nd it over to her.

”Eat, ” he commanded, his arm outstretched so that she could collect the bowl of food from him.

Nova looked back and forth from his face to the bowl of food and without notice, she pushed the bowl away from his hand, making the bowl drop and break on the floor.

”I told you to let me go, ” She remained stubborn and didn listen to Damien, it was as if she wasn afraid of him in any way.

Damien was about to retort or at least try to calm her down when Ash communicated with him through telepathy. ” Hes here, Damien, ”

”Ill be there, ” Damien responded through telepathy as well and immediately left the room. A maid was waiting outside the room and he ordered her to clean the mess Nova had created, locking the both of them in the room with more werewolves outside the room, he still felt alert but slightly better since there were a lot of werewolves on guard.

”Supreme Alpha, ” Alpha Ian stood up and bowed as soon as Damien entered the office.

”Ill go straight to the point, have your seat, ” Damien said as he also sat down.

”Remember that I said I would spare your pack if I find something that piques my interest and that I want from you, ”

”Y-yes Alpha, ” Alpha Ian stammered, intimidated by the power that was oozing out of Damien.

”Well, I found something, ”

Alpha Ians eyes brightened a little as he thought he and his pack was not going to survive Damiens wrath.

”What do you want Alpha? ” Ian hurriedly asked.

”Nova Wolfe, she is a part of your pack but she is my mate and will be my Luna so Im automatically removing her as your pack member, ” Damien explained at once, he wanted to go back to Nova as soon as he could.

”Anything you want Supreme Alpha, if thats what you want, then so be it, ” Alpha Ian said in a relieved tone, he still couldn believe that Damien would let go of the rest of the lack for what they have done, even though he had ordered for some to be killed.

”You can leave now, ”

Ian was about to turn the doorknob to leave the room when Damien called him back.

”Do take note that if I find out that you
e all still doing, I won hesitate to have you all killed, including you ” Damien warned and Ian left after.

Werewolves from the Crescent pack were going around showing their wolf form to human beings, shifting in front of humans and imprinting their existence on the brain of people. This was a big mess for Damien to clean, his pack was the biggest and strongest pack and he was the leader so he had a lot of things to do and responsibilities to fulfill. He couldn stand by and watch the secret of the supernatural get exposed. It took a lot of memory wiping as the werewolves had started their operations in the rural areas and villages. They hadn progressed when they were caught by Damiens pack. They were going out to be only Alpha Ians pack members, this enraged Damien more as they were breaking the rules which would not only be fatal to one person but to the supernatural at large, he ordered for some to be killed as he was furious. He was now proposing a truce between the two packs which seemed to be going well.

Damien was about to leave the study again when Ask decided to say what was on his mind

”Don you think you shouldn force her this hard, we know she can feel the mate bond so she wouldn be able to understand, ” Ash advised, he knew that Nova couldn feel the mate bond. Damien was acting way too possessive, which was understanding but Nova wouldn understand. That was what he was trying to explain to Damien who had locked Nova in all day.

”She might have already started to hate you… ” Ash quickly shut his mouth as Damien turned his head and glared at him while growling.

Damien calmed down not long after ” In as much as she is wherever I am…. I don need to know whether she hates me or not, ” he declared and left the study while Ash looked on.

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