”I refuse to spend the night with you, ” she gritted through her teeth, she still didn look at him anymore.

”You think you can refuse my orders? ” He growled and she could feel her knees weaken. His eyes glow a crimson shade and a deep chill swept over her, forcing her to accept. She subconsciously bowed her head along with the rest of the werewolves in the booth, he was a Supreme Alpha… way more powerful than she or any other werewolf there was.

He held her hand, tightly but not enough to snap her hand even though he could easily do that without breaking a sweat ” Follow me, ” he growled again and she couldn refuse or display her courage anymore, he was exuding power and he didn look like he was joking as his smirking expression had now turned serious.

He took her with her and walked out of the booth, the man who had gone to call Isaac and the one who tried to rip her head off trailed behind them, she felt like she was being kidnapped.

”You can leave, ” he turned around and told the two men when they got to an elevator, the two men immediately bowed and went back to the direction they all came from.

”Leave me alone, ” she managed to whisper as he lead her inside the elevator with her which was going to take them to the highest floor of the club.

The elevator lead directly to what looked like a hotel presidential suite, she was amazed that she didn know about the top floor as employees were not allowed to get to the highest floor of the club.

”I told you Im not spending the night with you ” she repeated when they got to the bedroom of the suite.

”What a brave personality…. ” Damien replied as he walked to the fridge in the room. He pulled out a wine and poured a glass for her.

”…. For a low werewolf like you, ” he completed his statement as he stopped in front of her and handed the glass of wine to her. ” Have it? ”

”What if I don want to? ” She retorted and folded her hands around her chest but Damien didn answer her.

He maintained eye contact with her and within a second she saw his eyes change to blood red, she shivered at how far he was taking the issue and how good he was at using his power. He was too intimidating and her rank as an omega wasn helping either, she accepted the glass of wine from him with trembling hands and hurriedly gulped down its contents.

She angrily dropped the empty glass on the table not far from her and went to stand in a corner. Damien didn acknowledge her and he also walked around the room, seemingly waiting for something.

He kept staring at her for a short while as he paced around the room and he devilishly smirked as he saw her hold her head and lean on the wall, he moved closer to her.

”What did you give me to drink? ” She sluggishly asked. Her entire body was feeling hot and she felt lightheaded, this was because of the wine Damien had given her earlier.

”You didn want to spend the night with me, now youll want to and you can call it ****, ” He stated and stretched out his hand to pull her closer to him, she tried to push him away but still felt like pulling him closer. She had to admit that whatever was put in the wine was doing its job well as her mind was a mess. He trailed his fingers around the uncovered parts of her body, this made her feel a bigger sense of urgency and she clutched his shirt. Damiens smirk widened and he lowered his head to kiss her. She couldn refuse even though she wanted to.


Nova woke up with a splitting headache, she held her head as she sat up on the bed. She was not fully awake so she didn remember what happened the previous night yet. She trailed her hand down her chest to her stomach region and she widened her eyes as she realized something.

”That monster!!, ” She yelled and scurried out of the bed with the blanket clumsily wrapped around her body. Her eyes were filled with anger as she scoured the suite to find him but she couldn find him anywhere. She went back to sit down on the bed after futilely searching for him.

She clenched her hands as her body shook in anger, she was angry that he made her want him and also enraged that she couldn refuse.

She angrily used her eyes to look around the room while still on the bed and she spotted her clothes neatly arranged on a couch in the far corner of the room.

She placed her head on her palm and massaged her forehead before standing up to look for where the bathroom was. She found it not long after and decided to take a quick shower before thinking of the next thing to do.

She was about to leave the bedroom and find her way out of the ”suite ” when she spotted something on the bed, it was a big brown envelope. She squinted her eyes and proceeded to pick up the envelope and check its contents. At first, she was scared of rummaging through something that she believed wasn her business but her curiosity got the best of her.

Her eyes widened and the envelope dropped from her hands on the bed. In the envelope were wads of cash with the highest denomination, she covered her mouth with her hands as she hadn seen that much money up close in a while. She sat down on the bed and get hand slightly trembled as she reached for the envelope and emptied it. She found a small card with some sort of letter written on it and she read it:

For a night well spent.

Her eyes clouded with more anger as she read what Damien wrote to herself and she felt like punching him and breaking his nose, things that she knew were impossible for her to do… He was a Supreme Alpha while she was just a lowly omega. She clenched her fists, crumpling the letter in the process before standing up from the bed. Her breathing was uneven because she was enraged, she felt like taking Damiens money and throwing it in his face. She put the money back in the brown envelope and stormed out of the suite, she decided to take the money with her, not because she was greedy or because it was the reason why she spent the night with him.

The huge sum of money in her hold made her remember her predicament as well.

She was a lonely waiter in a bar, her rent was almost due and other fees too. She had to stop her education very early as she didn have any money, she was an orphan too, and only nineteen years old.

She thought about all these as the elevator took her to the ground floor of the building but even though the money was with her, she didn think to use it as it would make her feel like a whore.

She saw that the bar was quiet but it was normal as it was morning. The bar was not open and no one should be there, except her boss, Isaac. She spotted him sitting on one of the chairs while playing with his phone and she angrily approached him.

”Did I ever tell you that Im a whore? ” She half-yelled while he looked at her with a bored expression.

”What did you expect me to do?… Supreme Alpha Damien owns this entire place, you would have been ruthlessly killed if you didn accept, ”

”Well… Thats new, ” was the only thing she could say as she didn expect the information from him.

”You do realize that you
e working and residing on Sun Peaks territory, ” he stated and stood up to leave Novas presence.

”One night didn kill you, do you know the number of women who want to spend time with him even though he reeks of danger? ” Isaac added and Nova clenched her fists as she glared at him.

”I need to meet with him, ” Nova announced while staring at Isaac from the corner of her eyes. She expected a reply from him but after a few seconds, what she could hear was Isaac laughing hysterically.

”What?… Do you think hes one of the werewolves that live on the streets and you can just knock on the door and tell him you want to talk? ” Isaac sarcastically stated in between his laugh but Novas face remained straight.

She didn want to meet him to catch up on things or yell at him. She wanted to return his money, probably throw it in his face and she also wanted to ask him; the reason why he didn take advantage of her the previous night.

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