Their faces were washed but still dark. This was tanned from working under the sun a lot, and there was no whitening, so it had to be nurtured.

How beautiful the young girls were. Their appearance looked good, but they were too tanned.

The client didnt care much about the two daughters, but Meng Changjin liked the two little girls very much. Now that the clients body had been taken over by her, they were hers. On top of that, the two little girls also called her mother, so she was happy to raise them properly.

The sky was getting dark, and the old lady was still waiting in the courtyard. She looked around and saw no sign of her son.

Meng Changjin did not mean to tell her. She boiled water, bathed the two little girls, and washed her face and feet. She carried the little girls back to the room and went to sleep.

The sky was dark, so the two little girls didnt see Hao Jianye on the ground. They only felt that today was like a dream.

After eating delicious meat, their mother washed their faces and bathed them. They liked this kind of mother!

With a relaxed mood, they soon started snoring.

Meng Changjin didnt sleep. She sat cross-legged on the bed, silently reciting the basics of cultivation. She wanted to see if she could cultivate in this small world.

Meng Changjin soon found that this world could do cultivation. Still, the spiritual energy was so thin that it might not be possible to reach a high level in this lifetime.

However, absorbing some spiritual energy to repair the clients badly damaged body was not a problem.

Meng Changjin had been absorbing spiritual energy all night to recuperate. After one night, her body was still not very good, but it was much better than during the day.

The two girls were sleeping, and the mother was cultivating. Hao Jianye, tied and thrown to the ground in the corner of the room, woke up in the middle of the night.

Hao Jianye woke up from the cold and hunger, and so did his sobriety.

A dirty cloth in his mouth tasted like garbage, and a cold, hard mud floor underneath him, so Hao Jianye struggled immediately.

However, his hands and feet were tied tightly. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldnt come out.

Meng Changjin, who heard the movement, just opened her eyes, glanced over there, and then continued to close her eyes to cultivate.

Hao Jianye struggled for half an hour, yet it did not budge. Meng Changjin did not care. Anyway, there was breathing and a heartbeat, so he was not dead.

The night passed like this, and early the following day, Meng Changjin heard the creaking of a door opening outside.

She made a hand seal and ended her cultivation.

Some of the underlying injuries of this body had been repaired. With another night, it would be able to be completely healed.

It was Meng Changjins way of nourishing her body with spiritual energy. Similar to the way she practiced her body, she grew hungry quickly.

When she was cultivating, she didnt feel much. Once she finished cultivating, she felt like she hadnt eaten for hundreds of years.

She got out of bed gently and went out. Meng Changjin soon put on the fire and poured the fried bacon with garlic that the old lady left for Hao Jianye yesterday into the pot and stir-fried it. She boiled potatoes, added a small amount of water, covered the pot, and simmered.

Taking advantage of the simmering time, Meng Changjin entered the small room used to store junk items. After sorting and tidying up, she built a wooden board. Before divorcing, this place would be Hao Jianyes.

After all, the scumbag would be sleeping on the floor, and it might make her a widow. The clients long-cherished wish was divorce, and Meng Changjin still had to obey it.

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