At this moment, it was as if Shao Yin was not a gentle lady, but an evil demon, and the Queen Dowager could only stare at her indistinctly.

Shao Yin did not return the stare, and took a sip of her tea before continuing softly,“Does mother truly wish to know what happened that day?”

The Queen Dowager’s face lit up in surprise, “You’re finally willing to share it?”

She was the Empress after all, and if she refused to tell the truth, nobody could force her to.

Besides, the Queen Dowager was not the biological mother of the current Emperor, and so, other than pure curiosity, there was no reason for her to risk angering Shao Yin just to learn the truth.

However, if Shao Yin was willing to share, she would definitely pay attention to the details. 

And with that, she leaned toward Shao Yin subtly.

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Shao Yin chuckled softly as she placed the teacup back onto the table, before raising her head to face the Queen Dowager, and with a soft and gentle voice, she said: “The Emperor wanted me to persuade my father to hand him the army sigil, but I refused, so we had a couple’s quarrel.”

And coincidentally, the dispute occurred when both of them were at the edge of the tower. 

The Queen Dowager’s eyes were huge with shock and she suddenly understood the situation. 

She had always been a cunning and intelligent woman, which explained why she was victorious against all the other women in the late-Emperor’s harem and managed to rise to the rank of Queen Dowager. 

And as someone who practically spent her life among politics, she found it hard to believe that their dangerous location was not intentionally planned.

It took her a while to recover from the shock of finding out the truth, and when she finally did, she flashed Shao Yin a complicated look, “And yet, you want him to wake up after treating you as such?!”

If she was the one in Shao Yin’s shoes, she would’ve secretly murdered the man a long time ago!

As for visiting and nursing him every day… Bah, dream on!

Love is poisonous, and it makes people stupid. 

The Queen Dowager observed Shao Yin’s expressions and found no resentment or anger towards the Emperor, and sighed deeply. 

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“Was mother aware that the Emperor once suppressed the Zheng Family?” Shao Yin continued casually. 

The Queen Dowager’s face darkened and her fingers dug deeply into the armrest of the chair at her words, “Yes.” She answered solemnly. 

In fact, Emperors throughout history had always been like this, so it was not a surprise for her when it happened to her own family. 

“I wished for an alliance between the Shao Family and the Zheng Family.” Shao Yin said, “And in the meantime, I will continue to suppress those letters whenever I see them.”

The Queen Dowager pursed her lips tightly and said nothing.

“Do consider it, mother.” Shao Yin smiled and took her leave.

She expressed three points today:

One, she would temporarily rule in the Emperor’s absence and she would not consider delegating her authorities at all. 

Two, she had the intention of forming an alliance with the Queen Dowager’s family, and was willing to express her sincerity.

Third, she still bore feelings toward the Emperor and genuinely wished that he would recover from the coma. 

So, no matter how the Queen Dowager scolded her for being stupid and love-minded in private, she must understand that nothing would change. 

And regardless of how strong the coveted person was, Shao Yin was in no way softspoken or helpless, and it would definitely be a hard fight.

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