“What you have to do is very simple. You only need to enter a small world and help some specific people fulfill her (his) long-cherished wish, and you dont need to worry about the rest.” The golden-red fish simply stated what Meng Changjin needed to do.

“Can you repeat the last sentence?” Meng Changjin said.

Golden Red Fish: ??

What was wrong?

“Help some specific people?” asked the golden-red fish.

“No, the last.” Meng Changjin shook her head.

The golden-red fish thought for a while before saying, “Do you want to cooperate?”

“No.” Meng Changjin decisively threw a word and turned her back to the confused golden-red fish.

“What do you mean?” The golden-red fish was suddenly dumbfounded.

“I wont cooperate with you.” Meng Changjin explained.

“You dont want to live anymore?” The golden-red fish swung its tail and swam in front of Meng Changjin, its tone full of incredulity.

“You have tricked the fishs feelings. You dont want to live anymore, then I… Then Ill burst this bubble and let you die as hard as possible.” The golden-red fish had an extra thorn-like thing on one side of the fins that came out at some point.

“Look, look, is this your attitude of working together? First, you enticed people. When enticement failed, you had to resort to force. Who would dare to cooperate with you?” Meng Changjins tone was depressed as if the golden-red fish had done something outrageous.

But it was her who broke the contract first.

The golden-red fish swore that he had seen the shamelessness of some women again.

“What do you want?” The golden-red fishs boyish voice was tinged with fire… so angry!

“Add reward.” The golden-red fish asked directly, and Meng Changjin answered more directly.

Fulfilling a long-cherished wish was changing your life against the sky, so you must pay more.

“Okay.” The young boys voice agreed.

“Each small world, you can take away the two things you get your hands on. This is already my full authority. If you are still unsatisfied, I will change to another person.” Was the golden-red fish angry???

“No problem, happy cooperation.” Meng Changjin showed a standard toothy smile and a cheerful tone.

Golden Red Fish: …!

He suspected that he had been swindled, but he had no proof.

To prevent the recurrence of the situation where Meng Changjin had him asking again,do you want to cooperate?, the golden-red fish decided to let her enter the mission world as soon as possible. In this way, even if Meng Changjin still wanted to renege, she couldnt.

“In that case, then lets start as soon as possible. Here is the long-cherished wish of the first client.” As the childish boys words fell, a field of golden words appeared in front of Meng Changjin.

Meng Changjin knew these words separately, but together, she couldnt understand them.

What was this husband?

What did domestic violence mean?

She knew that patriarchy, this topic she would understand.

He probably saw Meng Changjins confusion. The golden words in front of her changed, and some of Meng Changjins unfamiliar titles and words were transformed into terms she understood.

Now Meng Changjin understood.

The clients long-cherished wish was to divorce her husband, who was domestically abusing her.

She also hoped the taskmaster could teach her husband a lesson if possible.

“Have you finished reading?” The golden-red fish asked.

“Finished.” Meng Changjin nodded, and then she felt the feeling of being pulled down by something again. When she got her feet on the ground, the first feeling was—pain!

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