The Surrogate Father

1. Do You Know?

Rosella Kitchen

”Anything else, miss? ” asked the waiter resto to its customers.

”No, enough. ” The waiter returned the food menu and then quickly disappeared to prepare the order.

Kring … Kring …

[Yes, hello?] in a weak tone, justify the position of his phone.

[Adelia, Where Are you now, son? Said an old man on the other end of the phone.

(Im outside, Dad. Im fine.]

[No, Son. You
e sick. Lets go home, okay? Dad, wait.]

[Dad, Im fine. I just had a little lack of appetite, and I was out to eat. So, let me stay here a little longer, okay?] Adelias appeal to her father.

[Alright, you be careful, huh? Go home when you
e done eating.]

[Yes, Dad. I love you, Dad.]

Tut! The call has ended. Adelia sighed deeply, looking blankly at the garden right in front of her.

How am I going to hide all this? How will I explain what Im going through to my father and the Adiwangsa family? What if they can accept it? What if .…

”Adelia Nidya Adiwangsa. ” The mans voice so straightforwardly pronouncing Adels full name managed to shatter the wild reverie that had formed in his mind.

”Oh, Chan, you
e finally here. ” Adelia threw a sweet smile decorated with a dimple on the left cheek, round brown eyes, a towering nose line, and long hair tied in a ponytail.

”Yes, sure. Im coming for you, my wife. ”

”Im amused to hear you call me that, ” Adelia retorted.

”Huh, why? The fact is that now you are religiously legitimate to be my wife. ”

”Hush! Keep your voice down! You want this one restaurant to know if Im your wife? ” Adelia grabbed Chans arm and dropped it on the sofa beside her.

”Yes, sorry. I didn mean it like that, I was just teasing you. ”Chan threw a fatal smile while looking straight into Adelias eyes. Instantly magic began to attack Adelia, just like when the two first met. His heart beat rhythmically, watching the beautiful shape of the eyes in front of him, the sharp chin, and the soaring nose.

Ah, no. Focus, Del! Focus! You have to talk about all this with Chan, okay? Adelias mind rebuked itself while shaking her head, trying to knock out the Wild Thoughts that were still left.

”I want to talk to you about something important ” ” Adelias tone turned serious.

”The important thing? ”

”Excuse me, sir and Miss. Anything else to add? ” The Voice of the restaurant waiter broke the atmosphere that had started seriously.

”No, thank you, ” Adelia replied.

”Alright, so what do you want to talk about? ”

”Its about us. I was so tormented hiding all this, Chan. Don you want to help me get out of this? ” Tears began to pool in Adelias eyes, covering her round brown eyes.

Chan slowly touched Adelias hand and grasped it gently. ”I can understand your suffering right now, Del, but I still hesitate to tell you the truth about all this. ”

”Doubt? So, you
e gonna keep torturing me? Come On, Chan! End this, Im tired. ” Adelias tears broke out and filled the restaurant room.

”Adel, please understand. Hold on a second. Our college has entered the sixth semester now, that means there are only two semesters left we will end everything, ” Chan said to Adelia slowly. ”Im sure you
e the woman— ”

”Huek! ” Adelia felt severe nausea in her stomach and immediately ran to the toilet, leaving an open envelope tucked in the bags front pocket on the table.

”What is this? ”Chans curiosity began to increase. He grabbed the white envelope whose adhesive was no longer working. With a pounding heart, Chans fingers began to open, and a pair of eyes began to translate the contents of the piece of paper in the envelope.

”Positive? ”Chan widened his eyes, trying to convince the writing once again. ”True, this is positive. ”At once, Chans body was struck by lightning. On the one hand, he felt happy about becoming a father, but on the other hand, he was worried about how to explain this matter to his family and even Adelias family.

”Chan …. ” A soft voice from behind dispersed his reverie.

”Have you finished going to the toilet? ”

”Yes, I have. ” Adelia clumsily sat back in her chair and tried to understand what was happening. ”Chan, have you read it? ”

”Yes. So, this is why you
e urging me to end this charade as soon as possible? ”

”Oh, um … yeah. I have a baby in my stomach right now. ” Adelias memory goes back to that time. Hard times and everything just happens.

Six months ago.

Gayamharjo Village, Sleman – Yogyakarta

”Emily, can you accompany me? The motorcycle is still ahead, the doors are not locked yet and everything is sleeping. ” Adelia shook Emil

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