ncerity, the Queen Dowager sighed softly, her doubts vanishing as quickly as it arose.

But before she could continue, Xi Er’s young voice overtook her speech, “Teacher always said that a ruler would never put himself in danger, as he is the pillar of the country.
Father knew that the edge was dangerous but still he stood there, you cannot blame Mother for this.” He said defiantly, his face flushed red with anger and worry as he watched his mother weep.

Quickly taking a stand in front of Shao Yin, as if protecting her from danger, he continued on logically, “Furthermore, Father is the emperor of this country and the most anyone could do is to advise him as no one can stop him from doing anything.
And according to Mother’s diligence, surely she would’ve reminded father about the danger, but still, father did not listen.
So how can you blame Mother for this?”

The Queen Dowager gaped at him in awe.

Of course, she knew that the Empress was not to be blamed, but the scoldings were inevitable, because the emperor’s life is still in danger, but she was standing here finely.

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“Are you disciplining me?!” She asked sternly as she lowered her gaze onto the crown prince.

Despite his brave retaliation, Xi Er was but a five-year-old, and he was not entirely fearless, but still, he did not move away from Shao Yin.

“Grandchild does not dare to, but as a filial child, I cannot allow my Mother to be put in danger.”

If it wasn’t for the situation, the Queen Dowager would surely praise him.

To be able to protect his mother at such a young age, and spoken such logical retaliations.


He’s truly a good child.

But though she could not help but admit that he’s right, the words she spoke said otherwise, “Are you only filial to your mother and not me? I am your grandmother!”

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Xi Er’s tiny mouth was agape, but no words came.

His grandmother was right, but still, he wanted to protect his mother more than anything else.

“Grandson is at fault…” He lowered his head apologetically, unable to explain his actions, but even so, he did not move away from his position.

The Queen Dowager looked upon him with a tight expression on her face, but it wouldn’t be right for her to fuss about this issue with a five-year-old.

Plus, after Xi Er’s sudden interruption, it wouldn’t be proper to continue educating the empress.

“Stay here then.” She sighed weakly as she took her leave with her handmaidens in tow, “Let me know if there is any news.”

“Mother/Grandmother be well.” Shao Yin and Xi Er greeted her leave concurrently.

With everyone gone, the previously noisy room was finally silent, except for the occasional sniffle from the terrified servants.

Shao Yin glanced at the insecure servants around the now quiet room, before comforting them softly, “Do not worry, the emperor is blessed by the heavens, surely he will recover quickly.”

Her words were a big encouragement to the servants, and they were grateful for it, “Thank you, Your Highness!” They gasped with tears in their eyes.

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