigorously, as well as the clamor of many people.

Da Niu and Er Niu had been woken up, clutching the blanket and not knowing what to do.

“Da Niu, after I go out, put the bolt on the door, and dont go out.” Meng Changjin touched the small heads of the two and explained.

“They will hit mother.” Da Niu reached out and grabbed Meng Changjins sleeve.

Their mother was so nice these days. She fed and let them take a nap without scolding them.

It sounded like a lot of people outside. What if they hit their mother?

“It wont happen. Remember to lock the door.” Meng Changjin rubbed Da Nius head with a little more force, somewhat happy.

Children were indeed angels.

Once again, she explained to Da Niu and Er Niu they should not open the door and go out no matter if they hear any noise from outside. Meng Changjin then went out with confidence.

Sure enough, several people appeared in the courtyard. The door was not closed. Meng Changjin glanced up and saw the villagers who were watching outside.

If you entered the courtyard from the room, there was a platform of nearly half a meter. Meng Changjin came out of the room and stood on the platform.

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